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The Mindset of a Cheating Man

The Mindset of a Cheating Man

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The Mindset of a Cheating Man

Chronic cheaters are certified womanizers. They don’t just cheat, they are termed “Serial cheaters”. Infidelity births a lot of vices and unparalleled issues in a relationship, and most couples battle with this ungodly act.

According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 60 percent of couples will break up after an affair occurs. Infidelity is a destroyer of trust, intimacy, love, and respect in a relationship.

What are the Psychological Facts About a Cheating Man

Cheaters have a mental and psychological behavior. They think and reason differently, these thoughts reflect on their attitude as regards infidelities’.

Psychologically many thoughts go into the mind of a cheater. Psychology has a part as regards features of anger, self insecurity, self-perception, impulsivity, and self-loathing.

Although mental and emotional instability has a part, but it’s still not a genuine excuse to cheat.

A cheating man’s mindset

1. Many cheaters have low self-esteem

Some people believe they are the cause of their partner’s infidelity but in a real sense, they are not. Most of these cheaters have issues with low self-esteem. They are not confident about themselves, so they go out to seek comfort. The reason is there is this feeling that they don’t have what it takes, to make their spouse give them happiness.

2. They Blame Their Partner or Justify Infidelity

Many men fall into this category, they vent their frustration of infidelity on their partner. Some cheaters would rather blame their partners for leading them to cheat than take the blame.

You hear excuses like if their partner respected them, gave more attention, or had frequent sex with them they won’t cheat. Obviously, this is a lame talk to escape blame.

A cheat will feel justified by what is occurring. In their thoughts since they can’t get all they want from their partner, the best thing is to cheat and receive satisfaction outside.

3. They Feel Misunderstood or Unlovable

A lot of cheats feel their partner doesn’t understand them, or they are not properly loved to their expectation. They just feel emotionally and intimately starved. Even if it’s not the case.

When this happens, they may seek that understanding or affection elsewhere. This is not their partner’s fault, but a personal problem that has to do with lack of communication and self-perception issues. It needs to be tackled through counseling.

4. They’re Afraid of Being Abandoned

The fear of abandonment makes some people cheat. They believe if they have more than one partner they won’t feel alone. So if one should leave, they will still have someone to be with.

5. They’re Punishing Their Partner

Some cheaters punish their partners by having sex with someone else. This is done to hurt them for either being deprived of sex, no intimacy, poor communication, etc. To them it’s a better way to torture their significant other, proving to them that without their intimacy they can survive.

6. They Have a twisted idea of Love

A couple of people who cheat have wrong or twisted perceptions of the true meaning of love. Their own idea of love contradicts what true love is. So when they have issues in their relationship, as their love begins to deteriorate, no intimacy or communication they feel everything is about to collapse. Instead of fighting for what they once believed in, they seek comfort elsewhere.

At this point, they search for pleasure outside. The rush to quench the feeling of abandonment and lack of affection makes them go out without having a second thought.

7. They’re Having Crisis of Identity

Age has a role to play in terms of sexual activity. Most men develop sexual dysfunction in their middle age, which makes them doubt their sexual ability. They develop low self-esteem and phobia of not being able to perform as a man. As much as this is not an excuse, it can also lead to infidelity.

8. They Are Narcissistic

Narcists also tend to cheat too. Narcists are usually egoistic people, who have an extreme love for themselves.

They are very possessive, so they believe they own their partner and shouldn’t be deprived of anything in the relationship.

So when they cheat they feel justified, because they believe they should be given undivided attention and loved extremely without reservation. In this case, it is termed to be self-centeredness and not their partner’s fault. Narcists exonerate themselves even in their wrongdoings.

9. They are Not Thinking.

This category has nothing or no reason for cheating. They really have nothing going on in their mind.

They will cheat on their S.O without thinking of the consequences. They just do what they have in mind, not minding the damage it will cost to their relationship.


1. What Goes Through a Man’s Mind When he Cheats?

A lot of things go through his mind such as low self-esteem and pushing blame on the people around him, rather than taking the blame for their relationship mishap.

2. How Do Men Behave When They Cheat?

The signs of infidelity vary it all depends on the sign your S.O manifest. If your partner is always on his phone or P.C, you can’t reach him, he doesn’t care for you the way he used to, he frequently comes home late and hides to pick up a phone call. These are possible signs.

Others may include hostility, lack of interest in sex, he doesn’t find you attractive anymore, he distanced himself from you, etc.

3. Why do Guys Cheat Even if They Love You?

Infidelity can occur for many known and unknown reasons. Couples may love themselves but might still cheat. But regardless, one should show their love in actions and not just words.

What counts is if the cheater is ready to reflect on his actions and figure out the cause of the problem, then look for a suitable solution.

4. Can a Cheating Man Change and Be Faithful?

Well yes, he can but it takes a lot of work, self-examination, therapy, and willingness to make amends in other to fix the damage caused by infidelity.

The cheater will only repent if they accept that what they are doing is wrong and is willing to take full responsibility for his/her actions. That way it will be easier to effect a change, but first, they must acknowledge and accept their wrongs.

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