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10 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

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10 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

The feelings that accompany a breakup can make one so miserable. You might wish to know if your ex misses you the same way you miss him or her. Signs that you might get can be emotional, physical as well as spiritual.

Some psychic signs might show you that your ex misses you, although they are not scientifically proven. You may get to feel how your ex is feeling or if they are missing you; if you both have a strong emotional bond. You can make everything easier by calling him and popping the question though, but consider his answer – if he says yes, what next?

Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

1. You Get Hiccups

There is a popular belief that whenever you get hiccups, then a loved one is talking about you or remembering you. Hiccups, however, happen when you drink a lot, swallow air while chewing, eat a spicy meal, or when excited; but if none of these has occurred it is safe to say that your ex is missing you at the moment.

2. Readings From a Psychic

One of the ways to know if your ex misses you is by visiting a psychic. Before taking this move, ensure that you have done enough research to avoid getting scammed by untrained psychics.

Look for someone real and get to know if your ex thinks about you. He or she can do this using tarot cards, reading tea leaves, or your palms. Listen, discern and then make your decision.

3. You Think Of Them Constantly

You Think Of Them Constantly

If you find that you are constantly having thoughts of your ex no matter how hard you try not to, there is every possibility that your ex is also thinking about you.

This is often common when twin flame energy is involved. There will be synchronization and your intuition will become so strong. Intuition is very real and can happen to anyone.

4. Your Thoughts Align

 Another sign that your ex misses you is when you start hearing voices in your head. Don’t think of it as you go crazy, rather consider it as a spiritual signal.

You were once a couple and very much shared a deep connection, which doesn’t just disappear overnight. You knew what the other is feeling or thinking about, you could complete each other’s sentences and other unexplainable things. Due to this, you can likely feel and hear them when they think or miss you.

5. You See a Pink Feather

Feathers, in a spiritual sense, are considered angelic or sacred. Seeing pink feathers means that your ex still loves and misses you.

However, have it in mind that you might not see real feathers; they could come up in drawings, videos, or photographs.

Here are the signs of other colors of feathers though: Seeing Red feathers signifies that your present needs are being fulfilled and that you should consider not going back to your ex, Orange feathers assure you that you will soon heal from your heartbreak, while Purple feathers say that you need to have more knowledge about your spiritualism.

6. Your Special Song Randomly Comes On

Everywhere you go, it feels like someone is purposely choosing some particular songs to remind you that you are heartbroken. You suddenly turn on the radio and a special song that you share with your ex starts playing and brings back a rush of emotions.

There is a possibility that the universe wants you to know that your ex thinks and misses you so much.

7. You May Run Into Each Other At Unexpected Places

What if you happen to catch a glimpse of your ex in a strange place, although you have been avoiding talking and running into each other at your normal places for hangouts? When this happens, it could be fate at work, giving you a reason to want to give the relationship another try. It could be another psychic sign that your ex is always thinking of running into you and misses you a lot.

8. Their Names Appear Often Or Are Called Often

Hearing your ex’s name out of nowhere is a spiritual sign that your ex is missing you. It could come in different forms like; hearing it being called on the television, grocery store, or restaurant or it could be a version of either their first, last, or middle name – even initials.

This just signifies that you are both connected at a deeper level and that your ex shares the same feelings with you.

9. You Dream Of Them

Dreams have the power to unlock emotions, our subconsciousness, and other things we might normally not understand. Seeing your ex in your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the only one missing them, it also means that they have you on their minds and miss you too.

Try to pay attention to the kind of emotions you have in the dream. Dreams are beyond us and are a way to connect to the realms; if you are happy and in love with them – it is a sign that your ex wants to get back together but if you find yourself sad or angry – then I think it is time to move on.

10. Your Eyes Twitch, Your Ears Ring, And Your Nose Itch

In a traditional belief system, twitching of the eyes is an indication that somebody is missing you dearly. The ringing of the ears means that you are being talked about by someone somewhere and itching of the nose is believed to mean that someone is thinking of you.

Be mindful of your intuitions and feelings, for this is a sign that a loved one (ex) is somewhere thinking, missing, or talking about you with someone.


You may have a lot to think about if you have been experiencing any of the discussed signs. There are many reasons an ex might want to come back apart from missing you – it could be because of guilt or coming to terms with their mistakes. You might want to take your time before running back to them, even if there are spiritual signs that your ex misses you.

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