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How to Spot a Player Easily

How to Spot a Player Easily

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How to Spot a Player Easily

Are you dating a guy, and things are progressing so rapidly that you’ve fallen deeply in love with him? He loves, treats, and adores you, making you feel like his affections are genuine. As good as it seems, you can’t shake the feeling that something might be amiss because, deep down, there’s a nagging suspicion that he’s a player and is merely putting on a show. Players can sometimes be difficult to spot since they treat you so well to the point you become overwhelmed.

If you are looking for answers to kill your curiosity, right here in this article we have the answers you’re looking for.

Sign he is a Player

1. The conversation is poor

Communication between the two of you is lacking; he doesn’t initiate plans, nor does he make an effort to commit to you. Meaningful conversations about yourselves or the future are notably absent. There seems to be a lack of shared plans for both of you. Even when spending time together, the conversations are not deep or significant. His calls, while frequent, seem to be more of a formality than a genuine expression of interest. Spending an entire day with him may not yield important or meaningful discussions.

2. A player avoids PDA like the plague.

Although some people do not like public displays of affection, it’s not out of place; this is not his own case. In such a situation, you have to observe if he is trying to act like he is single while he’s dating you. What exactly are his intentions for you? Does he want others to see you as his colleague, friend, sister, etc.? This is what you should find out.

3. Players will say the right thing sometimes, but they are love bombing

A player knows how to get through to a woman’s heart. They can plan a romantic outlook every time to impress you. They won’t act stupid all the time, but they will want to be seen as serious guys.

4. He makes you feel like a queen in bed

Players are known to make a woman feel good in bed. They are good at giving great sex; it means nothing to them; you are just a conquest they want to win, and trust me, when they are done, the reality becomes clear.

A real player would go to any extent to satisfy you in bed. He would kiss, romance, and make you feel like you were the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

5. He’s a Little Mysterious

You might notice some mysterious attitude when it comes to players. There is something about them that isn’t right. They seem not to always be available; the majority are sexy because they are mysterious and act distant.

When you eventually fall in love with a person who acts distant from everything around him, that feeling gets stronger, the reason being that there’s an existing illusion of being excluded. So you feel unique because they chose to be with you.

He won’t dispute the need for constant attention at the beginning, because he wants the attention too. He is elusive, which makes him act distant, so you wonder why he behaves that way.

6. He likes mind games

Most times, we think mind games are so romantic, especially when you watch romantic movies. Besides, what could be more romantic than your guy making you feel special, and how much do you mean to him?

7. He’s thirsty for power

One of the reasons a player acts the way they do is because of how they feel around the women they play with. In reality, it’s the enthusiasm and power that they get from winning the woman’s heart.

The feeling of being able to make a woman fall in love with them is so fulfilling and overwhelming for many men. Once they know you have fallen deeply for them, they call it quits and move on to the next task.

8. He pushes your personal space

It’s cool for your man to want you all the time or hang around you, but it becomes exasperating when he invades your privacy. Everyone deserves their own space.

Mistakes made on a few occasions can be forgiven, but if they occur consistently, they call for attention, especially when he ignores you and your complaints.

9. He’s trying to pressure you.

This is a common thing among players: they try to seduce a woman. They distance themselves from her so she can think things through, and then she will finally give in to his demands. The space and distance are to put you under pressure, leaving you with no choice but to continue.

10. He is friendly to most girls

It’s acceptable for a guy to be friendly with friends or jovial with people around him. However, in this context, I am not referring to that kind of friendship; rather, I am alluding to the type that leads a guy to flirt with ladies. A player views flirting as a natural part of friendship, disregarding its potential emotional impact. To him, it’s an attempt to be friendly, but given the opportunity, he may go beyond mere flirting.

Take the time to observe how he interacts with your female friends and others. If he treats women noticeably better than men, this warrants attention. It could be that he relates better to women, or it might suggest a desire to attract their attention and affection.

Examine his social media accounts; there might be patterns that provide clues as to whether he is just flirting or actively trying to woo these ladies.

If he isn’t friendly with the guys in your circle and doesn’t socialize with them, it could be a sign that he doesn’t want them to be aware of his actions, perhaps to avoid getting caught. If you attempt to confront him, he may dismiss your concerns, insisting that there’s nothing wrong with him being friends with ladies and attributing your feelings to unwarranted upset.

11. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

When talking about friends, he won’t even try to introduce you to his friends. He won’t mind meeting your friends, but he wouldn’t ever think of introducing you to his friends.

If at all you meet his friends, he won’t do any formal introduction, and he will find one excuse for you to leave immediately. The reason is that his friends already know he is a player, so he wouldn’t want them to tell you his real identity and the numerous girls he has been frolicking with.


Players are tagged as cheaters or womanizers because they are always found around women. They flirt often and pretend it’s just their own nature to be friendly, but in the real sense, they want more. If you have noticed the aforementioned in your man, then obviously he is a player, but he won’t admit it. So you’re left to decide what to do next; the choice is yours.


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