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9 Signs the Universe Is Testing You

9 Signs the universe is testing you


9 Signs the Universe Is Testing You

The universe is the physical world we experience.

But life is hard, and from time to time, you become aware that the universe is testing you.

Below are some of the tell tale telling signs that the universe is testing you.


1. Bad Luck

Some days just start bad. You wake up late for work, and remember you have a meeting. Rush to take your bath, rush to work, only to realize you left an important document at home.

You rush back home, only to be stuck in traffic, and you look for a place to park your car, then take a bike shortcut, only to slip, fall, then get injured.

Then, you brush it off, manage to get home, and come back to your car, only to discover that the towing company, has towed your car away.

Afterwards, you rush to the towing company, pay and get your car back, rush to work, only to discover that the meeting has started.

You rush in, and then remember that you are haggard. You tough it out, but then get the suprise that this wasn’t a presentation meeting, but your boss just fired you, and you collect your severance check.

You are devastated, and wonder, why the universe is testing you in such manner.

2. Bad love life

Lets give another scenario. What if you take your job loss as a champ, go back home, only to discover that your love partner, is cheating with you.

You are so furious you go out to cool off your head. You start surfing the internet, and watching videos, but nothing you do can contain, the anger you feel.

You are truly devastated. Why must it be you?

3. Betrayal from Friends and Families

You begin to lose friends and families. Unfortunately for you, your love interest cheated on you, with a family member.

You don’t know how to react, since it is family. But family shouldn’t treat you in such manner. So you are very devastated, but what should you do.

So you surf the web instead.

Betrayal from friend and families can be the toughest to bear, since they are the closest to you are should have your back.

But it becomes painful, when they are the ones to stab you in the back, so you bear it.

4. Rejection

Rejection can be painful, especially when it is from friends and families. But this can also be a sign that the universe is testing your resolve.

So what will you do when you are rejected.

5. Bad Grades

The first four points were given from a single person standpoint. But in this one we are shifting gear.

The universe also shows signs to little ones. What if you are still a teenager, and start having bad grades.

You studied hard, wrote the exams to the best of your ability, and were sure you will pass the exams, only for results to come out, and you failed.

You will be devastated, bad grades can also be a sign that the universe, is testing you.

6. Giving up at the wrong time, missing out on opportunity

Another sign the universe is testing you, is when you give up at the wrong time, and miss out on a big reward. A good scenario, will be in medieval times, during the gold rush.

A gold miner starts digging a hole in hopes of finding a gold vein. They start prospecting, and digging holes, and searching for this precious metal.

After a long labor of digging, they decide to call it quits, just before they hit the jackpot, only for a lazy person that has been observing them, to take their digging tools, and dig a little while, and reap all the rewards of the hard working gold miner.

If this happens to you, it is a tell tale sign that the universe is testing you.

7. Confusion

Confusion can also be a sign that the universe is testing you. This state of mind is dangerous, because you are panicking.

Anybody who is panicking should not be allowed to make decisions, because any decision taken during confusion, is made by feelings, and not by common sense.

As such, when you find yourself in a state of confusion, then the universe is definitely testing you.

Nevertheless, the worst part about being confused is that you don’t know that you are confused.

Most people who are confused, actually believe, they are doing something right, yet they are actually in a state of panicking.

So therefore, confused people have to be told they are confused, by external forces.

So in conclusion, if you see your comrade, tell you you are acting confused, you should try to take heed to their advice, since they are the best to tell you your state of mind, since they are external observers.

8. Nothing left to lose

Sometimes you have lost it all. Your children, love life, pride, etc. And you are left with nothing left to lose.

Humans in this condition the universe is definitely testing them. As such they are dangerous, because they have become shells, who need to take from the world to feel whole again.

It will be in your best interest to avoid such type of people. Because they are willing to do anything to feel a bit of happiness (feel whole again).

9. Emotionally drained

Being Emotionally drained is another sign that the universe is testing you.

Emotionally or mental strength, is something that very few have. But when the universe is testing you, you will have to dig deep into your heart to endure, the trails of life.

As such, being emotionally drained, can be a sign of being tested by the universe.

Getting Back in Line

Despite the fact that the universe is against you, doesn’t mean you should give up and lose hope.

There are still things you can do to get back in line, with the universe, and they are listed below.


Songs are foods to the soul. Listening to music daily, can improve your spirituality, and chase away negative energies, that dampen your mood.

The type of music you listen to, depends on your level of consciousness (awareness).


Nature has lots of positive energies.

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