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10 Sure Ways Of Knowing You Love Someone

10 Ways Of Knowing You Love Someone

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10 Sure Ways Of Knowing You Love Someone

Not everyone gets to experience love the same way. There is every tendency that when you ask someone how to Know when you are in love, you will be told that “You will just know when he/she comes along”.

Love comes in different stages. At first, it will seem more like infatuation, with lots of nervousness and excitement. Over time, this feeling will become less charged – although more stable and lasting. Falling in love is one of the best feelings ever but when it becomes mutual; it becomes magical. Here are some of the ways to know you have fallen in love:

How to Know you’re in Love with Someone

1. You Crave For Company

When you are in love, you will always have this strong desire to spend lots of time with them. Leaving their presence feels like something is missing – like a part of you is lost, and that the time you have spent wasn’t enough.

It doesn’t matter what you both spend your time doing, as long as you are together. Even if they feel sad, grumpy, or in a bad mood, you will still want to be there with them as they go through that phase.

2. You Will Love To Show Affection

One of the ways to know that you are already in love with someone is the urge to always share how much you care for them.

You will want to develop a long-lasting relationship, which might also depend on your partner’s love language. Your unique way of showing affection might be through; saying words of affirmation, gifts, physical touches, quality time, e. t. c. Love languages are necessary to help you understand how your partner likes to give and receive love.

3. Jealousy Sets In

jealousy sets in

Jealousy, an emotion like any other is one of the things that indicate that you might have fallen in love.

Jealousy is good, as long as it is healthy and not toxic. It is better you avoid monitoring your partner and doing social media stakeouts and just talk about how you feel.

Once you fall in love with someone, you might start getting concerned about the time they spend with other people and worry about the potential threats to your relationship. However, immediately after trust sets in, these worries tend to reduce.

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4. Physical Attraction Intensifies

If you start feeling this way, ensure that other signs of you being in love is visible as this might be lust.

Physical attraction can also be related to sexual attraction. You will start craving their smell, taste, and touch – because pheromones play a big role in attraction.

You will want to create a big bond with them and get attached to the person you love – this is one way to know that you are in love.

5. You Talk About The Future With Them

One of the ways to know that you love someone is if you start seeing yourself planning future dates, trips, and family and you can’t just imagine yourself not being part of their future and vice-versa.

Khalili says, “ Whatever it might entail, it’s showing that you’re excited about this person and you feel safe enough to include them into your future”

6. You Think Of Them Often

If you find yourself having this particular person on your mind always, then you might be falling in love.

It can get to a point where they are the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you sleep. Some experts call to love a “natural addiction” and their thoughts of them are pleasant and will make you feel good – you can’t wait to tell them about your experiences every day, the great and the ordinary.

7. You Feel Protected With Them

Another way to know that you love someone is if you feel safe while with them. One of the key parts of love is trust. This particular attachment to this sense of emotional safety might stem from heartbreak in a previous relationship.

When you see them, you would want to envelop them in your arms and not give a care in the world. Tension will relax and you will want to protect yourself from pain – trusting them with your weak side suggests that love is developing.

8. You Put In More Work

For a relationship to work out perfectly, both parties will have to work actively towards it, because relationships are not easy.

When you love someone, you will be willing to put in more effort to make the relationship work – over a long period. You can do so by sacrificing some things, making compromises, or trying something new which is a sign of interest.

9. You Feel More Excited About Life

Due to the rush of hormones that comes with love, everything you used to do would seem more exciting. This happens more when you are anxious to see them and the expectancy level is high. Funnily enough, time will seem to fly by when together but crawls when you leave.

There is a possibility that you will have a revived interest in the ordinary things that you do every day.

10. You Feel The Urge To Help Each Other Grow

If you feel the need to encourage each other and grow together, you are in love. Being in love comes with the opportunity to push each other to be the best version of yourselves.

This might help you learn that you have the capacity to self-reflect and make some adjustments. The challenges you come across in your relationship as you progress will help you grow and develop a closer bond. You will begin to seek each other’s opinions and advice too.


Everyone expresses love in different ways, and if you have the above signs – it is a good indicator that you are on that loving path with your partner.

There are so many other ways to know if you are in love with someone; this can also come from one’s preferences and expectations. However, as you fall in love, ensure to look out for red flags that might be unhealthy for the relationship – although no one is perfect, just choose your perfection.

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