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Signs He Likes You Even If He Is Playing It Cool

Signs He Likes You Even If He Is Playing It Cool

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Signs He Likes You Even If He Is Playing It Cool

There are various ways to determine if someone likes you, even when they’re trying to maintain a sense of aloofness and conceal their true feelings. Some guys may be reticent to express their emotions too quickly because they’re concerned it might come across as intimidating or that you might misjudge them. Another common reason for concealing their genuine sentiments is the fear of rejection, as many guys are apprehensive about receiving a negative response.

This type of man tends to believe that time will eventually unveil everything, but with individuals of this disposition, it can indeed be challenging to discern whether they harbor romantic feelings for you. If you find yourself in such a predicament, there’s no need to be overly concerned. Below, you’ll discover several signs that can help you ascertain if he has genuine feelings for you.

Surefire signs a guy likes you but his playing cool

1. He tells you everything that’s going on in his life

As we go about our daily affairs, we meet different people whom we communicate with. But there’s always this special person we like and want to be with and talk to.

Unconsciously, we want to share our daily experiences with this person, like our day at work, the challenge with our colleagues, or the terrible traffic experience. Nature prompts us to share our experiences with people we love, except you are an extreme introvert. With this person, it’s so easy to spill everything without thinking; you just feel your information is safe with them.

2. He seeks information about you indirectly

If a guy likes you, he will look for a way to speak with you and get information about you. For example, he would rather ask what kind of chocolate you will gift someone instead of asking you about your favorite chocolate. This way, he gets to know your choice of chocolate.

3. He wants to know more about you

If a guy likes you, he will be curious to know more about you whenever he is with you. He might even ask your closest friends about you and your family because they want to be part of your life.

He would want to know what kind of relationship you desire, the qualities you look out for in a man, and your dream marriage and parenting style. These questions will help him get closer to you and make him understand your personality.

3. He tries to be a part of your life

Our little efforts and work we invest in a relationship sometimes amount to something. Little things matter a lot; care, affection, and gifts are ways one can express love.

These little gestures are what build bonds in a relationship. If he likes you, he will be involved in things like this just to be part of your life because he wants to create a memory.

4. He plays hot and cold

This one is the clearest of all signs. He would play hot and cold, making you worried because you don’t know what he’s up to. This minute you guys are laughing and cracking jokes; another day he ignores you like you never existed.

Most times, this occurs when he doesn’t know how to act around you or is nervous or shy about expressing his feelings. You feel he is all over you, while sometimes he is nowhere to be found, and he shows less concern.

5. His body language shows he’s interested

Body language is a good way to tell if someone likes you. If he doesn’t communicate with you, observe his body language. Look at the way he stares, his handshakes, and what he does around you. Does he feel nervous around you? Does he avoid running into you or avoid eye contact?  These are some of the body language to look out for.

6. When a guy is playing it cool but likes you, his body will betray him.

Here his body does; otherwise, he could be staring at you, but the moment your eyes turn to him, he immediately looks away.

7. He listens to you with the intent to understand

Listening with rapt attention is another surefire sign he is playing cool. Whenever you guys talk together, he listens carefully, and you feel he understands what you say perfectly.

Your conversation with him is never boring, even if you are repeating the same thing. It just feels okay to listen to what you have to say. It might not make sense, but to him, it does. A man who likes you will always listen to you, and they never get bored, no matter how many times you have said it. To him, everything about you is fun.

8. He Invites You To Dates In Disguise

Secret dates are another form of a guy who plays cool behavior. He won’t ask you out directly because it will reveal his little secrets; rather, he will plan a secret date.

You might be invited for a family function, a dinner, or even a singles night. This way, it won’t look like he is asking for a date to be with you; he wants to be with you.

9. He Enjoys Making Physical Contact With You

Another sign is body contact; if he likes you, he will look for opportunities to hug you or touch you, just so there will be physical touch.

10. He Often Responds quickly When You Reach Out

If you are dear to someone, they usually respond quickly to your call because they care about you. When a guy likes you, he makes you his priority. He will respond fast when you call for him; it doesn’t take long before he reaches out to you.

Once you send him a text, he is most likely to respond immediately. When he sees your missed call, he will call back ASAP.

11. He Strives To Be Your Hero All The Time

Have you ever heard of the hero instinct? Men naturally love to feel like heroes, in the sense that they have worn her over. If a guy likes you, he will act like a hero in your life, trying to protect you and always be there for you.

12. He Makes Jokes On You Two Being Together

A guy who plays excellent when he likes a woman would say simple jokes about you guys looking good together as a couple in some scenario. He would talk about how beautiful it would be if you eventually ended up together. For instance, he might imagine what it would be like if we got married and lived in the same house as a couple. Well,  just a joke anyway.


Guys spell out their intentions in different forms, and playing hot or cold is one of them. If you can spot that he likes you, but he is playing this way, if you like him too, you can make it easier for him to express his feelings for you and probably tell you what exactly he wants.


Originally posted 2023-11-07 19:45:25.

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