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How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners: 12 Possible Signs

How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners: 12 Possible Signs

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How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners: 12 Possible Signs

Have you been wondering if the woman you are dating is in multiple relationships? Exclusivity is not always the normal thing these days, and it makes this complicated if you are trying to know if you are the only person your partner is dating.

Certain clues might help you find out the answers to your questions because it can be very hard and some women might not be free to discuss such topics with you.

How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

1. She Is Hardly Available

Once two persons are in love and have a strong connection, there is always a strong desire to want to spend time together.

Not having enough time for you is one of the signs of your partner being in multiple relationships.

This could come in different forms and you should ask yourself some questions like; Does she come up with silly excuses On why she can’t see you? Is she always preoccupied with her phone or seems to be in a hurry to leave? Is seeing each other always on her terms (when, where, and for how long she wants)? If you can answer these questions with a “yes”, Then this might be a sign that she has multiple partners.

2. She Is Always Partying

She Is Always Partying

It could be trouble if you’re dating a woman who Hardly stays at home, but prefers to party out with friends. There is a good possibility that she is having multiple partners, seeing as she has an active lifestyle and enjoys having fun with friends.

However, It might be that she’s just a party girl, Who has such a lively personality. Check yourself and consider what you want – If you are looking forward to having a stable relationship, she may not be the one for you.

3. She Enjoys Drinking a Lot

This sign is indeed common but when a woman drinks a lot of alcohol and gets tipsy; her chances of being unfaithful are high.

Alcohol makes one bring down his guard and fuels the flirtatious nature inherent in every human. Having a woman who drinks a lot is an important sign of being involved with several partners. This and other signs combined could give you more clarity – for her kind of person can give into temptation so easily.

4. She Keeps Lots Of Secrets

If she hides her phone from you and won’t pick up her calls whenever she is with you, it might be a sign that she has multiple partners. I am not implying that your woman has to submit her phone’s password to you because that might be invading her privacy, but if she always puts her phone on silent and the notifications are off – she’s hiding something and might be a cheater.

However, while trying to know some certain details; like her password, social media accounts, or requesting to see her phone – try not to overdo it because there is a possibility that she just wants to avoid having a controlling and toxic man – who will be snooping through all of her things.

5. She Is a Social Media Freak

One of the ways you can tell if your woman is having multiple partners is by checking how often she posts pictures on her social media accounts.

Her posting of sexy pictures always shows that she is craving attention from other guys who wouldn’t hesitate to drop sultry comments and then ask her out. Be mindful of all these because it’s possible that she needs more than one guy to make her happy.

6. Your Sexual Life Is Declining

The first three months of a relationship are usually like a honeymoon. Your sexual drive will be at its highest and you both will find it difficult to take your eyes and hands off each other.

It is even going to be weirder if your woman is the kind of person who claimed to love sex but suddenly does not reciprocate your energy, whenever you try to initiate sex. It could also be that she loves it too much and can’t get satisfied by just you – this should be a hint that your woman is keeping Multiple Partners.

7. She Keeps a Bad Company

Peer pressure is a very powerful thing. There is a saying that “Bad company, corrupts good manners” and if your woman gets involved with promiscuous friends; there are possibilities of her getting influenced to have multiple partners.

Watch her closely and find out how she appears when telling you of her friends who have more than one boyfriend. If her tone indicates disapproval, then she doesn’t support such unruly behavior.

8. She Gives You a Last Minute Invitation

 Another way of telling if your woman is having several relationships is if she likes to invite you over at the last minute or odd hours. This can happen when you are her backup plan.

It could be that her other guy canceled on her or doesn’t have time for her, so she has to go with being with you instead. Chances are that she is not very serious about dating you if she only reaches out to you at unreasonable times.

9. She Has More Of Male Friends

There ought to be a reason why your woman has an incredible amount of male friends and not in the company of female friends. Having male friends does not mean that she is being unfaithful, for some persons are more comfortable keeping the opposite gender as friends.

For your woman to ward off any form of suspicions, she has to let you meet up with some of them or allow you to talk with them. However, if she never lets you meet any of her male friends, even when necessary, then this is a sign that she has multiple partners.

10. She Doesn’t Talk About The Future With You

Not having talks with you about the future can indicate that she has multiple partners and doesn’t include you in her plans.

People who have a genuine interest in you would want to know their expectations from a relationship – having it defined. If she never talks about how your future might look together, this is a sign that she has no plans of being committed to you. Not doing this, however, could mean that she just happens to have commitment issues. Communicate with her to know your stand.

11. She Is Always Checking Out Other Men

Is everything good between you and your woman but different when outside? Do you catch her giving flirtatious looks at other guys and checking them out? If yes, this is a way you can tell if your woman is likely to have multiple partners.

Even if she says that she is just being friendly, watch to know if she has wandering eyes and is not focused on you at all.

12. She Is Always Busy

Not having enough time for you is a sign that she has multiple partners. It is either she has work engagements or she is busy seeing other guys who are more important to her than you.

If she keeps telling you that she has no time, without giving you valid reasons or convincing you enough, then, it is time to have a rethink.


There are various ways to know if your woman is cheating on you with multiple partners. To avoid hurting her feelings if she is not involved with any other persons, be certain of the facts and gather enough evidence.

Discuss your worries with her to avoid contracting STDs (if involved in a sexual relationship). If after all these and you feel uncomfortable around her and don’t trust your woman not to have several Partners – she is not the right person for you.

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Originally posted 2022-12-27 05:15:28.

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