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How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

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How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is rejecting someone without disclosing the reason. It is totally cutting every means of communication or contact and subsequently ignoring every means of reaching out to that person. It’s more like treating someone as if they never existed.

Ghosting is one common attitude for guys in a recent relationship. First, they come into your life, lead you on and make you believe you are all that matters. At this point, you are already head on heels in love with this guy.

With all the romance and attention you get you won’t suspect anything fishy. Then out of the blue, this so-called guy begins to act weird and eventually starts ghosting you. I can imagine how hurtful that can be because I had such an experience. It’s quite annoying to think that some guys come into your life and leave when they want to. They see you as some property they own, which they can access whenever they want to.

Being ghosted can shake you off making you feel less of yourself. You lose yourself confidence thinking there’s something wrong with you. Well, that’s what a ghost does anyways.

You might get off the way trying to figure out what you did wrong. He has gotten what he wanted and you’re left heartbroken still pondering on the events that took place. Meanwhile, this guy is busy enjoying his life without having a memory of you.

The question now is how do you make this guy have his own dose of medicine? You really want him to regret ever ghosting you but not in a revengeful way. It might sound strange but there are shifty ways to do this and leave the expected effect.

How To Deal With Ghosting

The fact that you were ghosted for no reason is quite painful but you can’t change what has happened. You just have to learn how to deal with it. It might be pretty difficult but it’s worth trying.

Haven realized this guy came into your life to dent you, you have to learn how to get over it. Don’t wallow in tears and pain because he ghosted you. The more you think of it the more you get broken. Level up and let it pass. See it as one of those experiences you get, just to help you grow in your relationship life. If you really feel heartbroken we have got you covered, keep reading as I give you the tips to deal with this.

Why He Ghosted You?

Well, this is normal for anyone to ask in such a situation. You might want to know the reason behind his actions. Perhaps you guys fought, argued, gaslighted each other, nag, etc no matter what happened it’s still not enough reason to ghost you. I mean we all make mistakes and learn from them too but ghosting should never be for a payback.

If he wasn’t into you anymore he should have a man up to reject you, rather than ghosting you. No one deserves such treatment.

How To Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

1. Block Him

The first thing you should do is block him. Blocking every means of communication both on the phone and on social media. This will stop you from seeing whatever he does and avoiding the temptation of calling him. This should be done without any hesitation except if he apologizes sincerely.

Don’t try to reach him, if he wants to see you he knows where and when to look for you. It will be bad if you chase him.

2. Don’t Be Driven By The Wrong Emotions

If you want to make him regret his actions it has to be done for the right reasons. Don’t be overwhelmed by your emotions.

When you go on with this with so much anger and disgust it will make it more painful for you. It will definitely stir up those feelings in you again.

Be determined to push your feelings aside. Let your spirit be strong enough and say to yourself he won’t win, neither will he get me.

3. Seek Genuine, Pure Connections

Look for genuine people to be with, those that are deserving of you. Pure connection with people that will make you feel better and bring out the best in you. When you eventually find someone who loves, cares, and appreciates you, the memories of the guy who ghosted you will fade off.

4. Keep having fun

keep having fun

If you really what him to regret ever ghosting you, doing fun things to make you happy should be part of it. It should be all about you this time not him. You do want to be the best version of yourself. Keep having fun and put his memory behind you. When you make yourself happy the pains will go away.

5. Give him his dose of pain

A good way to turn the tables against him is to give him his dose of medicine. Since he left without any notice just to make you feel you don’t deserve him, give him the treatment he deserves. Heh! I don’t want your feelings to get in the way here. Prove to him you can do and leave without him.

Don’t go pleading to have him back, he never really wanted you in the first place. Give him a silent treatment that will make him think twice. When you see him pull yourself together act like he never existed and you don’t miss his absence.

6. Don’t Be Available

Ghosters are full of pride and they always want to feed their ego. Now is the time to let him know he means nothing to you and that you care less about him.

Since you have started to put up some attitude, chances are he will come up to flirt with you just to get your attention. Don’t get carried away when he comes back acting normal as if nothing happened. If he doesn’t apologize sincerely and give reasons for his actions, then don’t think of accepting him back in your life. He probably might ghost you again and you don’t want that.

Ghosters believe they can have a woman at their convenience, so don’t give in. You deserve someone better.

7. Show Confidence

Showing you are confident and maintaining your self-esteem is one thing you should do even after being ghosted. Although it’s quite difficult to keep up with this especially when you have been ignored, your confidence is bound to shake a bit. Notwithstanding this event that has played out, make sure you don’t shake off your self-esteem. This is what will make you confident in any decision you make.

Rejecting you is just a reflective action from him and not an objective value or assessment of who you are.

8. Share Your New Exploits

Share your new wins and successes, and showcase them for him to see. You are not the only person to be replaced. When he sees you have moved on with someone better and you have progressed a lot, he will have a rethink of who he is.

9. Get Advice Specific To Your Situation

In as much as what we are giving you in this article are ways to make him regret ghosting you, it’s important you seek advice from a professional.

Ask for help from a professional relationship coach about your case. Your counselor will help you with the process.

10. Love yourself

One way to appreciate yourself and feel good is to love yourself. When you love yourself the pain is less when you are being ghosted because you know your self-worth. Love yourself and put yourself first that way you won’t be pained.

Give yourself the best treat you can afford, and show yourself some love. If he ghosted you he was never yours and probably will never be. But you will always be you and not someone else.

11. Date Someone Better than Him

This is very important, you must be careful about the kind of person you choose to date after being ghosted. Date someone better, a man that values and appreciates you for who you are. Someone that truly loves you.

Be with someone you can build with and plan a future together. You wouldn’t want to have another horrible experience.


It’s really painful to be ghosted by the one person you love. Ghosting could make one feel like an outcast. It’s even worst when you thought you guys had something really good. But in all, you have to snap out of that feeling of hurt, disgust, anger, pain, etc. When you realize he ghosted you let him go and don’t try to chase him. There are many fishes in the river who would fight with thousands just to win your heart and worship the ground you walk on.

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Originally posted 2023-01-20 23:11:30.

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