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15 Signs He Loves His Side Chick

Signs He Loves His Side Chick

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15 Signs He Loves His Side Chick

Infidelity is a complex and heartbreaking issue that affects countless relationships around the world. While it is never easy to discover that a partner is involved in an affair, it is essential to be aware of the signs that indicate such infidelity. This blog post will explore the delicate topic of “15 signs he loves his side chick.” By shedding light on these indicators, we hope to provide insight and guidance to those who suspect their partner may be engaged in an extramarital affair.

1. Increased Secrecy:


One of the first signs that something may be amiss is an abrupt increase in secrecy. If your partner starts guarding his phone, becomes overly protective of his personal space, or suddenly creates password locks on devices, it could be a red flag. Maintaining secrecy helps him keep his side chick hidden from his primary partner and strongly indicates a hidden affair.

2. Changes in Routine and Habits:

When someone is involved in an affair, their daily routine often changes. They may start staying out late, making excuses for their absences, or frequently canceling plans. Additionally, a sudden interest in personal grooming, purchasing new clothes, or improving physical appearance can signify an affair. These changes in routine and habits may suggest that he is trying to impress and please someone other than his partner.

3. Emotional Distance:

If your partner begins withdrawing emotionally, it could indicate his affection is directed elsewhere. He may seem detached, preoccupied, or disinterested in your relationship. Emotional intimacy with his side chick might make him less available for meaningful conversations or shared experiences, leaving you disconnected and neglected.

4. Excessive Defensiveness:

A guilty partner may become overly defensive when confronted or questioned about his behavior. He might get irritated easily, deflect blame, or twist the narrative to make you feel guilty for doubting him. His defensiveness stems from the fear of being discovered and the desire to protect his secret relationship.

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Lies and inconsistencies in his stories become apparent when a person is juggling multiple relationships. Please pay attention to contradictions in his explanations or unexplained gaps in his schedule. Small details may not add up, leading to a growing sense of suspicion and doubt.

6. Unexplained Financial Changes:

Financial improprieties or unexplained expenses can also indicate an affair. It may be worth investigating further if you notice unusual withdrawals from your joint accounts, unaccounted-for expenses, or unfamiliar charges. Secretly financing a side chick’s lifestyle could motivate such financial behavior.

7. Diminished Intimacy:

A sudden decline in intimacy within your relationship could result from his emotional and physical involvement with someone else. He may display a lack of interest in physical intimacy, offer excuses for avoiding intimacy, or exhibit a decreased level of passion and affection. It is essential to differentiate between relationship issues and signs of infidelity to address the underlying problem effectively.

8. Frequent communication:

Another sign that he is in love with his side chick is when he is constantly on his phone and smiling. He becomes irritated when you interrupt his phone time because he communicates with her frequently, often via text messages, phone calls, or social media.

9. Emotional unavailability:

He appears emotionally distant or unavailable in his committed relationship with you but shows more emotional investment in his interactions with her. You could be talking to him, and he is completely spaced out, but he pays total attention when he is with her.

10. Hidden gifts or gestures:

He is always buying or giving gifts to her but tries to keep it concealed from his committed partner. He stops buying gifts or extending romantic gestures to you because he is busy showering them on her.

11. Prioritizes the other person:

He consistently prioritizes her needs and desires over yours. When he is in love with his side chick, he constantly places her above you, giving you pretty excuses when you need him for something and jumping to fulfill the needs of his side chick.

12. Long-term plans:

If he no longer discusses his plans or talks about a life together with you, it suggests that he is discussing them with her because he is now in love with her and envisions a deeper, more committed relationship.

13. Lack of Intimacy outside of the bedroom:

Lack of Emotional intimacy outside of sexual encounters, such as engaging in deep conversations or shared activities, can indicate a lost connection and affection between the both of you, and he probably has found it elsewhere with his side chick, which is why he isn’t interested in you outside the bedroom.

14. Sacrifices for her:

If he is willing to make sacrifices or compromises, such as rearranging his schedule or forgoing personal plans, to accommodate his side chick’s needs, this suggests a strong emotional attachment.

15. He no longer hides his affair:

If a man is in love with his side chick, he no longer cares if you find out about the affair. If he no longer covers his tracks and doesn’t care what you think, it’s a sign he is more into her than you think.


Discovering that your partner is involved in an extramarital affair is a harrowing experience. While the signs mentioned above can indicate potential infidelity, it is crucial to approach such situations with care and seek open communication. Confronting your partner directly, expressing your concerns, and seeking professional guidance, such as couples counseling, can provide a constructive path forward.

It is important to remember that not all signs mentioned in this blog post definitively prove the existence of an affair. However, if you notice multiple signs co-occurring and your intuition tells you something is wrong, it may be time to trust your instincts and explore the situation further.

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Originally posted 2023-08-25 20:14:11.

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