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Signs You are Begging For Love

Signs You are Begging For Love

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Signs You are Begging For Love

Many signs indicate you are begging someone for love. You might think your actions are right, but in the real sense, you are crossing the line and begging for love.

People have different reasons for going to the extreme just to be loved and given attention. In the process, they lose themselves all in the name of love. So if you are wondering if you are begging for love or not, below are surefire signs you are.

Signs you are Begging for Love

Here are some signs that you may be begging for love:

1. You constantly seek validation and reassurance from others that they love you.

Love can make you do silly things sometimes without thinking. You lack self-confidence, so you constantly ask the ones you love for validation or reassurance. The reason IS that you think that way you can match their standard.

2. You are overly eager to please others and go out of your way to make them happy.

It’s nice to put others first but not to your detriment or at the expense of your happiness. But in the case of begging for love, you are way too eager to please people. You can go out of your way just to make them happy and satisfy their needs, even if you lose something.

3. You compromise your values and boundaries to be with someone.

Standards are those unique things about us that make us stand out. Your values, beliefs, principles, etc make who you are. You only compromise if it’s worthwhile and you aren’t losing yourself. But if you compromise your values and boundaries for someone, obviously you are begging for love.

4. You put your own needs aside to be with someone.

Do you put your own needs aside just to be with someone? Are you more concerned about what they want neglecting yours? This is a clear sign you are all over someone and you want their attention at all costs.

5. You have a negative self-image and feel poorly about yourself regularly.

One major sign you’re begging for love is having a negative self-image and thinking poorly of yourself regularly. You just feel the reason they don’t want you is that you aren’t good enough for them. You always think your looks, personality, etc. are nothing compared to theirs. Perhaps they make you feel that way and it’s affecting your thoughts.

6. You constantly seek validation from others and feel unsure of yourself without knowing it.

If they don’t approve of what you do, you won’t feel satisfied. Your self-esteem and confidence have gone down because of love. People’s validation is better than what you think about yourself. You are never sure of yourself or what you do.

7. You find it difficult to set boundaries and say no to others.

When they ask you for something even if it’s against your will, you find it difficult to say no. The reason is that you want them to accept you. You don’t set boundaries, you constantly go against your standards just to fit into their lifestyle.

8. You tend to put the needs of others before your own.

As bad as this sounds many people fall into this trap. Other people’s need becomes your priority, you tend to put their needs first before your own. You prefer to grant their wish, your desire for love makes you selfless.

9. You find it difficult to forgive yourself for mistakes or failures.

It’s one thing to do wrong and it’s another to forgive yourself for your mistakes and failures. But some fall into depression, and they tend not to let go of their past mistakes. Somehow they believe they lost the most important thing or someone because of their mistakes.

10. You have a hard time accepting compliments or recognizing your achievements.

Another great sign you are begging for love is you fail to accept a compliment from people, you don’t recognize your achievements. This is because you don’t value what you have. You keep striving to achieve great things but it’s never enough for you because you are indirectly competing with someone.

11. You engage in self-destructive behaviors, such as overworking, substance abuse, or unhealthy relationships.

Unhealthy behaviors such as drug abuse are a sign you aren’t satisfied with yourself. These things are usually taken by people who are not loved by the people they want. They do this just to erase their thought and feelings. So if you engage yourself in such things then you are begging for love.

12. You have a tendency to compare yourself negatively to others.

If you are always comparing yourself to others, maybe there’s something they do you aren’t doing it becomes a problem for you. Perhaps they’re good in their career, they can get people’s attention, or they are the best in class. In the quest of begging for the love, you compare yourself with them and speak negatively about yourself.

13. You struggle with low self-confidence and have a hard time believing in yourself.

Low self-confidence is another thing you will struggle with if you are begging for love. You don’t believe in yourself anymore. You can’t tell yourself what you are doing it’s okay. No self-assurance, you seem not to trust yourself.

14 You have a hard time making decisions and feel uncertain about your choices.

Making choices and decision is a big issue for you because you don’t believe you can make the right choice. Another person’s judgment it’s what you prefer. You feel incompetent in deciding on issues even if it concerns you. Even if you try to make a choice you’re not certain it’s the right choice.

A little more piece

Always remember that it’s okay to want love and to be shown affection, but it’s not healthy to beg for it or try to earn it through unnecessary sacrifices. Note that you have the right to love and be loved in any relationship. So don’t beg for it let it come naturally.
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