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How to Live With a Narcissist

How to Live With a Narcissist


How to Live With a Narcissist

A Narcissist shows extreme love and admiration for oneself. They love to dominate, feel important, and be accorded much respect. A narcissist is not a supportive person, they care more about themselves. They’re selfish, inconsiderate and most times blackmail you emotionally or manipulate you.

They have such annoying characters that can drain you emotionally. You might find it difficult to be with them. If you are still interested in keeping them below are ways you can live with a narcissist with ease.

How to Live with a Narcissist

Living with a narcissist can be challenging, it’s not an easy thing living with such a person. You can hardly satisfy them.

1. Set Boundaries:

Establish clear boundaries and communicate them assertively with the narcissist. Be firm and consistent in maintaining those boundaries. This will make them stay in check.

2. Don’t Engage in Power Struggles:

Narcissists thrive on attention and control. Avoid getting into power struggles or arguments with them, as they may escalate and become emotionally draining. If you really want to live peacefully with a narcissist avoid troubles or quarrels, that way they won’t have the opportunity to pick on you.

3. Focus on Self-Care:

Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make self-care a priority to build your resilience and maintain your well-being. Build yourself in a way that they can’t ridicule you or belittle you. Do something for yourself, have your own life, and take good care of yourself.

4. Practice Emotional Detachment:

Learn to detach emotionally from the narcissist’s behavior. Don’t take their actions personally and try to remain calm and composed. Don’t be too sensitive with their actions, try to let things go. If you want to have peace and be happy, detach yourself emotionally. Get involved with things that make you happy.

5. Validate Yourself:

Narcissists often seek validation from others. Learn to validate yourself and not depend solely on the narcissist for validation or approval. Do self-validation and be confident in what you do. Don’t wait for others to approve what you do. Have self-assurance, and be content with what you have and your achievement.

6. Seek Support:

Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, or a therapist who can provide emotional support and help you navigate the challenges of living with a narcissist. Be around people you can rely on, have a support system probably family members or friends.

7. Avoid Enabling Behavior:

Avoid enabling the narcissist’s behavior by not feeding into their need for attention or admiration. Refrain from excessively praising or yielding to their demands. Narcissists are very manipulative and demanding humans. Never give in to their request for too much attention, because you can’t survive the pressure.

8. Practice Assertiveness:

Develop assertiveness skills to express your needs and opinions calmly and confidently. Narcissists may try to manipulate or intimidate you, so assertiveness can help you maintain your sense of self. This is one of the ways to avoid being intimidated by them. If they know you are clear on what you need even in your thoughts it will make them more cautious about how they treat you.

9. Be Realistic:

Accept that you cannot change the narcissist’s behavior or personality. Managing your expectations and being realistic about your limitations can reduce frustration and disappointment. Just take them for who they are and learn how to deal with them without having any resentment.

10. Document Incidents:

Keep a record of any abusive or manipulative behavior from the narcissist. This can help you maintain clarity and provide evidence if needed in the future. A narcissist can even deny hurting you, they’re chronic manipulators. So learn to keep records of the times they hurt you physically.

11. Avoid Seeking Validation from the Narcissist:

The worst thing to ask a narcissist is a validation of anything at all. They can’t give you an honest answer because they want to be seen as the best. Don’t rely on the narcissist for validation or approval. Seek validation from yourself and supportive sources outside of the narcissist’s influence.

12. Focus on Your Goals:

Stay focused on your own goals and aspirations, and don’t let the narcissist’s behavior distract you from your personal growth and progress. Pursue your dreams, make plans, and lay out strategies on how to achieve your goals this will earn you much respect.

13. Practice Self-Compassion:

Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion. Living with a narcissist can be emotionally draining, so it’s important to be gentle with yourself and practice self-care. Have a nice time alone, don’t build your life around them. Show yourself love to the point you won’t get perturbed about their actions.

14. Develop Coping Strategies:

Develop healthy coping strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, or exercise to manage stress and emotions triggered by the narcissist’s behavior. Also, ask for advice from people who are more experienced in such areas.

15. Avoid being too sensitive.

Remember that narcissists have their insecurities and issues that drive their behavior. Don’t take their behavior personally, as it does not reflect your worth or value.

16. Avoid Isolating Yourself:

Narcissists may try to isolate you from others to gain control. Make an effort to maintain healthy relationships with friends, family, and supportive individuals. Make sure you mingle with other important people who make you happy.

17. Stay Calm and Composed:

Narcissists may try to provoke a reaction from you. Practice staying calm and composed in the face of their manipulation or provocations. Do. not allow their actions to affect your mood be calm and coordinate yourself.

18. Educate Yourself:

Learn about narcissism and understand the dynamics of living with a narcissist. This knowledge can help you develop effective strategies to cope with their behavior.

19. Take Responsibility for Your Well-being:

Don’t rely on the narcissist for your happiness or well-being. Take responsibility for your own emotional and mental health, and seek professional help if needed. Do things yourself, if you always ask for their help they would take advantage of it and use it against you.


Narcissists are very difficult people to be with, you need the wisdom to enable you to tolerate their excesses. Plan an exit strategy if living with the narcissist becomes unbearable or abusive, and have a plan in place to remove yourself from the situation safely. Your well-being and safety should be your priority.


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