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Family is the most vital part of any individual’s life. It mainly determines the outcome of one’s personality, attitude, or sense of humor. Family is what makes or mars an individual. It is the primary and most important thing in an individual’s life. If there is no family or one to call family, then there is no individual.

A family is one’s home, one’s solace, and one’s best support. It brings out a person’s real character. The kind of family an individual comes from determines the kind of person one would be, except one chooses one’s path. Some people come from healthy and happy families, while some people come from straight-up toxic homes, which affects their sense of reasoning and causes them to lack good virtue.

But what happens when the family you know to be your solace always tends to push you away and make you fight your demons on your own? What are the signs you see that make you feel unwanted? Here are signs your family doesn’t care about you!


1 They are Never Supportive:

In all circumstances, a family that cares would always give the utmost support. But one who doesn’t care would always be unsupportive of you. It’s quite absurd because a family should naturally support you in your dreams and ambitions, but it’s the reverse. Being supportive should be a natural trait in a family, but when it’s non-existent, and it’s most likely directed to you, then you know they have no care for you whatsoever

2: They Make You Feel Less Important:

they mk u feel less imprt

You often notice you’re barely noticeable by anyone in your family. For some reason, you feel like a lamp just placed on a reading table and only valued when you are in use. If you ever notice this, it means they care less about you and outrightly don’t care about you. Your feelings don’t matter, and most of the time, you are hardly called by your parents or anyone from your family for anything important or valuable except it’s to get something from you or somewhat find a way to make you feel less of yourself.

You are the last to know anything and turn everything against you. To them, you always do everything wrong and are never enough. You are constantly being yelled at for the tiniest of mistakes. This might also signify that your family might regret having you and not try to hide it.

3: Your opinions don’t Matter:

When your family cares about you, your words and actions are respected, irrespective of age or gender. Your words don’t just fall to the ground but are put to good use. This is unlike an unsupportive family, one that degrades your opinion to the bare minimum until it is non-existent. The fact that your views don’t matter when it comes to decision-making or other vital things in the family shows how much your family doesn’t care about you. This heartbreaking fact can be found in toxic and unhappy families.

4: They often compare you to others:

When your family doesn’t care about you, you are never enough for them. To them, you are not doing enough. You’re not working hard enough, you’re not studying enough, you are not doing this or that enough; that’s when the comparison comes in. They compare to the person closest to you. The person might be younger, which is humiliating, and most times, it might be a random kid down the or, worse, your best friend. Enhanced negativity and toxicity like this only show that they don’t care about you.

If these four things become consistent, your family doesn’t care about you.

Before you tap the back to home page icon, read this carefully

Some families care about themselves, and sometimes it may look like they do not, but they do. How do you know they do?

They would do the exact opposite of what is written above. But sometimes, they may say or do something they don’t mean. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care. You should only think about that if it becomes a consistent circle. Do not take scolding your family for not caring about you, and understand your family’s harsh motivation for you to do better as a toxic trait, except it becomes a constant thing. And for you reading this, try your best to be yourself. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about comparison or whatnot.

The Solution

Now, when you notice the traits of your family not caring about you, you must visit a therapist. You can also lash out because it helps to take the bad energy out of you. Never bottle up those emotions. If you have to tell back, yell. If you have to voice out your feelings, do just that. This is the most heartbreaking thing any human can ever go through, but you must never let anyone bring you down, even if it means your family.

Also, try praying. God gave you that family for a reason. Maybe he brought you to that family to change it for good. Perhaps you are the key to your family’s greatness, but don’t let their words or actions bring you down. Stay positive.


You are mortified and dejected when your family doesn’t care about you. You begin to feel less of yourself, which can lead you to hide your hurt through every negative means possible. This can affect your mental health, that’s why it is advisable to see a therapist or a very reliable friend. Find solace in positive things. Don’t forget to be optimistic about it. Don’t forget to pray, and don’t forget to stay positive. It is hard, it might be hard but try your hardest, whether you like it or not your family might need help and the solution would always lie with you!

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Originally posted 2023-02-01 07:18:19.

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