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Signs He Wants to Break Up With You


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Signs He Wants to Break Up With You

Breakups or in our today language breakfast, is no easy walk in the park. Any one who has been broken hearted before wouldn’t wish it on their enemies.

Most breakups don’t happen out of the blue. If you have been going through a rough patch in your relationship, that doesn’t seem fixable, it might be a sign that your relationship is about to crash.

In this article, we will open eyes to some signs you will need to watch out for that shows your partner is tired of the relationship and wants an out.

Signs He Wants to Break Up With You



Avoidance is a major red light that your partner is about to instigate a breakup. Most times this avoidance issue comes into play because most people find it difficult to be the first person to call it quits, they don’t want to be the one to hurt the other person when they are no longer feeling the relationship, and they check out by constantly canceling plans or avoid discussing important things with you. When you notice this, it’s up to you to call their attention to this there behavior.

2.They no longer discuss their future with you:

If before now, you and your partner spend time talking about your future, the number of kids you want, you go as far as even naming your kids, planning family vacations and things of that nature, but abruptly they stop raising those topics, and anytime you want to raise some related to it they shut you up or switch topics, they don’t even include you in their plans for the future anymore. This is a major red flag.

3.They no longer put effort in the relationship:

As we know, relationships takes conscious efforts and energies to make it work. You know your partner is no longer interested in the relationship if they have stopped putting in conscious effort to make it work. Missing special occasions, belittling things that are important to you are evidence enough that your partner is checking out.

4.They put others before you:

They put others before you

Usually, your partner is supposed to put you and your needs above those of other in a relationship, but when they stop putting you first, it’s a sign, especially when they prefer to spend all their free time with others, instead of you. When they prefer to hang out with their friends at the bar than spending time with you, is enough for you to know that something has gone wrong or is about to go wrong. They are no longer interested in spending time with you.

5.Non-existent intimacy:

Being intimate with your partner is essential in every relationship. When you partner prefers to spend more time outdoors with you, and tries to shut down any intimate move you make, it’s an indication that the spark is dieing. Your partner might be waiting for the spark to die for them to justify leaving the relationship.

6.They start keeping secrets:

A secretive partner is a very clear indication that your relationship is about to die a natural death. Especially when they become secretive about everything, they stop pressing their phones immediately you try to get close to them, they stop talking on phone when you enter a room and begin keeping strange friends.

7.They pick fights with you for the slightest reasons:

We know it’s normal for arguments to pop up in relationships, but in this case, they just want to fight with you because of inconsequential things. They are just creating unnecessary drama and looking for ways to leave you, and in the course of this period, the threaten to leave you. Any little thing, the will tell you they are breaking up with you.

8.The communication between the both of you is zero:

This is a major red flag in every relationship, when your partner is tired of the relationship, the constantly leave your texts unread, they don’t pick up your calls, and they don’t return your calls. They are doing this to detach themselves from you emotionally by trying to reduce contact with you, after all out of sight is out of mind.

9.They don’t appreciate your efforts anymore:

When your partner is checking out of the relationship, nothing you do impresses them anymore. You no longer get the ‘thank you, you are the best’ or any of those sweet compliments you receive anytime you do something good for them, instead they criticize everything you do. They are simply uninterested in anything you do.

10.Unsolicited Advice:

Instead of including you in their plans for the future, they instead begin to give you advice on how to live your life without them. They won’t come out right to tell you, but they will leave hints everywhere. Instead of talking about we, they start talking about theirselves or giving you hints to go on without them.

Apart from these major signs mentioned above, here are some other indications that your partner is about to dump you:

  • They are rude and disrespects you
  • They see your demands as an inconvenience
  • They act cold towards you
  • They won’t want you to fix the problems in your relationship
  • They begin to block you out emotionally
  • Your instincts begins to tell you that something is off
  • They are always in a mood or rage anytime you are around
  • You feel lonely even when they are around
  • They begin lieing to you
  • They start flirting with other people in your presence
  • They ignore you on purpose


1.How do you know if he is about to break up with you?

When your partner wants to break you, the first sign is that they filter and select the things they say to you, in addition to that, they tend to start avoiding you.

2.How do you know if he want to end the relationship?

If your partner is about to end the relationship, they begin limiting the time the spend with you, to keep you out of mind. They prefer spending time with others than with you.

3.How do you tell if he wants to break up with you?

Here are major signs that he wants to break up with you:

He starts avoiding you

He becomes secretive and tell lies

He picks fight at the slightest reasons

He puts his friends before you

He doesn’t talk to you anymore


In a nutshell, it’s known that couples have issues from time to time, but these signs are to let you know when he is about to break up, instead of you to fold your hands and watch, it’s up to you to either get up and fight for your relationship, or go ahead and pull the plug and save yourself from all the pre breakup drama.

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