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10 Clear Signs He Will Never Forget You

10 Signs He Will Never Forget You

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10 Clear Signs He Will Never Forget You

One of the things people hope for when they are in a relationship is not to get forgotten by their partner. No one wishes to get abandoned by someone who means a lot to them.

Is it possible for a man to forget a woman he loves? Being in love with you is one of the signs that he will never forget you. He is finding it difficult to detach himself from you if he keeps coming back.

Your partner forgetting you and everything you shared is one of the fears of most persons. However, he will never forget you if you have a strong sense of connection with him and if you have made him feel safe and secure.

10 Signs He Will Never Forget You

1.He Doesn’t Waste Time In Picking Your Calls

One of the ways to know that he will never forget you is if he replies your text or answers your calls immediately. How fast he responds to them will tell you that he is most likely thinking of you.

A guy who isn’t ready to forget you will answer your calls when you are expecting him to – as long as you are still a priority in his life, he will surely find time for you. It’s possible that he can’t forget the good times spent with you and is subconsciously trying to make sure you are still a big part of his life.

2.He Still Connects With You On Social Media

If he is still active on your social media profiles, then it is one the signs of him never forgetting you. Especially if a long time has elapsed and he is still checking and liking all your posts, commenting and sharing; he is not ready to let go of you get.

He is just trying to remain visible and remind himself of the good times you both had.

3.He Constantly Keeps In Touch

You don’t have to still be in a relationship with him for him to do this – it’s normal for people to keep in touch with their exes – mostly in situations where they were friends when dating. Try to observe how often he texts and calls you because when it comes to keeping someone you love in mind, communicating is one of the ways.

Expect to hear from him constantly and you should tread cautiously if you find he’s trying to stay in touch too much.

4.He His Yet To Find a Replacement for You

There are possibilities that a man might be telling the truth when he says he will never forget you. All you have to do is confirm by yourself if he is lying or not, when a potential partner comes along.

He still wants to hold on to you if he Still hasn’t moved on and hasn’t been seen with another woman. As long as his heart still remains with you, he might not get a replacement – it takes most men time to get over a breakup.

5.He Never Stops Talking About Your Good Times

Even if it was years ago, a guy who wouldn’t forget you will always talk about the good times you both shared. When he remembers all these things, it is a sign that he will never forget you.

A guy who isn’t ready to let go will remember your past experiences well. Probably, it hurts him a lot that you are not together again, holding onto the good memories might be all he has.

6.His Friends Will Drop Hints

One of the ways you can know that he will never forget you is by listening to little clues his friends are giving. There is a possibility that some of his friends will give you some clues to let you know that he is still thinking of you.

His friends will always remind you of how much he misses you. The friends might even start defending him and try to convince you granting him a place in your life again.

7.He Still Talks With Your Friends And Family

If a man still keeps in touch with your loved ones, it is a sign that he will never forget you. He is trying to keep you close to his heart by still being on good terms with your friends and family.

Be assured that he will stay by your side no matter what happens. For him to use this kind of communication style – it would be difficult for you to be forgotten.

8.He Still Offers To Help You Out With Anything

He calls you often to ask if there is anything he can do, it is a sign that he will never forget you. This shows that he is not ready to let you slip away – he is probably scared of losing you completely and doesn’t know how to begin a new relationship with someone else.

If this is not what you want, then don’t accept any of his offer – if yes, you can go ahead.

However, if he is totally not available and tries to avoid you, there is a possibility that he has gotten you off his mind.

9.He Still Has Photos Of You Two Together

If he hasn’t done away with photos of you two, this is a visible sign that he is finding it difficult to forge ahead and may not be ready to cut ties with you yet.

He might just be trying to keep the good memories very close to his heart while hoping that he will be given another chance to get back with you.

If much time has passed since your breakup, and he hasn’t found a new girl yet, it simply means that he doesn’t want to forget about you yet.

10.You Were Unique

Maybe you were his first love – if so, he will probably never forget you – men cherish their first times a lot. Even if you lose contact, be assured that you will always have a big role to play in his life.

Especially if you were a good girlfriend and haven’t done anything bad like lying or cheating. Forgetting you will be hard because you were unique and will find it difficult to replace you.


You can now use the signs listed to know if there is a possibility that he will never forget you and still wants you to be part of his life.

However, you can decide not to be available every time or play easy to get, so that he will miss you a lot and never forget you – and the good times.

In addition, not all men show all these signs, study him to a good extent and decide on what to do.

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