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Simple and Effective Ways to Make Someone Obsessed With You

How to Make Someone Obsessed With You

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Simple and Effective Ways to Make Someone Obsessed With You

Obsession sounds odd to so many but the reason why it’s so is that the majority take it the wrong way. Obsession can be negative or positive way, it all depends on how you go about it and what you stand to achieve.

Men have a different psychology from that females. In a man’s world, he wants to feel like the hero and dominate. If you want him to be obsessed with you then treat him like the hero he wants to be. But for a woman, it’s different. What a woman needs is addiction, attention, care, and security.

The male gender is very easygoing and easy to please. They don’t want much just give them respect and feed their ego and you have their full attention. A man treats you the way you present yourself. If you know who you are and what you want you can make him head-on heels in love with you. For the female gender, you need to put more effort to get them all over you, except for the loosed ones.

So if you want someone to be all over you and make you their main priority below are simple steps to get them hooked.

How to Make Someone Obsessed With You

1. Have strong affirmation of your standards and beliefs

A lot of people believes that the only way to keep someone is by pleasing them at all cost even to their detriment. Take it or live it people are highly attracted to those who can stand firmly by their words. Having strong affirmation of your standards and beliefs is an attractive tool. These are what make you a unique person and different from other women out there.

Your standards make you a standard in the crowd. Your honor and dignity can only be given to you through your standards. Letting them get away with the wrong things they do and accepting every shit they rub on you, simply implies you are the obsessed one. So you prefer to satisfy them and displease yourself no matter how hurtful it is. People try to avoid being manipulated, so you do the same too and avoid being taken for granted.

2. Be a kind Person

When it comes to searching for the right person what people look out for is not how beautiful handsome, tall, and curvy you are rather they look for someone kind and meek.

Although your looks also attract them because people are moved by what they see at first, it’s your character that will keep them. Don’t be deceived by what people say about being nice to people doesn’t pay off. Treat them right, and be nice to them that way you win them over for yourself.

3. Avoid being authoritative

Nobody wants a partner who is authoritative and possessive. You can’t be dictating for your partner and expect them to give you all the love and attention you want. Avoid being authoritative and bossy with your partner, you will end up chasing them away.

We all want to be heard and seen in our relationship, not the other way around. Never boss your partner and let them express themselves. If they trust you enough to allow you to make decisions then do so diplomatically.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself.

Generally, we are moved by what we see. So take good care of yourself and look beautiful always. If you don’t want other people to take your partner from you dress well, look healthy, and take good care of your skin to keep glowing.

5. Be Confident.

Confidence gives you courage. Your confidence boosts your morale, and you won’t allow anyone to bully you or address you like trash. Being confident attract serious people to you.

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6. Have a Classy Character.

You do love your partner to be classy in their words, actions, and the way they carry themselves. If you want your partner all over you be a sophisticated person with class and taste. Be that partner who knows what you want and how to get it. Your classy attitude shows your taste and how you are rated.

7. Be Passionate About What You Do.

No matter how mean and common what you do is embrace it and be passionate about what you do. People like those who do very well in their discipline or profession, this earns you more respect and admiration from your man. Be the best in your Field. Bring out the creativity and intelligence in you. Show them you can do something and be successful in it personally.

8. Make them Feel Special

Give your partner special treatment, care for them, and show them you can make them feel special in a way they won’t forget. Just as you want attention your partner also wants to be loved and cared for. Give them attention, be there for them when they need you, and learn to support your partner.

9. Look them Sweetly in the Eyes When You Talk.

Your partner wants to be valued as you would. When you speak with them look straight into their eyes with an attractive spark. Direct eye contact tells you to like and admires your partner. You value their presence and you enjoy their conversations.

10. Admire them in In front of Other People.

Admiration is worthwhile in a relationship. If you admire your partner they will appreciate you and value you more because no one will give up someone who makes them feel special. Admire them in front of their friends. While you introduce your partner to your pals say something nice about them, let them know you appreciate who they are and you accept their personality.

11. Tell them What You Like About them.

There is no perfect one, no matter how bad a person is there must be something good about them you like. Tell that person the things you like about them and why you do. This way they would want to improve in it and even become better. Their love for you will grow without comparison. Even in the public appreciate what they do for you, they will do more if you show gratitude.

12. Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable with them.

People love to be seen as heroes, they want to stand in for their partner. If you want that person to be obsessed with you, be vulnerable. Let them feel your weakness, that way they would sense your need for their care, support, and attention.

13. Open Up Your Secrets.

If you share your secret with your partner they will feel trusted and will try not to break that trust. This will make them feel more special. Share your deepest secrets, and let them know they are the first person you have revealed them to. Trust me they won’t take it for granted.

14. Set Boundaries in the Relationship.

Do not be over them often. Set boundaries to avoid over-familiarity and disrespect. Let the person understand that they cannot own you, and you still have your personal life. These boundaries will also help maintain your discipline and self-control. Once they see that you are consistent with the rules you set, you will gain more of their respect.

15. Be Firm with Your Principles.

In connection to no 12, your partner will take you more seriously if they see how serious you are with your principles. Demand respect for your beliefs, opinions, and principles. This will make you more attractive in their eyes.

16. Do Not Show them You are Jealous.

Don’t make your partner feel like you are jealous, It makes them think that you are afraid of losing them. While this could be good, sometimes it becomes a setback since some people misuse this weakness. Therefore, avoid being too attached to them. Don’t stop them from hanging out with other opposite sex. Once they discover you aren’t scared to lose them, they will take you seriously.

17. Let Him Know You Will Not Settle for Less.

Be a woman of standards. Make your partner see that you value excellence. So, if he wants to spend a lifetime with you, he needs to upgrade himself too. If he takes this positively, he will be motivated to work hard and set goals for himself. The positive influence is enough to make him obsessed with you.



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