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How To Manifest Someone To Text You

How To Manifest Someone To Text You


How To Manifest Someone To Text You

Manifestation involves the use of one’s instincts or conscious mindset to control the world around you. In reality, this works for those who apply it well. All you have to do is imagine it and visualize it coming to pass.

It’s quite easy If you desire someone to send you text messages, all you need to do is fix your mind on what you want and let the universe complete the rest. By the time you check your inbox, you’re staring at the message from that person.

But before we go into how you can manifest someone to text you, let’s take a look at what manifesting is all about.

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is a supernatural powerful way of making use of your actions, feelings, and thoughts, positively to project your reality. This is due to the power of attraction, which says that like attracts like.

So if you desire something like settling down, getting a job, or establishing a business or you want to get back with your ex, say it and believe it will happen. The universe also honors our wishes you know.

Manifesting is not only about what you want but how positive you are about it. If you do it well you increase your chances of receiving the desired results.

If you are using the manifestation approach you must gaze at it, that way it will work effectively.

11 Proven Ways to Manifest Someone to Text You

1. State clearly what you want

This is the very first step in manifesting someone. State clearly what you want, how this person looks, and what kind of relationship you intend to have with this person, is it a friendship or a romantic relationship? Just have a clear picture of what you want in your mind.

Be explicit as possible, and make sure you know the exact thing you want to achieve from this method so you won’t get the opposite outcome.

2. Pen it Down.

When you pen down your idea on paper it makes your thoughts real and will make you not forget what you initially stated. You never forget what you write on paper. Even if you forget you can easily go back and reflect on it.

Get a personal book you can easily lay your hands on, write down the person’s name and every of their bio-data and what you want with them.

3. Imagine it happening

Imagination is a way of visualizing what you have in mind. In your imaginary world, you see yourself in that state you desire. There’s a mental picture of this person and what you want to discuss with him.

Apply the pillow method by writing down what you want on a piece of paper, then place it under your pillow as you sleep at night.

4. Feel the emotions

At the state of visualizing the moments you are craving, be focused on it and feel the emotions/feelings it comes with it. Get fixed with your imagination and connect as well.

5. Take action immediately

Next is what to do to make the manifestation work out. You need to take action in order to make it a reality and not remain in the visualization state.

If you can’t figure out a way to accomplish this, you can ask a friend or visit a place you are likely to meet them.

6. Be patient.

A very important step is patience. Patience births success, if you want to get a good result you must be patient. Good things don’t come easily. The fact you desire it doesn’t mean it will come quickly.

It might take so long for it to come, you might even run out of patience. While you wait for it find something to do, keep yourself busy by hanging out with friends, or engage yourself in your hobbies. Believe it will come and stay focused, at the appointed time it will manifest.

7. Let go of the outcome.

Avoid any attachments to the outcome of this manifestation, and don’t get so overwhelmed by what the result will turn out to be. If it doesn’t work out exactly the way you want don’t get yourself worked up. For everything that happens, there’s a reason, you need not cry over it, just move on with your life and focus on better things ahead.

8. Be open to receiving.

Now that you’re focused on what you want, be open to receiving. Let go of any negative feelings, or drawbacks that will hinder what you have been craving. Have an open mind so when it comes you will be fully ready to receive.

9. Deal with your limiting beliefs

Your beliefs affect your thoughts. Limitations stand as a hindrance in manifesting. Deal with any limiting beliefs that will stop you from getting what you want.

These limiting beliefs are negative thoughts that obstruct you from acknowledging your values and strength or what you stand to achieve.

A list of common limiting beliefs are:

  • I can’t make it
  • It’s never going to work out
  • He doesn’t like me
  • Am not good enough for him
  • I am not good at a relationship

10. Affirm to strengthen your belief

This is the opposite of the previous number. Words of affirmation are positive words that assure you you will achieve your aim.

Some affirmative words are:

  • I deserve True love and attention
  • I can make it work
  • I can attract good people

11.Let go and relax

After affirming all will be well, keep calm and relax while you watch things play out. If you keep thinking about it you might end up losing your mind. Since you have stated your demand leave it for the universe, be patient and wait for it.

Final Thoughts

Manifesting doesn’t work that easy but with focus and determination you might be lucky to get what you desire. But note that it’s conditional, it is not a guarantee it will work but if you are lucky enough you will achieve your aim.

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