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How To be a Player

how to be a player

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How To be a Player

A player is someone (usually a guy) who has multiple sexual partners without the emotions and strings attached. Players don’t do commitment and will sweet talk you into having their way with you. A player is a self-assured, ice-cold Casanova who leaves broken hearts in his trail. Before you envision yourself as a player with multiple women around you, you need to consistently and confidently be able to:

  • Socialize regularly
  • Be a walking chick magnet
  • Tolerate rejection
  • Sexually satisfy women

If you want to become a player or hone your skills as a player, then read on.

10 Ways to Become a Player

1. Be Confident:

No matter how hard you try to act like a player, without confidence, you will still be a turn-off to the ladies. Here is how to build your self-confidence and attract the ladies:

  • Free your mind of worries: Although it’s healthy to stress a little, too much will prevent you from living in the moment; your mind will be occupied, and ladies will notice.
  • Know your Shortcomings: Be aware of your flaws and shortcomings and work on improving them. Are you the type with a short attention span? Work on improving this character, as no lady wants a man who can’t give her attention.
  • Be Positive: Always think positively about yourself; the ladies will see you in the same light. Eject negativity from your mind.

2. Avoid Attachments:

A real player values quantity over quality, as a player you need to enjoy the company of multiple women rather than allow just one woman to monopolize your attention. Put your guard up and avoid forming any special bonds or attachments with one woman. Here are a few ways to prevent Attachments:

  • Move on if you discover that a lady is getting too close and becoming too clingy.
  • Avoid deep conversations with the ladies. Keep things light and fun. It should only be about having a good time.
  • Don’t envision a future with any of your conquests. Your thoughts should only be about how fast you can get her into bed.

3. Always think ahead:

A player is always a step or more ahead of the game to keep a revolving door of women. Always think of your next conquest even though you already have a conquest for the night. Here are a few tips to stay ahead:

  • Have a plan for every night: if you are taking your flavor of the night to the club, think of your following location. Will you take her to your house, a hotel, or your friend’s house? Always have a plan before you go out so you don’t waste time.
  • Plan your weekends: Unless you want to spend your weekends alone, you should always have a lady or ladies Lined up for the weekend.

4. Dress like a Player:

Before you can act like a player, you need to look like one. A player should always look smooth and sleek but not like he is trying too hard. His outfits should have one main aim: to help him attract the ladies. The perfect clothes to wear as a player are:

  • Loose Pants: Wear loose pants to show the ladies a hint of your boxers and find reasons to stretch or lift your hands so they can see your trail and abs.
  • Always wear shirts that display your biceps: Wear Long-sleeved button-down shirts over a tank top. The ladies will want to get you down to your tank top to feel your muscles.
  • Wear smart shoes: Whether taking a lady to an upscale restaurant or casual dining, ensure your shoes are smart and expensive.
  • Have key accessories: As a player, accessories like gold chains, rings, cufflinks, and leather belts that make a big statement are a must. You are not trying to be subtle.


 5. Develop your Body:

Becoming a player isn’t all fun and games; you need to keep up by looking at the part. This includes long hours at the gym; you can’t impress the ladies with an unhealthy physique. Here are a few ways to develop your body:

  • Eat Right: Eating the right foods will help you build your muscles while burning fat. Try to maintain a healthy diet of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates as much as possible.
  • Build your muscles: Make the gym your second home. Do whatever you can to build rock-hard abs, strong shoulders, big biceps, and impeccable abs, as it drives the ladies crazy.
  • Work on your stamina: Develop your stamina and strength by doing cardio. Start by running a mile or two daily and build up until you can run for 5 miles without getting tired.

6. Perfect Your Body Language:

player 2

Having assertive and open body language will show any lady you are with that you are confident and that she has all your attention. Here is how to master your body language:

  • Make eye contact: When you are with your lady of the day, look deep into her eyes like you could jump into her eyes. Killer eye contact will quickly turn her on and make her feel like the only girl in the world.
  • Lean into her: When talking to a lady who is obviously into you, lean closely into her like you want to her. This will make her want more. Please direct all your body in her direction. Your body language should scream, “I’m all yours, babe.”

7. Practice Proper Hygiene:

Your hygiene as a player is as important as wearing the right clothes and perfecting your body language. You won’t attract the ladies if you smell like what the dog dragged home. Here are some proper hygiene practices you need as a player:

  • Shower Daily: Use a manly body wash or soap and shampoo to bathe and wash your hair at least once daily.
  • Wear a masculine cologne: Ladies love men who smell like a million bucks.
  • Always have a fresh breath: You will need your breath fresh as you will be talking in close range.
  • Cut your hair and beards: If you keep a beard, make sure it’s clean and neatly cut.

8. Choose Your Lady wisely:

Before you go ahead and approach a lady, make sure she is someone who will be receptive to your player ways. If you pick the wrong lady, you might either be rejected or get a clingy lady. Here is how to pick the right lady:

  • Look for a fun lover: Look out for a lady who is having fun, laughing, and looking for a good time. Avoid any lady who looks bored and is constantly checking her phone. You want a lady who you can easily impress.
  • Avoid ladies who are taken: Abort the mission if you spot a lady who catches your interest but has a ring on her finger or seems to be with someone. Find someone who is not off-limits.
  • Avoid Ladies who are husband hunting: Sometimes the ladies you approach might be out for a serious relationship, avoid time so you don’t waste each other’s time. This type of lady constantly talks about marriage, families, and things of that nature.

9. Let her know the score:

Don’t mislead any lady you approach; let her know it’s just for the night or that you are not out for anything serious. The difference between a jerk and a good player is that a jerk tells lies to get what he wants, while a player doesn’t. You don’t want to leave any lady brokenhearted because you lied or weren’t plain with her from the onset.

10. Learn to play it cool:

Once you have enough of your current arm candy, ending it on an excellent note to avoid long and trash talks is vital. Below are a few tips on how you can end things:

  • Be a gentleman: When you end things, try to leave a good last impression. Walk her to her car, book a cab, and walk her to the bus station.
  • Be vague: when she asks when she can see you again, don’t give her a definite answer like I will see you around. Don’t try setting up another date, except if you want to see her again, give it a few days before making another move.
  • Don’t over-flatter her: Be honest with her, tell her you had an excellent time, but don’t blow it out of proportion by saying it was the best night of your life or stuff to make her feel good.


Becoming a player isn’t an easy journey, but with passion, strength, and determination, you will achieve the desired results. Just ensure you follow every step we discussed and avoid leaving too many man fails and broken hearts on your trail. Instead, leave happy and satisfied women.


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