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If you are a guy and you are reading this, I would like you to pay rapt attention to this, and if you are a lady use this to access yourself. A lot of relationships out there have suffered because of girlfriends like this. In the end, people tend to blame the guy and see no fault in the girl because she may show forth as the weaker vessel.

In this article, we are going to be looking at signs of a toxic girlfriend.

In your relationship, as a guy you must have noticed the back and forth between the both of you, always breaking up and coming back together. You tend to wonder where the problem is coming from. You are confused thinking you are the problem and that’s why you tapped this link. Well after reading this article I hope you get your answer.


1: A toxic girlfriend is always manipulative

One of the most powerful weapon a lady could use in a relationship is the emotional blackmail tool. Trust me this works every time especially if the guy is very much in love with her, he would always make sure she doesn’t shed a tear and the lady uses this to her advantage.

She could use words like “I feel like I’m not enough for you”, “The problem is me not you” Yes it’s true, she is the problem but a little reverse psychology is best used in situations like this.

A toxic girlfriend would always manipulate you into thinking you are the problem, but trust me you are not the problem, she is. She could begin to cry just because she wants something and then stops crying immediately you give in. The switch is always almost immediately. She appeals to your emotions with or without trying. Through words and actions.

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2: A toxic Girlfriend would always trample on your self esteem

You love her, of course you do so you would always do everything to be the best for her but it’s never enough. She would always tell you how much you are never enough and speak low of you, if you confront her she’d blame it on her mental health using past experiences as an excuse to cover up.

A true girlfriend would never project except she needs assurance, but a toxic one already knows the assurance, she knows what she is doing, but she just enjoys seeing her man below her.

It is her way of saying “I know you love me but let’s see how much you do” Creepy but true. A toxic girlfriend knows what she is doing and basks in it. But you would always be blinded by the love you have for her. She compares you to others and always expects you to do better. She expects you to know what’s going on in her mind, just to gain your attention.

3: A toxic Girlfriend is selfish and self-centered

She wants you all to herself but at the same time threatens to leave. She doesn’t  want to see you with others but at the same time wants to be free with whoever she wants to be free with. She could cheat on you and still blame it on you. Being blinded by love can cost you a lot but sometimes you are not to blame. You love someone and that is not a crime. A toxic girlfriend never cares about the effect it has on you whether good or bad, just as long as it benefits her she is fine with it. She is one who would always take but never give. This trait could be dominant but never seen.

4: A Toxic Girlfriend  monitors your every move

She would always want to keep tabs on you just to have leverage over you. Something to use against you just so you can do her bidding. A lady knows she’s the weaker vessel so she tries as much as possible to have the upper hand. And she uses every means possible. Keeping tabs on you is just to find something to use against you during an argument or a consensual agreement between you two. You end up doing her bidding with or without knowing.

5: A  Toxic Girlfriend is toxic by default

immediately she’s around you, she becomes so used to it in a little span of time so it’s entirely normal to her. You might likely always make up over sex without actually talking about a particular issue. It’s a back and forth clearly orchestrated by her

How To Handle a Toxic Girlfriend.

1: You Must Be Ready to Stand Your Ground

You may be in love with her, but don’t do it foolishly. Remember you are a human being with feelings and emotions, Having a toxic girlfriend could mess with your mental state. This could affect your future relationships if you ever break up with her because there would be a lot of projections from your end thereby affecting your relationship with the new girl. So if you notice any toxicity in your relationship always be ready to stand your ground.

2:You must always be ready for a break up

The best way to help yourself out of a relationship with a toxic girlfriend is to break up with her, or be ready to break up with her if the threat arises. Toxic girlfriends know they won’t last in a relationship so they make sure to take a lot of things from you including your mental health. So you must always be ready to walk away.


Dating a toxic person is a very bad thing. It makes you less of a happy person by taking away your joy and you will you have your inner peace. Being in a relationship with a toxic girlfriend can affect you mentally, so try as much as possible to get away from such relationships. Lastly don’t forget to seek professional help. It’s always works.

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