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How To Be The Best Girlfriend in 12 Ways

How To Be The Best Girlfriend

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How To Be The Best Girlfriend in 12 Ways

It takes a lot to make a relationship work. Relationships are not easy, that’s why there are many breakups and divorce cases.

You need to put in much work for your relationship to be successful.

Most women find it difficult to get a guy to be interested in them and when they eventually have one they do nothing to keep him around.

The major problem people have in a relationship is that they are more concerned about the wooing but do nothing to keep the relationship.

Every woman wants to have her man’s attention. Am sure you would love your man to always be there for you; Buying you flowers, showering you with gifts, making breakfast in bed, taking you out for shopping, etc. This is every woman’s dream man. But you need to play your own part for you to get your man to treat you like this.

Any man in his right senses will be thrilled by a woman who treats him right. He will be willing to make her happy and stick to her forever.

So if you want to be that good girlfriend that will make her man stick to her, then keep reading while I give you proven tips that work like magic.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend in 12 Ways

1. Don’t nag him

There are other easy and more polite ways to get your boyfriend to do what you want. Nagging is never a way to get a man’s approval, you will only scare him off. A nagging woman will always have issues with her man. Instead of winning him over, she gives the wrong vibe.

Nagging makes you look like his mum which is not what you want. When you nag him you just get him angry quickly.

2. Understand his alone time

We all need alone time at a certain point in life, for men they do love to be alone without their girlfriend interfering. If you want to be a good girlfriend just give him space sometimes, don’t perch around him like a fly. Sometimes we need space to clear our heads and think right, it doesn’t mean you love him less or he loves you less.

3. Be confident

A confident woman makes her man happy and reduces the stress and troubles he would have dealt with. If you happen to be insecure, your boyfriend will have to battle with making you feel good about yourself and your insecurity issues about your relationship.

4. Feed his Ego

Men also love compliments as much as women do. If you want to treat him right as a man feeds his ego. Compliment his physique and strength make him feel manly. Give him that due respect and make him feel like the hero in your life. Ignite the hero instincts in him.

5. Compliment him often

One thing women fail to understand is men struggle with insecurities more than women. When a man loves a woman he would do anything to make her happy. He wants to be sure his woman is happy with him.

Compliment him often. Let him know how happy you are to be with him. When he does something new appreciate and compliment his effort. Compliment his intelligence, leadership, dress sense, etc.

6. Listen to him

Another way of caring for your man is by listening to him when he talks. Don’t be a selfish girlfriend that only wants attention for herself and ignores her boyfriend. Being a partner is not just all about the honey and sweetness, rather it means you are there for your partner when he needs you. Learn to listen to him and understand him.

Listen to his worries, fears, victories, and pain he has dealt with. This will make you different from other ladies he has been with.

7. Look great in front of his friends

Don’t only look good in his presence but also front of his friends. Men love to be proud of their women. When their friends admire you they take it as a compliment, it makes them happy. He will definitely want to show you off and keep you around because you make him proud Even in public.

Truth is, guys love to lead the gang, they like it when their folks admire them or what they have. When you look beautiful in front of them it boosts their ego. He will be proud of you for giving him that shot.

8. Be a darling to his family, even if they aren’t nice to you.

Men do not joke with their families. If you really want to be a good girlfriend to him, you have to be a darling girlfriend to his family. Even if they aren’t nice treat them well, that way he will be moved to stick to you.

9. Tell him how he makes you happy

If you really love a guy and you desire something More from him then you should tell him how he makes you happy. Men love to know they are doing a great job. Let him know how much you cherish every moment you spend with him. If you do this often, it will trigger his hero instincts and he will do more to always make you happy.

10. Show empathy

Don’t be a selfish lady who always wants things to be done her way. Try to see things from his own point of view. Like I said men love to be in charge. Be that girlfriend that can consider and compromise when necessary.

Sometimes you place yourself in his shoes and understand the message he is passing. You shouldn’t be a rigid girlfriend that manipulates her man.

11. Keep It Sexy

Keep the fire burning in your relationship, no matter how long you have been dating. You need to put more effort to make your relationship work. Once in a while send him a romantic text, and put on something sexy and catchy.

Do those things you use to do when you guys started dating. Text him when he is at work, it will ease his stress at work. Make him feel you desire him too. They love this little romantic act and believe me he is going to return the favor more than you anticipated.

12. Go With the Flow but don’t be a player.

Relationship is quite tasking and risky because your heart is involved. When you just start dating a guy, you are anxious about where the relationship will lead to. At the start of your relationship define what you guys have. Tell him what you expect from the relationship. It doesn’t make you sound desperate; Rather it shows you know what you want.

Don’t pretend to understand him when you don’t. Go with the flow but do not act like you want something serious when you aren’t ready for a committed relationship. Being a good girlfriend also means you can spell out your expectations without playing games.


There is no good relationship without work. If you want to have a smooth relationship you have to do the needful. Being a good girlfriend involves a lot of work but in the end, you will reap it. “If you want something good be something good”.


Originally posted 2023-01-20 23:26:14.

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