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Signs You are Dating a Psychopath

Signs You are Dating a Psychopath

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Signs You are Dating a Psychopath

When we hear the word psychopath, I know the first thing that pops up in your mind is a serial killer or a boggy man with a scary mask and a knife, looking for who to butcher. But actually, most psychopaths are people who live among us; they wear regular clothes, they go to work, and they do all the things that ordinary people do. The difference between you and a psychopath is that they don’t have a conscience. Psychopaths can kill someone without feeling any form of remorse.

Psychopaths are only about 1% of the world’s population, but that’s 1% too much. They don’t feel anything; it’s safe to say they are emotionless.

Signs You are Dating a Psychopath

1. The Relationship moves fast

One major red flag that tells you that you are dating a psychopath is the speed at which the relationship goes. They move fast. At the beginning of the relationship, they seem so enthralled with you that they will find any means or reasons to talk to you. They tell you how perfect you both are together, how much you have in common. They use sweet words and love-bombing to bond with you. On social media, they will post you everywhere; they plaster your social media platforms with love posts or poems.

2. They prey on your emotions:

Substories and pity parties are other things you should watch out for if you suspect you are dating a psychopath. They use these stories to hold you, creating a soft top in your heart for them. They pretend to hate drama but are surrounded by more drama than you can imagine. They tell you stories about their ex, who they usually paint as abusive.

3. They play mind games with you by involving you in their love triangle:

Psychopaths play mind and power games with you. Confusion is the order of the day when you are dating a psychopath. Immediately you get involved with them; they bring in a third party, usually an ex or someone who wants them. They begin to paint themselves as they are in high demand (hot cake). They want you to fight for their attention.

4. They are Manipulators:

If you are being constantly manipulated in your relationship, it’s a sign you are dating a psychopath. They continuously deny manipulating you and rewrite the whole thing to make it look as if you are the person at fault. They find a way to blame you for their actions. They may knowingly ignore you and flirt with other people, sometimes their ex in your presence, and accuse you of being jealous or too clingy.

5. They are pathological Liars:

Another sign you are dating a psychopath is lying. These people lie for a living. Even when you catch them in the lie, they are not remorseful. They have a lie and an excuse for everything. Even things that don’t need an excuse. They have the lies ready-made for any situation or question you might have.

6. They make you doubt:

Your psychopath partner, who once gave you all his attention, will turn the tables around and begin giving attention to bother people. They make sure they do things that will make you doubt their love for you, make you jealous on purpose, and still pretend to be innocent. You could lose your self-esteem in the process.

7. They are Selfish and want constant Attention:

When you are dating a psychopath, they constantly want your attention. They will drain you both physically and emotionally. You can never satisfy their demands, and they will constantly overwhelm you.

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8. You no longer recognize yourself:

Being with a psychopath will have you looking like a shadow of your former self. They will drain you in all ways possible and leave you a panicking, anxious mess. If your partner is making you forget how to be your carefree self, then you are probably dating a psychopath.

9. They look like your perfect match:

At the beginning of your relationship, a psychopath will mirror your ideas and values. They will be too good to be true, which is an exact sign that they are invalid. They will confide in you immediately and share their fears and hopes for the future.

10. They have no empathy:

Psychopaths will use you in every way without feeling remorseful about it. They don’t feel wrong about anything and only do things to benefit themselves. They are insensitive and don’t care about anything, not of death of a loved them can shake them.

Apart from these signs, other things that should raise a red flag that you are dating a psychopath include:

  • Their apologies feel forced and insincere
  • They are very convincing and persuading
  • You feel like you are his savior
  • They seem very mysterious, and at the beginning you are eager to unveil this mystery
  • They don’t take rejection well
  • They want you to dictate and take control of your life
  • They are arrogant
  • They don’t have many friends; they usually prefer to keep to themselves.
  • They are easily irritated and very quick to anger
  • They are incapable of true emotional attachments


1. Can a psychopath genuinely love someone?

Although psychopaths are incapable of truly loving someone, they may still desire to be loved by someone.

2. How do you know you are in a relationship with a psychopath?

One significant sign that you are dating a psychopath is that you are subject to their manipulations in different forms.

3. How do psychopaths behave in a relationship?

When in a relationship, psychopaths constantly try to deceive you, and they constantly lie to you.

4. How can you tell if someone is a psychopath?

Here are some signs that show that someone is a psychopath:

They lie often

They behave in ways opposite to the accepted societal norm

They don’t show remorse

They violate the law and the rights of everyone

They are excellent manipulators.


In a nutshell, dating a psychopath will damage your self-esteem and make you a shadow of yourself, but if you watch out for these signs, and if he ticks most boxes, it’s better you gently figure out a way to leave the relationship, you might. I hope this helps you.


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Originally posted 2022-12-29 01:20:49.

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