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How To Stop Arguing With Your Boyfriend Everyday

How To Stop Arguing With Your Boyfriend Everyday

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How To Stop Arguing With Your Boyfriend Everyday

Boyfriends, Boyfriends? Boyfriends! These are some of the reactions you get from girls trying to explain who their boyfriends are. They are either pretty chill, confused, or downright frustrated. Why? Because they keep arguing with their boyfriends every day.

You are reading this right now either to win the fight or end it immediately by letting him win. You are thinking, how do I stop arguing with my boyfriend every day? I am getting tired…

Don’t worry; your question will be answered pretty soon.

Relationships are among the most vital parts of any individual’s life. Whether it be friendship or partnership, courtship, or even boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, all of them make up the connections in an individual’s life.


1: Set Boundaries

In a relationship, there should be room for respect and even the littlest of privacy. Now, this is not just about keeping things from each other. It’s merely about keeping your space and respecting each other’s feelings. If you notice that you keep having arguments over the littlest of things, then you should think about setting boundaries—at least for the main time—before compromising.

2: Be ready to Compromise

Now a guy would always have his flaws and whether you like it or not it’s why you fell for him. You can see the red flags but still decide to be with him, but at the same time, you want him to bend to your will, all in the name of trying to change him. But it would be best if you remembered a guy has an ego, and most guys still believe a girl should at least listen to whatever he has to say. That’s where the compromise comes in. You must both be ready to compromise for the betterment of that relationship. If you both can’t compromise, then break the relationship for the sake of both your mental health.

3: Don’t Be Selfish

In a relationship, in the minds of both parties, your priority is your partner. So, regarding emotional support, you must be there for each other. During arguments, please don’t make it all about yourself. Don’t use “you” but “I”. “ I’m sorry it has to be like this….” “ I understand if you feel this way.” Statements like this could calm him down or rile him up, depending on the kind of person he is. Then that takes us to our next point

4: Be Patient

Arguing With Your Boyfriend Every Day can only mean one thing: You are impatient and too hot-blooded. You need to calm down to save your relationship. Another reason you’re reading this post is that even though your patience is running thin, you still love him and want to save that relationship. So give it a little more time.

5: Seek Professional Help

If No. 4 doesn’t work, you both have to go see a relationship coach, counselor, therapist, or even psychologist. This could help you both air out your views and opinions about whatever is going on and get to the root of the matter. You would both be doing each other a favor.

6: Give yourselves some alone time

A little time apart can help you both think things through individually and rejuvenate yourselves. Arguing with the one you love daily can be physically and emotionally draining, so a little time apart would help you both figure out whether the relationship should continue.

7: Talk about it

 For both Individuals to be in a relationship it means they are both mature to communicate about issues regarding their relationship. You both must be ready to talk about.

You must also consider other factors while trying to solve this problem. It’s the WWH formula: the what, the when, and the how. These three things are mostly considered when dealing with an overbearing partner.

  • The What: This is the “what do I do” question. This is why you’re reading this post: you don’t know what to do or seek help. Well, what to do is written above so you don’t have a problem with what to do.
  • The When is the “When do I do what I know what to do” question. You do this during your relationships and when you have arguments. You both know there’s something you both are keeping to yourselves, which might be what is causing the argument. So this is the point when you put what you know into play.
  • The How is the “How do I go about it” question. You must be patient and watch your words. Don’t be too harsh with your words. You could talk on a note of finality, but it must be as subtle as possible. You could even do this when you are both on good terms. That’s a safer ground to work with. Make sure not to rile him up, but make sure your point has been made.

This may all seem complicated but in the end, it’s pretty easy and worth it. All you have to do is try. You’re in love with this person, aren’t you? Then go for it.


A relationship is a bed of roses, but remember, once you jump on that bed, some of those roses fall off, some squeeze completely, and at some point, to get comfort, you have to dust off those roses and find comfort in whoever you jumped on that bed with. Don’t try to find the roses in that person; create the rose yourself and watch it bloom.

A relationship is not a do-or-die affair. If he is too toxic, please leave. You deserve much more than being with someone who makes you sad, angry, and frustrated all the time. And even if it seems hard, just know that you’ll always get over it. One thing I know for sure: I may not know you or have never met you before, but I know you’re strong and can overcome anything.


Originally posted 2023-01-25 08:15:09.

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