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Why is Dating So Hard?

Why is Dating So Hard?

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Why is Dating So Hard?

There are different reasons dating could be hard. For some, it’s easy while for others it is pretty difficult. Dating requires a lot from the two persons involved. For it to work, they both have to be committed to the relationship. Most times couples involved are reluctant to put effort or leave the work for one person to do. When such things happen, it makes the relationship boring and one-sided. So one would say dating is really hard because you are not only thinking about yourself but your partner as well, there are some restrictions and you need to do away with some things so you guys can flow freely.

The truth is you wouldn’t know what is hard for everyone, what seems difficult for you might be simple for another. If you want to know why dating is perceived as being hard, follow me as we do some digging on it.

Reasons Dating is Hard

1. Lack of compatibility:

Finding someone who shares similar interests, values, and goals can be difficult. Finding someone that falls in your category takes a lot of time, effort, and search. It’s easier for some people, they can be lucky to get theirs on their first date, while for others it could be dating several people.

Compatibility it’s a great deal for a relationship to work out. When you have someone who shares similar interests, values, and goals with you the relationship will be interesting lively, and cool. These things are needed in a relationship once it’s there you guys would flow freely and understand each other.

2. Fear of rejection:

The fear of being rejected by someone you’re attracted to can be a significant obstacle. This apprehension could even discourage you from pursuing dating altogether. Coping with rejection is not universal, and facing such situations can lead to feelings of embarrassment and self-doubt.

3. Trust issues:

Trust is essential in any relationship, but trusting someone you’ve just met can be hard. A relationship without trust is doomed to crash. If you want to have a blissful union you must build trust. It doesn’t come overnight but it can be built gradually with time based on the attitudes or actions. Trust is one of the ingredients for a long-lasting relationship, it’s pointless dating someone you can’t trust, you will end up getting hurt.

4. Communication problems:

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, but not everyone communicates in the same way or at the same level. A lot of people fail in this aspect, though it’s not their fault they just find it difficult to communicate effectively. So imagine you are the quiet type and the person you are interested in is talkative, it will be hard for communication to flow properly.

5. Insecurities:

People may have insecurities about themselves, or their ability to maintain insecurity issues can also be a major reason for not going into a relationship. Some people can’t deal with seeing their partner with the opposite sex. Or maybe you have a problem with your looks or personality this might make you feel you won’t fit in their life.

6. Emotional baggage:

Previous relationships can leave emotional baggage that can affect future relationships. If you have been hurt emotionally it will affect your ability to start a new relationship. Unresolved issues lead to emotional baggage and it can tear one apart. You might even lose fate in dating.

7. Social pressure:

There can be societal pressure to be in a relationship or to conform to certain relationship norms. This is seen when one has come of age everyone expects you to be in a committed relationship. When this pressure is high, you tend to be scared, so you won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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8. Time constraints:

Busy schedules can make finding time to date and build a relationship hard. If you happen to be a busy person, starting a relationship will be very difficult. The relationship needs time and commitment, if you can’t make time for your partner, dating would be hard.

9. Distance:

The distance can make it hard to maintain a relationship, especially in the early stages. At the initial stage of dating, one must always be available to build a strong bond that will sustain you guys. The distance it’s a barrier in a relationship it bridges communication. Imagine trying to start a relationship when you are not in the same place, it’s only a few that can survive it. Most of the relationship breaks up before it becomes serious.

10. Online dating challenges:

Online dating can be overwhelming and full of fake profiles and catfishing. Honestly, I don’t fancy online dating, the rate of fake lifestyle people portray on social media leaves me with no option but to criticize it. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go into dating online most times it turns out to be a scam.

Although it favors some, just a few work out of the number of people that go into it. The majority use the opportunity to dupe people and play with their emotions. You can try but it will be hard.

11. Different expectations:

Different people have different expectations of what a relationship should be. We all have different expectations in a relationship that we expect our partners to meet. It’s easier when these expectations are alike that way you can easily meet up. But issues arise if there is a complete difference in what you both want and you can’t meet up.

12. Unresolved Trauma:

Past traumatic experiences can make it challenging to trust and form a healthy relationship. If you haven’t dealt with it going into a relationship will be hell and trust me when I say it’s going to be disastrous. You won’t give it your best at all.

13. Cultural differences:

Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in a relationship. A strong relationship can only exist when you both have similar interests, goals, and values. Cultural values and beliefs can cause relationship issues, making it difficult for you to cohabit.

14. Financial issues:

Money problems can put a strain on any relationship. If you are not financially buoyant you are likely to have problems while dating, you need to pay some bills. You need money also while dating what’s the need for dating when you don’t have cash?

15. Age differences: Age differences can lead to differences in life goals and priorities.

Fear of commitment: Fear of commitment can make it hard for some people to enter into a serious relationship.

17. Physical attraction: Physical attraction is essential in a romantic relationship, but it can be hard to find someone who meets your physical standards.

Final Thoughts

Dating can be easy and interesting if you understand how it works. Don’t allow anything to hinder or scare you if you’re ready to date. Things like personal growth that can lead to changes in priorities and goals, which can affect a relationship and gender roles, and expectations leading to misunderstandings and conflicts in a relationship should be handled maturely.

Even if two people have a lot in common, there may still be areas where they are incompatible, which can cause problems in the relationship. So be calm and apply what works for you to build a longlisting relationship.

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Originally posted 2023-09-25 09:20:21.

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