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The female specimen, a specie created solely to attract and to attend to That is the main reason most girls show off there body, but not all the time. A lot of them feel like it’s something that must be done to get a man or to be know as someone who cannot be joked. This and many more we would be seeing in this article.

Many a time we go out there in public and on almost all social media platforms and you see a picture of a half naked girl and some of us tend to wonder why. Why they are so comfortable with little to no clothes on, or why they tend to bask in the glory of showing their body to the public. There are a lot of reasons girls do that but there are two important reasons that could be the cause of it.

Before these reasons would be taken into considerations ask yourself “Was there ever a time a relationship with any lady based on just the attraction of her body ever worked out? And even though it did how long?”

Now let’s go into the reasons why girls show of their bodies.


1: Their Backgrounds/experiences:

A lot of girls out there tend to show off there bodies because if the type of family they came out from or from just the normal life experiences. Some families who encourage their children to always show off their bodies and told that they are to be seen as objects of attraction just because they are women. They are always seen as the weaker vessel and are taught that showing off their bodies makes them untouchable and always in charge. They are up with such mentalities and worked with all through their lives. In some other cases experiences such as body shaming, degrading and bully as made lots of girls fight back.

The world as turned into a place where her opinions matter to her and she would not be stomped on by a few “weaklings” So instead of going through the self mutilation stage they go through the same improvement stage and tend to begin fall in love with their bodies and boost of that confidence. This may seem like a good thing but when it gets too extreme she might somehow get out of control. The world has become a negative place and people like them would just tend to go with the flow because apparently they do not have a mind of their own and don’t even know who they are anymore.

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2: For Self esteem Purposes or Prostitution:

Most girls show their body off because of their low self esteem, especially the ones that are too slim or too fat as the case may be. Most times they are seen as never enough and that has pushed them to try as much as possible to fit in. “If other people are doing then why can’t I?” Or “if other people are doing it then it’s not wrong” They drop the “good girl” act and go off to showing their bodies. They try as much as possible to create attraction and in most cases it works so they just go with the flow.

In some cases the purpose works and they become full prostitutes. This is mainly for the purpose of making money, to put food on the table or to make ends meet. They know it’s wrong but they have no choice that’s why they do it. Both these things work together  . Low self esteem and Prostitution. The fact that some girls have this low self esteem they go to the extreme to prove themselves and one of those things is Prostitution, and even when you stop prostituting, the fact that they were once like that could trigger their low self esteem.



If you are a girl and you are reading this, and for some reason you find yourself fitting into any of those facts listed above here’s what you can do. The truth is whether people do it or not, it doesn’t mean it’s right. You can be moderate and modest and still be beautiful. All you have to do is to believe in yourself, Pray to whatever deity you serve. Pray to God let him lead, talk to yourself daily and give yourself positive daily affirmations.

You are beautiful just the way you are and even the devil knows it and that’s why he brought those negative thoughts. You are pretty, you are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are attractive and no matter how you look your own special person would find you. Forget what your mother or your friends or even foes tell you, you are beautiful just the way you are. Channel your fighting back with a positive attitude and confidence. That way everyone can actually live their lives peacefully.

The other painful truth is when people see you dressed half naked, you may think the majority loves it but the truth is it’s all a façade, a clout to deceive into becoming what you are not. This little attention you think you are getting, you can also get it if you are moderate and modest, it just depends on how you channel your moderation and modesty. The realest people on earth are those people who thrive to do the best good things and I’m pretty sure that person could be you! You are not too fat, neither are you too slim, you are just perfect just the way you are. I may have not met you before but I just know it.


Many girls show off their bodies Many girls show off their bodies  for the wrong reasons and that’s where they miss it. You are not ugly, you’re not too fat or too slim but you are just perfect. Don’t change by showing off your body just because of one reason or the other. Be the real you and you wouldn’t have to worry. Want to know a secret?; God hides his treasures in unlikely vessels and wherever his treasure lie so his heart is.



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