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10 Things Every Woman Wants in The Morning But Will Never Tell You

10 Things Every woman wants in the Morning But will Never Tell You

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10 Things Every Woman Wants in The Morning But Will Never Tell You

Women are very complicated by nature. They would probably want something and not tell you, expecting you to understand their silent needs and take care of them. Women’s behavior also extends to how they want to be treated at the start of the day.

Most times, guys find this behavior very annoying and get pissed at their ladies for not being pleased with their efforts to make them happy.

But don’t worry. I will show you some things your woman wants you to do in the Morning but never tell you. These secrets could add an extra spark to your love life.

10 Things Every woman wants in the Morning But Will Never Tell You

1. Wake Her Up in the Morning


Women love to be woken up in the Morning in a romantic way. You can wake her up with soft butterfly kisses all over her body, whisper sweet words into her ears, or gently shake her awake. This gives her a sense of security and belonging.

2. Give her a morning kiss and ask how she slept

Women love kisses, especially morning kisses. Women consider kissing your woman first thing in the Morning a very romantic gesture. After the morning kiss, greet her and ask her how she slept. This alone will boost her morale and motivate her to start her day.

3. Bring her breakfast to bed

breakfast on bed

Breakfast in bed is another romantic gesture a man can portray to his woman. Don’t only bring her meals to bed when she is sick; try to make it a weekly routine, at least two to three days a week, and serve your woman breakfast in bed. This will increase the love in your relationship.

4. Ask about her plans for the day

Your woman loves it when you ask about her plans for the day. Don’t only ask, but know how you can help her achieve them if it’s something you can do. Especially if you have time. This lets her know that she can always count on you to come through for her.

5. Let her sleep in and help her with chores

This is particular to partners who have kids. If you noticed she had a very stressful day at work and taking care of the kids, you could allow her to sleep an extra hour by helping her with some chores, taking care of the kids, or doing both if you have kids. Help her every chance you get, and she will always appreciate it.

6. Tell her how much you love her

Generally, a woman always wants to hear that her man loves her. Imagine how pleased she would be to hear you whisper how much you love her into her ears first thing in the Morning, especially when she said the simple “I love you.” It will leave a smile on her face the whole day. This will make her whole day.

7. Compliment her

Women always like to be told how beautiful they are. Complimenting your woman every Morning is something every man should do every Morning, as it boosts women’s confidence. In addition to complimenting her, tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life and how much of a blessing she is to you.

8. Praying with her

Especially if you are a believer, praying with your woman strengthens the bond between the both of you. Every woman prays for a man who knows God and can help her grow her spiritual life. Waking up in the Morning and praying with your woman is something every woman secretly longs for.

9. Send her Sweet text messages and leave post-it notes around the house

Leave her sweet notes around the house, and send her text messages every morning, especially when you are not around or close to her. These text messages and notes show her that even if you are not together, she is always in your thoughts.

10 Take a shower with her

Who doesn’t like morning sex? Or just plainly kissing before starting their day. Shower time gives you time to do this, especially if kids are in the house. But if you can’t bathe with her due to work reasons or lack of time, you can start a bath for her. Every woman secretly wants this but wouldn’t tell you.

When doing all this, be sincere—don’t just do it to flatter her. The words and actions should come from your heart. These actions bring the much-needed spark to your relationship, keep your woman perpetually happy, and help your budding romance bloom.

Wrapping Up

Those are some things every woman wants in the Morning but will never tell you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it perfectly; what matters is your thoughts and that you did it sincerely. Doing these things will make your woman happy, which will, in turn, make your relationship and life happy. It will bring back the spark in your relationship, add to the existing spark, and bloom your romance.

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