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How To Make a Man Miss You Without Talking To Him

How To Make a Man Miss You Without Talking To Him

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How To Make a Man Miss You Without Talking To Him

The beauty of every relationship is knowing that your partner loves and cares for you dearly. Even if you receive all the romantic treatment from your spouse, you still want to feel special all the time. You do want to make him miss you, crave for you, love you endlessly, and send you numerous text messages. With these emotional desires, only a few women know exactly how to make their man miss them. At the early stage of the relationship, it’s not difficult to make them miss you or long for you, as their feelings are still very fresh, but as time goes on, the cravings reduce.

When you make yourself too available, you reduce the emotional effect on your man. Every woman wants to be missed and longed for; it gives a sense of happiness and in-depth joy.

Every woman has a reason for wanting to make their man miss them; whatever your reason, the aim is to make him crave you more.

Ten Magical Ways to Make a guy Miss you like Crazy (The Silent Love Treatment)

1. Do Not Return His Calls And Texts Immediately

Calls and text messages are two effective ways to communicate with your spouse and to make him miss you. I know that butterflies’ feelings roll in your tummy when he sends you a love text, and you are moved to reply immediately. Well, you might just ruin your plans to make him miss you. Take time before you respond; that way, you make him wonder what you are doing, what takes your time, who you’re with, and what you are up to.

2. Restrict The Use Of Social Media

Social media platforms are where people share their views and post things happening around them. You could learn about someone’s life on social media. It has a lot of features to explore, so you just have to use it for your own benefit.

In doing this, you have to be diplomatic and work with restrictions, no matter how passionate you are about social media. Apply caution here because you have a target. Make the best post, and it shouldn’t be done at intervals. Let there be something mysterious about you to yearn for.

He shouldn’t know everything going on in your life, which creates suspense and intrigue. Make him wonder what you are really up to. Your post must be about the best events in your life; that way, he would begin to miss you and the precious moments you had together.

3. Tell Him You Miss Him

Sometimes, if you want something, voice out your feelings. Since you want him to miss you, it simply means you want his attention. You have probably been giving him an annoying attitude, provoking him to act weirdly towards you

Treat him nice, be kind to him, and tell him you miss him but still withhold your feelings too. Don’t give him the impression that you want him badly, even if you do. In doing this, limit your communication with him.

4. Do Not Put All The Cards On The Table

Avoid revealing everything about yourself. Do not give out everything about yourself; keep some hidden from him. It will make him want to discover more things about you and miss you more. Your personality shouldn’t be a crucial part for him to long for.

5. Make Him Earn You Bit By Bit

Let him do the chase; don’t give in immediately when he asks you out. Make him woo you and win you gradually. If you give in too soon, you miss the excitement that comes with the chase. While doing this, don’t stretch it; he might just give up if you play too hard to get.

Don’t give him all your time and details. Do not be vulnerable; he might just use your weakness against you. He should put more effort into winning you over. Don’t do the chase for him much effort should come from him too.

6. Don’t be available all the time

Most people ignore this, but it works like magic. Give him space to make him miss you. Like they say, when you are always with someone, they won’t know your value. When you make yourself scarce, he will long for you.

I know it’s hard, but it’s what you need to be sure he is worth your time and everything. Have time for yourself and hang out with friends, so when you next visit him, he will be very happy to see you and will appreciate you more.

7. Make yourself hard to forget

You have to create a memorable thing about yourself that he will live to remember. It could come in any way; do something that will always remind him of you. Let it be something memorable and special that will make him yearn for and miss you.

This will trigger his feelings for you and make him miss you more.

To do this, you have to create a signature. What is a signature? A signature is what you do, your attitude, or your pattern of lifestyle that is particular to you.

8. Ask for his help

Men love to show off their strength to women. When you ask for his help, it will boost his ego. Make him feel important by asking him to do something for you. He would love to give you a hand because he wants to be the first person you run to when you need help. It’s okay if you ask for his help as your man; it will trigger his feelings for you.

9. Take things slowly

Don’t rush to accept his proposal Take things slowly. You must take things slowly while building a long-term relationship. It enables you to build trust and have a strong bond.

10. Make him feel like a hero

Have you heard of hero instincts? Men love to feel like heroes when it comes to their women. They want to protect you, provide for you, and be around you always. Don’t act like you don’t need him, it’s good to be independent as a woman, but make your man feel important. Once you feed his ego, he will always miss you.

11. Be the first to end the conversation

When you guys are communicating with him, don’t continue the chat alone. Keep it cool, but be the first to end the conversation. Don’t give him the idea that your world revolves around him. It’s a way to know how much he wants you around and longs to be with you.


Love is beautiful, and having a good man is what every woman desires. If you love anyone and want to build something strong, then it’s worth it. But if you just want to have fun, it will be useless to go through the stress.

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