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Leadership! One of the greatest forces in mankind. Through leadership a lot is acquired and actualized. Without leadership there is no finality, without leadership there is no decision making. But without a leader, there is no leadership.

A lot of people out there have what it takes to be a leader, they have the potentials, the ideas, but some of them lack the qualities, they lack the characteristics to bring forth that potential in them. Every one knows the qualities of a good leader, the humility, friendliness, temperance, the patience, the love, that understanding person, that compassionate, transparent, soft yet rigid in making decisions , the discipline and moral standards. Everyone knows those qualities.

So In this article, we are not going to be looking at the qualities of a good leader but instead the qualities of a bad leader . Also we are also going to be looking at the weird qualities of a bad leader. But first let’s see the qualities of a bad leader.

There are lots of qualities of a bad leader, so we are going to be looking at them randomly.


1: Impatience:

A leader who lacks patience and rushes at things, without thinking or re-accessing the situation is a bad leader. A leader should not lack when it comes to waiting for the right time.

2: Indiscipline:

A leader who lacks discipline, or moral standards to hold unto is a bad leader. To the the worst. This one of the most essential quality of a leader, if a leader lacks discipline the followers would also lack discipline.

3: Pride:

A leader who feels full of himself just because he has been put in that position is no leader at all. A leader that lacks humility, should not be called a leader at all!

4: Hard Headedness:

A leader who doesn’t give room for other ideas and doesn’t listen to his followers is said to be hard headed. This hereby causes enmity between the leaders and the followers.

5: Unfriendliness:

A leader who doesn’t relate freely with his followers but sees them as mere servants or slaves is not fit to be in the position of a leader. An Unfriendly leader is an unfortunate leader. Without friendliness in leadership there would be no fortunate executions in plans and ideas.

6: Less Compassionate:

A leader who lacks empathy and is not compassionate about his followers but for his own personal gain is not a leader at all. A leader must have compassion and be able to always step into the shoes of any of his followers if the need arises. That way the empathetic nature of a leader is released. When a leader is less compassionate he loses the trust of his followers

7: Lacks Transparency:

A secretive leader who closes in on himself just for his own gain is no leader at all. Every leader must be a see-through leader. A leader who everyone can see and know that this person could be trustworthy. A leader that lacks transparency should get himself checked and right his wrongs.

8: Dishonesty:

One of the dominant qualities of a bad leader is dishonesty. A bad leader always lacks the truth and never tells one. He is always the one to tell lies just to gain something for himself.

9: Lacks Integrity:

A lot of leaders out there tend to forget that integrity is key when it comes to leading people. A leader who lacks integrity is like a car with no tires. How would you move a car when it has nothing to rely on. This is one of the worst qualities a leader can have. The lack of integrity.

10: Speaks Rudely

A leader who talks rudely or out of place, is said to have bad communication skills, thus, making him the wrong candidate for being a leader. A good leader would always speak well regardless of the situation. A leader who doesn’t speak well would not be spoken well of. That person is not fit to be a leader.

11: Lacks the Fear Of God:

Naturally, this should have been the first point but I made it the last on purpose. A leader who lacks the fear of the one above all, cannot be a leader. No matter how effective he might seem, if there is no reference to the eternal one then there is no leadership.


1: The psychopathic nature:

A bad leader would always have a psychopathic nature in the sense that, a bad leader would always go to the worst and extreme length to get what he wants. This could include destroying lives and property and even to the extent of taking lives and covering up his tracks with every means possible.

2: Manipulative:

A bad leader who does anything to get what he wants would always be manipulative. Emotionally or physically. He could appeal to one’s mental state but at the same time using extreme measures such as threats or emotional blackmail.

3: Psychological Problems:

Not every leader chooses to be bad but life experiences may have pushed them to that point, thereby affecting their mental state and pushing them to do  extreme things just to get a particular thing. Most times, they may have the potential but they abuse it because of their corrupted minds.


A bad leader lacks discipline, friendliness, temperance, patience, transparency, empathy, communication skills, honesty, integrity, love and compassion. A bad leader can also have more weird facts about them but quite hidden, but would always seep through which could be quite noticeable to those who have eyes.

A leader who lacks good qualities should not be a leader at all. I am pretty sure you tapped this article because you wanted to access yourself as a leader and I hope this was able to help. If you want to be a good leader, stay away from this qualities or rather do the exact opposite of the qualities listed above and you would be good to go.

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