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Do Girls Like Shy Guys? (Here’s the Answer)

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

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Do Girls Like Shy Guys? (Here’s the Answer)

The answer is in two ways a Yes! And No. Meaning some girls do like shy guys while others don’t.

Not all girls want the outspoken Male gender. The way you like some girls equates to how they like guys.

Although it’s pretty difficult for shy guys to woo girls, unlike the extroverts who get ladies’ attention everywhere they go. The main difference between a shy guy and an extroverted male chaser is that the bold guy knows his Strength and he can use it effectively to woo a lady.

So you might be hoping to hear a direct answer either a complete Yes or No, but in honesty, it’s either yes or no based on the girl’s choice.

Reasons girls like shy guys

1. They don’t always want to be noticed

Shy guys do stay away from the crowd. They are not proud and do not seek people’s attention to be noticed. They do things calmly without being seen. Their shy nature (introvert) makes them focus less on themselves but more on you. They would rather give you all than demanding for attention.

2. They’re Deep Thinkers

A shy guy thinks critically and deeply. He is not like the bold guy that is very outspoken. Before he carries out any action, he would have a deep thought about it. He analyses what he has in mind.

As a critical thinker it shows he has emotional intelligence, he wouldn’t jump to the conclusions. He knows what he wants and when to act and girls admire this a lot in a guy.

3. Shy Guys Are Great Listeners

When you talk about great listeners that’s a shy guy for you. They are good at learning and acquiring new ideas. So they would rather prefer to learn from you than talk about themselves. In the course of discussing with them, they would pay rapt attention to whatever you want to say. He won’t ignore you, its gaze will be on you, reason is he wants to know more about you. Girls love to be with a guy like this.

So as long as he follows up in the discussion and shows interest by asking questions, it will be very easy to flow with a girl.

4. Once They Open Up, They’re Great At Conversations

A good listener is a good   Conversationalist because communicating is giving and receiving. You ask questions and you receive answers. Since they can listen, it will be nice to keep the conversation going by giving in and raising topics. That way you won’t be bored while you communicate.

5. They’re Full Of Surprises

Surprises are part of their characteristics. Because they are reserved people, there are lots of mysteries about them. So many things concerning their personal life doesn’t come out in the open.

They can come up with something new you never expected. If as a girl you love surprises, you can consider dating a shy guy.

6. Shy guys make better friends

When it comes to building friendships, a shy guy is the perfect one. He wouldn’t play with his friends or jeopardize their friendship. He will not only make a good partner but will also build a strong friendship with you.

7. Shy guys make better sex buddies

Shy guys are indeed good sex partners. He is free to play with, cozy, and cheesy. He wouldn’t want to be domineering, the reason is they are shy. They would go whichever way you ride and won’t make an odd demand.

8. They are independent

As an introverted personality, it is pretty difficult for a shy guy to ask for help. They always want to work things out for themselves. They prefer to struggle for themselves than rely on someone.

9. Shy Guys Have Unusual Hobbies


Every human has hobbies and our individual hobbies make us unique. A shy guy has an unusual hobby. Others might say they love singing, reading, cooking, playing games, going to the movies, etc. These are general hobbies people are fond of, but for a shy guy, this wouldn’t want he will call a hobby.

10. Shy guys are less intimidating

Being intimidated by the opposite gender is never a good experience. Every girl wants to be pampered and appreciated. An intimidating guy scares girls away. But this is different for a shy guy. You won’t find him intimidating another. He is cool and has an accommodating personality.

11. They are more genuine

Sincerity and truthfulness are a common and nice attributes for shy guys. He is meek at heart and wouldn’t conceal anything evil. If he loves you, he would say it and prove it in actions. He is true to himself and others because they want their intentions to be known. He would say the truth and be clear on what he wanted.

12. They are great advice

Do you want a partner who can give advice? Then you have met the right guy. Shy guys are intelligent and critical thinkers. With this virtue, they can advise people. He would first analyze the situation before telling you what to do.

13. They are polite

Their thoughtfulness, genuineness, gentleness, etc., portray a polite personality. Girls do not like rude guys. A responsible lady Loves to hang out with a polite guy. Someone that knows how to address people with respect. This attribute attracts girls too.

14. They talk less

A shy guy is not the talking type. Though it might be a disadvantage at some point when you want to communicate with them. But the good thing about them is they don’t just air things out. If you tell them a secret they can die with it without revealing it.


In as much as girls love bold and overly confident guys, they can man up and go for what they want. Shy guys also have good traits they can use as an advantage to woo a girl and make them stay. If you think shy guys are chick losers, then you haven’t met a good shy guy who you will always crave for.

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