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11 Clear Signs He Is Not Cheating on You

In a relationship, infidelity is often subjective, but there are common signs of cheating in your lover. These may include mood swings, increased

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11 Clear Signs He Is Not Cheating on You

In a relationship, infidelity is often subjective, but there are common signs of cheating in your lover. These may include mood swings, increased distractions, less emphasis on relationships, or more time on his device.

However, there are things you can do to determine your next step, either to solve the problem and try to reconcile or end the relationship.

Undeniable signs he is not cheating on you

1. He does not have a weird mobile phone habit.

If a guy is cheating on you, he might have weird cell phone habits like putting his phone on airplane mode or putting his phone on silent all the time he’s with you. So if there’s nothing strange about his phone, that’s a sign he’s not cheating on you.

2. Always available when needed.

If a man is always ready when you need him, he won’t make excuses. This is a sign that he is not cheating on you. Cheaters are often unavailable because they are with other lovers.

3. He doesn’t Ignore your calls for no reason

If he’s always answering your calls and there’s nothing suspicious about his tone or environment, it’s a sign that he’s not cheating on you.

4. He has no inexplicable anger issues.

When a man cheats, he often develops inexplicable anger issues. He may accuse you of not giving him space and being too controlling, or even claim that he is not happy in the relationship.

However, if there is nothing suspicious about his behavior, he may not be cheating on you because he enjoys spending time with you and keeping you updated.

5. He Doesn’t ignore some calls

If a guy answers all his calls in front of you, even if it’s from a girl, it’s a sign that he’s not cheating on you. His conversation doesn’t feel awkward when you answer the phone. He’ll be happy to tell you who called and why.

But when a guy cheats, there are certain calls he either ignores or answers from another room where you can’t hear what he’s saying.

6.No chat or call history is deleted.

If your boyfriend doesn’t reduce his call log or delete messages from certain people, it’s a sign that he’s not cheating on you. Scammers want to destroy all evidence of abuse. Hence, his call log can be clear. He might get a text or a call, but if you look at his phone a few minutes later, you’ll see there’s no evidence that he turned it on.

7. You know what’s going on in his life

If he’s open with you about his life and finances, he’ll keep you updated on his every move and you’ll have nothing to worry about. When a guy cheats, there is certain information he leaves behind. He might not tell you where he’s gone or where he’s going, but he’ll tell you a stupid lie if you want to know.

8. He is open to you

One of the surest ways to tell if your boyfriend is fully committed to you is if he’s open and honest with you. A very sure sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you is that he keeps secrets.

So, a friend who hangs out with you regularly should reassure you that he is sincere and only interested in you. Men who cheat on their partners often behave suspiciously, such as hiding their phone screens when they are together, being nervous when they receive texts or calls, or not telling them where or who they are with.

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9. He is invested in your relationship.

The true trait of a loyal man is that he is fully and completely invested in the relationship with you. From coming up with fun ideas for your next date night to being fully engaged and there for you when you’re together.

If he’s invested in the relationship, he won’t cheat. Also, a sure sign that your boyfriend is fully committed to your relationship is that he will try to solve any problems you may have, no matter how trivial.

Whether you’ve asked him to empty the toilet seat again or you’ve had a lot of fights over money lately, your cheating boyfriend will use any excuse to end a relationship that isn’t about money. So if your boyfriend works hard to solve your problems and makes you happy no matter what, he might be a keeper.

10. He trusts you completely

An obvious red flag in a relationship is when your boyfriend no longer trusts you and starts accusing you of cheating with another man. This type of gaslighting is called “projection,” when someone projects their guilt and dishonesty onto another person, it’s a pointer to cheating.

When people have something to hide, they subconsciously begin to project it onto their loved ones. For example, if an unfaithful friend can easily hide his infidelity from you, he may also unknowingly do so out of fear.

So your boyfriend suddenly doesn’t trust you and starts accusing you of cheating, or worse. You might be cheating on him with another guy. But if your boyfriend trusts you, no matter what you do, you can be sure that he won’t cheat on you.

Whether it’s a night out with friends, including other men, or a girls’ trip to Ibiza, if your man has complete trust in you, you can be sure that you can do the same for him. After all, the key to a healthy relationship is trust.

11. He deleted his dating app.

If you are a new couple, the first few months can be awkward and make you worry about his feelings and commitment to you. However, a true sign that he is fully committed to you and invested in the relationship is if he deletes all dating apps from his phone.

Final thoughts

Changes in communication, availability, and sexual intimacy can often indicate that someone is cheating on you. If you find yourself in this situation, there are healthy ways to deal with it. Talk to your partner, ask friends and/or family for help, or get professional help from a relationship counselor or personal therapist. Each of these approaches can help you determine if your relationship is salvageable and, if so, what steps you need to take to move forward.

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