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How to Annoy a Jealous Person

How to Annoy a Jealous Person


How to Annoy a Jealous Person

Jealousy is a manifestation of resentment directed towards someone due to their accomplishments, possessions, personality, or profession, among other factors. In various ways, some individuals harbor jealousy towards us for various reasons, often without our awareness.

People become envious of you for their own selfish reasons. At times, they may even make it glaringly apparent. This attitude can be highly irritating, but there are strategic ways to handle it. In doing so, you can maintain your peace without their interference or getting on your nerves.

Proven Strategic Ways to Annoy a Jealous Person

1. Befriend their friends

A jealous person can be annoyed if you get close to their friends; that way, they can’t gossip about you with them. When you try to steal them from their friends or they find you in their friend’s circle when they aren’t there, it will frustrate them because you are taking them out of the picture.

2. Be a total show-off

Try to find out exactly what the person is jealous of, and when you discover it, use it to flaunt it for the person to see. That way, their jealousy will increase, and your actions will provoke them so much. Be sure they notice what you are doing. For instance, if someone is jealous of your job, let them know how beneficial the job is and the bonuses and other benefits you enjoy.

3. Be a complete Savage

Being savage is not a good attitude, but jealousy is not a good one either. So when they ask questions, give them a savage response. If they are rude to you, especially in public, do not talk to them politely; give them a savage response in a way that will make them feel embarrassed.

4. Play Annoying practical jokes

cracking jokes

Jokes can be effective ways to playfully respond to someone who annoys you. When joking or engaging in light-hearted pranks, be mindful not to cross the line and hurt their feelings. Use humor subtly; you can even enjoy the process, making it a constructive way to respond to someone who irritates you.

5. Give out their numbers to marketers

You know how annoying it is when you receive a series of advertising messages from these marketing companies. In your bit to annoy them, if you have their contact information, give it to them. By the time they start receiving bulk messages from them, they will get really angry.


6. Make friends with them

This might sound odd, but it’s true. If you Can’t get back at them, then make friends with them. It might be difficult at first, but then it’s necessary; at least you get to know them better and see what their problems are exactly.

Becoming their friend will help you see who they are and how their jealousy of you frustrates them. Welcome them to your circle. Let them get jealous and frustrated as they try to imitate you.

8. Always Stay Positive

Don’t allow their jealousy to affect your thoughts. Most times, jealous people try to get on your nerves, so you lose your self-confidence and value. They want you to think less of yourself just to humiliate you or shame you in public. It can be so hurtful when someone is jealous of you in an annoying way, and you might feel that urge to fight back. When it gets to this point, stay calm and be positive; don’t let their envy or hatred get to you.

9. Show empathy

It might sound funny, but it’s a way to get rid of the hurt and let it be. Remember how you felt when your neighbor just bought a brand new car or when your friend had a good-paying job and you were jobless? The same way you felt is the same way they feel about you now. So, you see, it’s straightforward to be jealous of someone because somehow you have been jealous of another. Show empathy and understand what they might be going through inside, knowing you’re better than them in all ramifications.

10. Turn the Focus on Them

Face them directly; it’s pointless trying to be all nice knowing they are envious of you. Pop the question directly and ask why they’re so jealous of you. You might be lucky to get a sincere answer.

11. Be Direct

If the other approach listed above sounds tricky, then you can come out plainly to say your opinion about their attitude towards you. You mustn’t be indirect in dealing with them; apply a direct approach that will work for you.

12. Walk Away

If you’re dealing with a loved one who is consistently jealous of you, it may be best to consider walking away. It’s unhealthy to remain in a relationship with someone who is unable to be genuinely happy about your successes. It’s preferable to be single and feel secure rather than stay in a situation where you can’t be at ease.

13. Be protective of your mental energy.

It’s important that you know those who deserve your time and attention. It’s useless to pay attention to people who don’t care about your well-being. Life is beautiful; you can make your life worthwhile if you protect your mental strength. You should always come first, and be cautious of whom you share your ideas with. Not all thoughts should be voiced out; learn to keep things to yourself.


If you want to have a fulfilled life and be happy, never allow your haters to bring you down. Instead of them ruining your life, frustrate their efforts to maintain your peace.

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