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Practical Steps to Make Him Chase You (Attractive signals)

How to Make Him Chase You

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Practical Steps to Make Him Chase You (Attractive signals)

Attracting men is tactful. Beauty and fashion say pain, and most times we want to look attractive to the opposite sex. Well, every woman goes through that struggle, and even if we try to deny it, the truth remains that as a woman there must be someone you want to get his attention, especially someone you are attracted to.

We consciously and unconsciously do this. It could be for our selfish reasons or for good intentions to build a unique relationship. If you are reading this article I know you are itching to know how you can make that guy you are attracted to chase you.

So let’s get down to the practical steps to take for him to chase you. Are you ready, if you are keep reading as I unveil the secrets.

Practical steps to make him chase you. (Attractive signals)

1. Be confident and comfortable in your skin.

Be satisfied with your skin, whether dark or white. Do not allow anyone to intimidate you or your skin color. Have a bride in the way you look, your appearance should also be your pride as a woman. So if you want him to chase you and flaunt your skin, make him know that you love the way you look.

2. Focus on your hobbies and interests, so you have things to talk about and share with him.

If there’s something you like doing get involved with it. Focus on your hobbies, and interests, build your career have your own life. Guys are attracted to women that can build a career and achieve their goals confidently.

3. Maintain eye contact when you’re talking to him.

When you guys are out for a date try to maintain eye contact while you are talking to him. This shows that your mind is focused on him and you are attracted to him. Eye contact sends a message across, telling him you are listening, understanding, and want to be with him. He will feel more comfortable with a such gesture, thus making it easier to flow with you during the conversation.

4. Be attentive to his interests and passions.

A very good way to make a guy you are attracted to chase you is by being attentive to his interest and passion. Find out what he likes, wants to achieve, and his goals. There must be something he is passionate about, get to know about it, and show interest. Give him all the support you can, it could be your ideas, influence, etc. That way he would see how much you care and want him to grow.

5. Show genuine interest in what he has to say.

Never look down on what he says even if it’s demeaning. Show genuine interest in what he says and shares with you. Don’t make him feel what he says has no value or you care less about his discussion. Make him comfortable when he is communicating with you, that way he would be happy you are interested in what they have to say.

6. Smile and be positive.

Always wear a smile and be positive around him. Say things that will spice up your vibe. Guys can be easily motivated and peaceful if they have a positive attitude. When they know you are always happy, cheerful, and optimistic they would always want to hang out with you.

7. Dress in a way that makes you feel good and shows off your personality.

Dress responsibly, beautifully, and attractively that would show off your personality. Your looks reflect who you are, it goes a long way to show the real you. If you dress well you will be addressed properly.

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8. Be honest and authentic about who you are.

Honesty is a virtue every man admires in a woman. Live an authentic lifestyle, no pretense, fake life or show off. Let him see through you and your character. If he wants you he would fight you whether good or bad. Come out plain and let him accept you for who you are.

9. Be open and friendly.

It’s one thing to be attracted to someone and it’s another to sustain it. If you want to get him hooked be open and friendly. Do not rush into anything build a friendship. That way you are already establishing a bond.

10. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation or suggest activities.

It’s never out of place for a woman to initiate a conversation or suggest activities for an outing. Be sure you initiate a conversation that is constructive and educative. Suggest activities that will give room for you guys to build a bond, be intimate and connect.

11. Be flirty, but not overly aggressive.

Flirt with him as often as possible, guys like it when a woman flirts with them. Most times they flirt back, this will even get him more interested. Avoid being aggressive or forming too difficult to get. Be free with him, loosen up don’t be uptight.

12. Touch him casually when you’re talking to him.

Touch him casually when you are talking to him (e.g., on the arm or shoulder). This causes a sensation that sends a message across. This might sound funny but it’s another way to make him chase you.

13. Laugh at his jokes and make him feel good.

Some ladies can be so boring when they are around a guy. Even when he says a joke she doesn’t laugh. Learn to laugh when he cracks a joke, make him feel good, and appreciate his sense of humor. Trust me he will be all over you without any hesitation because men love to be with women who make them feel peaceful and relaxed.

14. Be supportive of his goals and ambitions.

Support him in his goals, ambition, or whatever he plans to achieve. Everyone needs a support system no matter how strong the person is. Advice, encourage and stand by him through thick and thin. This will make him believe that you care about him.

15. Don’t play hard to get or be too aloof

Playing too hard to get will not make you get his attention especially when you like him. You can give a distance or try to act difficult but don’t be too hard on him. He might just think you are not interested in him or you just want to play with his emotions.

16. Take care of your physical health and appearance.

The most important thing is you. taking care of yourself and how you look. If you are just concerned about winning him over, you might just lose yourself in the process. Your health is your wealth so never joke with it.

17. Show him that you’re interested in him as a person, not just as a potential partner.

Having a partner is worthwhile when you are with the right person. So let him know that you are interested in him for who he is, not just as a fling or mere partner.

18. Be patient and don’t rush things.

Take things slowly be patient don’t rush things. If you make him feel pressured it might make him run off. Build friendship first before initiating an emotional relationship. Respect his boundaries/decisions and don’t pressure him into anything he’s not comfortable with.

19. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your feelings and thoughts.

If you already have feelings for him feel free to share them with him. Express your feelings or thoughts about everything. Don’t be scared to be vulnerable around him, it will make him believe you are open and free with him.

One last piece

Getting a man to chase you requires skills, so you won’t mess things up. You have to be prudent enough so you won’t appear cheap. The best way to make him chase you is patience, sincerity, and honesty.

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Originally posted 2023-04-22 21:30:37.

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