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How a Cancer Man Tests You: 12 Most Common Methods He Can Use

How a Cancer Man Tests You

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How a Cancer Man Tests You: 12 Most Common Methods He Can Use

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and one of the most difficult signs to understand. On the good side, this sign is protective, intuitive, loyal, and caring; while on the bad side, they are: moody, vengeful, and highly sensitive. A cancer man is going to start testing you once he likes you – this makes them difficult to understand sometimes.

Just have it in mind that you will be tested in different ways before he will give his love to you.

How a Cancer Man Tests You: 12 Most Common Methods He Can Use

1. He Seeks Approval From His Family And Friends

A cancer man no doubt appreciates his relationships a lot. How his friends and family see his partner matters most to him and he would want to see if they approve of you – if he is serious with you.

He is going to try to test you by trying to see how you react and how interested you are in his life. He will expect you to ask questions when he mentions the people that are dear to him. It is not going to be easy meeting his family for the first time; you will just have to take a deep breath and be yourself.

2. He Will Check Your Conversational Skills

Cancer men enjoy talking a lot. They will likely test you by trying to see if you are a good conversationalist and how well you listen to them while engaging intelligently.

This sign strives to know how capable his partner is in matching his conversational style. Try not to leave the talks for him alone. Show some interest, and discuss something fun with him – he just wants to feel secure and comfortable around you.

3. He Doesn’t Lock His Phone

A cancer man will want to test your level of trust by leaving his phone unlocked around you. Don’t take this as a coincidence; He just wants to know if you believe him to not cheat on you, just as he said that he wouldn’t.

Leave the phone as it was or call out that he left his phone behind instead of going through his pictures or chats.

4. They Don’t Forget Things Easily

Don’t believe it when a cancer man says he forgets, they don’t. To know if you were telling the truth, he will bring up a talk or something you said sometimes.

He will be on the lookout for the things you say and the ones you don’t. He will be very keen to know your intentions and will hope that you reveal your true nature.

5. He Backs Off a Little

A cancer man who is faithful Will goes against his intuitions to check if you are the one. He will test you by pushing you away, texting you less, or probably reducing the way he asks you out on dates.

However, have it in mind that the last thing on his mind is losing you, all he just wants to know is how strong your feelings are for him. You can get his attention with gestures that are romantic, at the same time showering him with affection.

6. He Tests By Giving You Gifts

A cancer man will always give you gifts to show how much he cares about you. He already knows that women love getting attention.

He tends to notice little things and he will test you by surprising you often with gifts to see what he can expect from you in the nearest future. Thank him for the gifts and try to put them to good use, so he will be convinced that he is doing something right by you. However, your reaction to his good gestures – like showing disappointment if it is a less expensive gift will probably change his mindset.

7. He Shows His Vulnerable Side

A cancer man will test you by trying to know how you would react when he opens up to you emotionally. Although highly sensitive, opening up to one emotionally is usually a big step that he would take to know if the relationship will continue.

Try to be real and supportive when he trusts you with his emotional side. He wants a listening ear and reassurance.

8. He Will Want To See If You Are a Jealous Type

One of the best ways to make a cancer man happy is to control your level of jealousy. He expects you to not get jealous of those close to him – regardless of gender.

He is going to test you using this method because he feels insecure when his partner is jealous. To him, it’s not a sign of love or care. If you need a lot of love from him, allow him to take charge of the relationship on his terms – they like to be the prevalent one in a relationship.

9. He Will Want To Test Your Devotion To The Relationship

A cancer man will invite you to hang out with him as a way of testing you. He just wants to see if there is any chance of you making time for him in your life. Spending a good time together in a relationship is very important to him.

When he does this, take it as an opportunity to let him know that you would love to spend time with him too and that you are as committed to the relationship as he is.

10. He Will Want To Know How Hardworking You Are

No man will love to be with a woman who will be too much of a financial burden to him. A cancer man is going to test you with that to see what you do with your time and your level of financial independence.

In as much as he earns enough to take care of you both, you would want to make a little contribution to the relationship or house – no matter how trivial. Contributing too to the family budget won’t be bad, just know that he cares about this even if he is not showing it to you.

11. He Will Test Your Loyalty

A cancer man trying to know how faithful and committed you are in a relationship is not to control you. It is just normal, so he will know if he can put his guard down.

He will try to test your loyalty, for this is something they will surely want to know as they take loyalty and trust seriously. They need assurance that you wouldn’t leave them for other guys and that their hearts are safe with their partner.

12. He Asks About Your Goals And Dreams

A cancer man who is full of imagination will test you to know your level of creativity. He is going to ask how transparent you can be with him and about your passions.

No matter how strange or weird you think it is, tell him about it; also ask him of his in return. This shows that you care deeply about what he wishes to do too.


A cancer man who loves you will want to get close to you and provide lots of support. As one of the most logical signs of the zodiac, testing you is one of the ways he will use to know what he wants and how to go for it. You might pass all the tests he brings your way if he likes you. He will accept your flaws, just relax and enjoy the love that you will both share in the future.

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