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11 Signs Of Low Self Esteem In A Woman

Sign of a woman with low self esteem


11 Signs Of Low Self Esteem In A Woman

Self-esteem is having confidence in yourself with or without anyone motivating you to do so. It’s important to build good self-esteem in the society we find ourselves in. Low self-esteem in a woman can be so unattractive and reduces one personality and confidence.

Sometimes this low self-esteem is not a result of less confidence in what you do, but some days we are just weighed down by stress. It could be a dull or draining day for you, making you feel less of yourself.

Some Women deal with low self-esteem, especially when they are unable to achieve something after trying severally. It takes some boldness and independence to build good self-esteem.

At times women feel they have full self-esteem, while in reality they still struggle to keep up their confidence. It’s necessary you observe the changes so you won’t lose your self worth. In this article, we’ll be looking at what causes low self-esteem in a woman, the signs of low self-esteem in a woman, and the effect.

Low Self-esteem in a Woman

Low self-esteem is a lack of confidence, you do not trust your judgment. It could be in a particular area of your life or virtually in all aspects. You might be confident in your career but in your personal life, you might not. Someone may be full of confidence at work, but not in their personal life regarding relationships or vice versa.

At a point in our life, we must have experienced low self-esteem. If you reflect on your teenage days, you will see times when you dealt with low self-esteem. Perhaps you had no fashion sense, you couldn’t speak fluently or you were the dullest in class. It was easier than seeing low self-esteem starring on your face. But growing older it because less noticeable.

As we grow older we tend to develop self-confidence in our daily affairs, believing we will succeed. Although there might be some hiccups; but we still try to put up the perfect look just to move on and keep pushing.

That’s why it’s difficult to really spot your low self-esteem because we ignore the red flags. So building that confidence shows you know who you are.

What Causes Low Self-Esteem In A Woman?

Generally, women develop low self-esteem from internal and external factors. Family crisis, domestic violence, bullying, peer groups, competition, anxiety, and also mental disorder such as depression, bipolar syndrome, etc. could cause low self-esteem.

Also, low self-esteem could be a result of bad relationships from the past, either with your parents or spouse. If you were bullied in your childhood days, it could lead to low self-esteem no matter how independent you are as a lady.

The world is complicated for everyone. People judge things differently which results in poor judgment and confidence. As a result of this, some do not trust their decision anymore. They feel what they would say might not make sense.

Some people have low self-esteem in a particular aspect, while others virtually have to deal with low self-esteem in everything they encounter.

Being single could make you unable to spot your low self-esteem. When you eventually go into a relationship your insecurities become surged.

Your partner can help you get through insecurities issues and help you build self-confidence. If your low self-esteem is noticed earlier you can deal with it. But if you can’t spot the signs of low self-esteem it can jeopardize your relationship.

10 Clear Signs of Low Self-Esteem in a Woman

1. A lack of drive

A woman with full confidence will always have the drive to keep pushing. She is always optimistic about her goals because she trusts what she does. She doesn’t need anyone to give her the push she needs. She can build a good life within a short while.

A person with low self-esteem will remain in one spot even if it’s below their personality, simply because they doubt their ability to land on something more befitting.

2. A follower’s Attitude

Women with low self-esteem do not have a mind of their own. They practically make decisions based on others’ judgment. They struggle when it comes to decision-making, they can’t just do something on their own and achieve it without involving someone.

She will often follow and obey what others say or do. She fancies and mimics what others do. In fact, she makes them her idol.

3. Self-sabotage

Low self esteem results in a lot of unplanned events. It’s quite frustrating to have low self-esteem. It is easier to follow your own decisions and work out things on your own. You are genuinely happy when you achieve something on your own. But one with low self-esteem will ruin their selves without knowing it.

4. Blame

People with low self-esteem never admit or realize they are struggling with it. Rather they blame others for every misfortune or mistake they make.

They just push the blame on everyone around them, ignoring the fact that what they experience is a result of low self-esteem.

5. Low standards

This happens to a lot of ladies, they reduce their standards just to get a man even if they land with the devil itself they don’t care. They don’t believe they could attract a good man, their low self-esteem makes them reduce their standard and go contrary to their beliefs.

6. Laziness

A lazy attitude is a clear sign of low self-esteem. A person who has low self-esteem doesn’t exhibit a lazy attitude. They try to work themselves out just to prove they are worth something.

7. Taking Constructive Criticism Too Personally

Taking things too seriously especially when it comes to constructive criticism is a very big sign of low self-esteem. A woman who has self-confidence wouldn’t pick offense when she is corrected. She will rather accept it with love, knowing it will help them improve and become better. But for someone with low self-esteem, she will yell and get mad at any little corrections.

8. Slouching

slouching from low self esteem

If you have low self-esteem you can never be proud of yourself. You can’t stand tall in public but rather you slouch while standing.

9. Backing Down During a Disagreement to Appease Another Person

In this situation, you back down or agree with whatever they say. You are willing to give up your views or choices because you want to please others. You are ready to face the hit than express yourself.

10. Being Hard on Yourself

Someone with low self-esteem normally is hard on themselves but lenient with others. They would want others to approve of everything they do. They just want to be perfect by appeasing people.

11. Unable to Leave the House Without Make-up

It is one of the signs of a woman with low self-esteem. She can’t possibly go out without makeup. Wearing makeup gives them a good feeling about themselves. So she won’t leave her house without wearing one, since she believes it’s the way to get attention and people’s approval.


Low self esteem is tricky. You can lose alot and feel out of place. The more you ignore these signs the deeper it consumes your sense of reasoning. In all everyone deals with low self-esteem at a different stages in life, the only difference is some experience this in some aspects of their life while others struggle in all areas.

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