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People living in depression or rather people who are depressed don’t tend to last in relationships these days because of all the baggage’s they bring, thereby increasing their depression. But luckily some get their healings through relationships, and the question is HOW? 

Dating a depressed person  may be seen as a lot of work. Truthfully it is but when love leads there is nothing that is not achieved. In this article you we be able to learn  how to date a depressed person.

Common facts about depressed people

  • They find solace in anyway they can
  • They mostly embrace toxicity because it’s the first thing they see and know
  • They find it hard to come out of that shell 

Now there are a lot of things attached to this and dating a depressed person requires you to be the stronger person. You must expect the worst and very unhealthy experiences but it’ll just be part of the healing process if you take these points into your mind.

How to Date a Depressed person

1: Don’t expect too much positivity:

Dating a depressed person is like being forced to eat  when you lose your appetite or when you are sick and refuse to eat, but when you eventually eat, you feel better. When getting into a relationship with a depressed person, it seems almost impossible for any form of happiness. But if you are in love with that person then bring that happiness into the relationship. Be positive, be optimistic, never back down and don’t expect him to be like you just yet and even though he shows signs of positivity, don’t expect too much.

2: Be Patient, Supportive, and Reassuring:

Don’t  be impatient. Dating a depressed person is like dating a secretive person. When one enters that shell it is hard to come out and that person might not want to burden you, so you must be as patient as possible. You must be the support system to that person’s  emotional balance and reassure that person.

3: Be the solace:

 A depressed person could easily find solace in anything as long as it appeals to one’s emotions, they wouldn’t have a problem with it. All you have to do is appeal to his emotions by putting the first two points at work in your relationship.

4: Have Good Communication:

Never rant or nag when dating a depressed person. Don’t complain. Have a good manner of approach towards each situation. Never use the “Let me fix you” instead “ let me help you” Give good advice and never try to shift blames during fights so situations. Remember there are a lot of ways to kill a rat.

5: Pray:

Depression is not just something that deals with the emotions, but more of something that cages and puts one under a siege. There are negative divinities when it comes to depression and that’s why you must pray. Pray for that person, never give up on that person. Pray that God heals that person from whatever pain he is going through. That way you are halfway done.


You must consider these five “W” and a “H” before, after, and during dating a depressed person. The when? The where? The which? The who? The what? And the How?

1: The When?

It’s a question you must ask yourself. When did it actually start? When did your partner start to get depressed? When did it go all wrong? When did that person make that decision to stay in that shell?. The answer to these questions can also be known where there is a good manner of approach to helping that special person.

2: The Where?

The background of such person matters. Where did he grow up? Where did he first encounter such negative feelings? Where was he at the time of the cause of his depression? The background is the most important. The where?!

3: The Which?

Which of these clues could I use to help? Which of these things must I bargain and which of these things must I drop? While dating a depressed person there are a lot of things you must let go and also a lot of things you must bargain.


4: The Who?:

Before the time of the depression, they were people around him, Who were those people? Who were the people involved in the cause of the depression? Who started the whole thing? Whose fault is it? This is one of the most essential because it might as well be the most traumatic.

5: The What?:

What are things that happened before that time? What are the things that happened during that time? And what are the things that happened after that time? Lastly What do you do to stop the depression? The what question is also very relevant because it is mostly how you get more information from that person. Remember you are not fixing that person you are helping that person out of that shell.


6: The How?:

How do I bring him out of that shell? How do I put all these pieces together for this person’s good? How do I help this person? The how question comes after you have solved the five “Ws” questions. It is the practical part, but also the fun part. It is the hardest part but at the same time it is worth it.


Dating a depressed person is like treating a contagious disease, but you have to be careful while trying to help your special person. Don’t lose yourself or your sanity, you need to stay in check for both sakes. Wear your safety gloves and masks and be ready to walk and work on egg shells that must not break. If they break you lose. Remember the five “Ws” and the “H”, solving them requires time and patience. It also requires a good communication. Once you can answer all those questions, you are not just halfway done but you have solved the puzzle completely.

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Originally posted 2023-01-24 16:10:05.

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