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What Makes a Woman Insecure In a Relationship

What Makes a Woman Insecure In a Relationship

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What Makes a Woman Insecure In a Relationship

What is insecurity in a Relationship?

Insecurity in this context means feeling inferior in your relationship or having low self-esteem. It is also when you are not comfortable or confident in yourself or the said relationship. Most times when a woman feels insecure in a relationship, it’s as a result of the actions of her partner.

Though they may not agree, men do have a way of driving women to the edge especially when it comes to relationship insecurity. Perhaps the biggest concern is that men often don’t realize how their actions are affecting their partners. This makes women feel insecure in their relationships.

Most times men annoy women without knowing they did. These actions they exhibit trigger insecurity issues. However, other things trigger insecurity issues ranging from a past traumatic experience, toxic relationships, low self-esteem, etc.

Some women do feel insecure during premenstrual syndrome (PMS) based on research and studies. Also, women who have postpartum syndrome do feel insecure. This is as a result of hormonal changes or the secretion of hormones.

So what exactly is making your woman insecure? This seems a little complex to answer but we will handle it. Just flow with me as I unveil the secrets behind women’s insecurities.

Reasons women feel insecure in a relationship

When you as a man constantly mention your ex’s name, be cautious of your phone, and picking calls privately, you have secret codes for every app on your phone. These attitudes will trigger insecurities and could cause a rift between the two of you.

1. Commenting on other women’s physique

Most men are victims of this act. They intentionally and unintentionally comment on another woman’s look when their woman is with them.

To be honest, both those that are insecure and those who are not insecure hate it when their partner comments on an opposite-sex appearance.

This occurs all the time and is quite frustrating because most men if not all do this.

2. Playing mind Games and gaslighting

Gaslighting, ignoring, switching moods, and Playing mind games are actions that initiate insecurities in a woman. When you do this some thoughts come into her mind like:

  • Perhaps he doesn’t like me
  • Maybe I am the problem
  • I am not a good match for him.
  • I called for this mistreatment.

Sincerely speaking playing mind games is one of the destroyers of trust in a relationship. It builds a gap between the couples and kills a healthy relationship.

You don’t expect everything to be fine with your partner when you keep manipulating and betraying their trust.

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3. Mentioning your ex too many times

It’s normal to mention your ex in certain situations. But it becomes a problem when it’s frequent. Do you always mention your ex in a conversation? Then you are flaming the fire in your relationship.

The only reason you still talk about your ex often is because they are on your mind more than they should. This would certainly annoy any woman.

At this point, the signs of insecurity begin to pop up. She would start to think that you still have feelings for your ex.

Probably you are still seeing your ex in secret or still in contact with them. Instantly the trust begins to break and her insecurities begin to overwhelm her.

4. Making flimsy excuses for committing

Presently, commitment has become a serious issue for men. Many women have had their fair share of men who are so scared of commitment.

So if you are among that category of men that gives flimsy excuses for not committing you to have to stop now else you ruin your relationship.

5. Constant White lies

Those white lies that seem insignificant cause a more serious rift in the relationship than you will ever imagine. There is this feeling of insecurity that occurs when you lie to her constantly. Women hate it when you lie, in fact, no one does.

Instead of telling her the truth about what happened you choose to lie. There’s nothing good in telling lies, lies sprouts issues and betray trust. This will cause a lot of problems in a relationship if not now later in the future it will.

6. Ignoring her texts


The most annoying thing you can do to a woman is to ignore her text. If you are very busy let her know immediately after you see her text. Send her a text message by simply saying you are busy and you will call her later. Ignoring her shows you don’t value and respect her.

7. Not considering her opinion

Decision-making in a relationship shouldn’t be one-sided, both parties should be involved. Insecurity issues can pop up when the decision is made individually without considering the other person’s opinion.

Taking decisions alone on family issues, bills, the future of your relationship, and how you handle issues will make your partner feel insecure. Always involve your partner in making decisions that concern you both.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do women feel most insecure about?

A woman’s value in the relationship will determine what will make her feel insecure. Although Insecurity can occur when you disrespect her, ignore her, don’t give her your attention, showing little or no concern about her personal life.

2. Why is my boyfriend trying to make me insecure?

In honesty, most times they do it without realizing they do, it’s good you let him know of his actions and how he is hurting you. But if he continues to do it after your complaints, it indicates there is no trust and mutual respect in the relationship.

3. What are the signs of an insecure woman?

The signs defer depending on what triggers her insecurities. However the major signs include; she is always scared of losing you, low self-esteem, jealousy, constantly seeking compliments and your approval, always cautious of her looks, etc.

Final piece

Insecurity in a relationship is not a good attribute of a healthy relationship. The moment it starts occurring the relationship begins to experience drawbacks and your emotions start depreciating. Try to avoid anything that fuels Insecurity issues if you want a healthy relationship. Make your woman happy and don’t initiate anything to make her feel insecure.

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Originally posted 2022-12-27 20:38:18.

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