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How To Make a Girl Blush in 10 Ways

How To Make a Girl Blush

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How To Make a Girl Blush in 10 Ways

Blush is a response that leads to redness on the face as a result of shame, excitement, or embarrassment. It’s heartwarming to make that unique someone in your life blush.

It gives great joy and fulfillment to make your loved one happy. There is this satisfaction you get when you make someone blush and smile.

There are many ways to make that special someone blush. No matter how uptight your partner is they still have a soft spot.

What it Means to Make Someone Blush

Before you learn how to make a girl blush, first you have to know the real meaning of making someone blush.

Note that it’s important for you and your partner to make each other bush. It isn’t that easy to make someone blush. Many run away from blushing. To some, it’s a taboo and an embarrassment. That notwithstanding it’s nice to actually make someone blush.

Can Blushing Make Someone Attractive?

A very crucial aspect of making someone blush is to know if making them blush makes them attractive.

A research done by Pazda and colleagues in 2016 on facial redness reported that the redness on women’s faces made men see women as more attractive.

The research proved that women with increased redness were healthier and also more attractive than women with less facial redness.

In essence, blushing makes someone beautiful. So the answer to that question is yes. It brings out one’s beauty.

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Does Blushing Indicate Love?

Does blushing indicate love? This is a very popular question most people ask, they keep wondering if blushing shows that someone loves you.

Blushing can be a sign of love and may not be a sign of love. Someone might be filled with excitement and as a result, blush because they can’t just hold the happiness. They blush without any feelings in mind.

One might also blush when they fall in love. The emotions in them make them blush a lot. With these two instances, we can say that blushing can be an indication of love.

Do men find blushing attractive?

You might also be wondering if blushing makes someone attractive. That thought must have crossed your mind severally.

This is it, just as I stated earlier based on Mazda’s study, women with higher facial redness were categorized as more attractive by men than women with lower facial redness. So the answer is yes, Men do find women who blush to be attractive.

Cute ways to make a woman blush whenever she is with you

1. Cute texts

Sending cute text can make someone blush. Finding a cute text on your phone from your loved one is worth blushing for. That text message can relieve them of the day’s stress.

2. Flirt with her

Flirting is a romantic approach for lovers. You can flirt in any way you choose to by winking at her, saying sweet words, etc. A spontaneous flirt message is enough to make her smile and miss you a lot. Flirting shows you find her attractive.

3. Wink at her

If you want your partner to smile and blush often, just wink at her in a cozy flirty style. This will trigger an unparalleled smile.

4. Plan a surprise

Women love surprises, especially one that comes out of the blues. Plan a surprise party, dinner, or picnic for just the two of you, you can also invite her friends. Women love emotional events, so certainly it will make them blush a lot. Whatever you know is important to her, take it seriously and use it to plan a suppress package for her.

5. Whisper something cute

Whispering is a good way of making someone blush too. If you want your girl to blush whisper something cute or romantic in her ear. She will love it.

6. Smile and hold her eyes

One common and cool way to make a girl blush as a guy is maintaining eye contact. If you want the process to be felt, smile while keeping eye contact. With this, you can sense the emotions from her body language. She might even smile back at you. If you smile in a lovely way she will certainly blush. Make sure you keep straight eye contact.

7. Tease her just a little

Teasing makes someone blush unexpectedly. If you want to make her blush tease her gently. Note that there is a difference between teasing gently and annoying her. Tease with something that won’t make her angry. It could be her smile, outfit, physique, hair, lips, etc. Just use the right word to make her feel good within her spirit.

8. Use a joke that only the two of you know

If there is a joke familiar to you guys alone or a pet name you can also tease her with it. It will move her to smile cutely. A pretty cool joke will propel her to smile or even laugh. In the course of this joke, she would blush as well. You can call her by her pet name that will help too.

9. Maintain eye contact for a little longer than normal

Maintaining eye contact makes a girl blush especially if it’s a girl you are crushing on or you are just going out with. So, maintain eye contact and hold their gaze for a little while. You will see how she would blush. A longer gaze makes her shy so it prompts her to blush.

10. Compliment her in a way that’s out of the ordinary

Everyone gets to receive a compliment but sometimes the compliment lacks a positive effect. The reason is that there’s no genuineness in it. So if you want this lady to blush in the desired way, compliment her beyond the ordinary. let her feel the geniuses and effect of your compliment. When this happens she will blush without knowing it.


Making a girl blush is quite interesting. Blushing is a cute way of knowing if someone is affected by what you say or do. It also shows there’s a little connection. Women love this and their hormones tend to react to “blush triggers”. If you want your woman to blush often just apply the following and see the results.

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