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Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally

Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally

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Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally

Pain is an inevitable experience that occurs in life. In one way or another other at some point in life, we have been hurt. People express their feelings and pains differently. Most men tend to bottle up their pain, they prefer to deal with it within hoping it will fade on its own.

Unlike women who easily express their bitterness. Men on the other hand would act weirdly, become angry, and speak harshly. They frustrate you with their attitude.

This minute you guys are laughing and talking you feel so happy, the vibe is high, and out of the blues, he changes his mood. You are surprised because sincerely you can’t figure out what you have done or said that would warrant such.

Identifying the telltale signs of a man who is emotionally hurt is necessary. This will give you clue on what to do and how to relate to him. Let’s look at the obvious signs.

Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally

1. He Speaks Minimally

If a man is emotionally hurt one of the things he does is to speak minimally. He reserves his words since there is still a pain in his heart. He doesn’t want to reveal or express his troubles so he becomes a man of few words. You might notice this in his chat, he would reply with a word, and wouldn’t want to have an in-depth or lengthy conversation. If you press further he might ignore you.

2. He Completely Ignores You

Ignoring someone is a sign of a man who is hurt probably because of what you have done, it could also be something else. He might ignore you hoping you would realize his silence is a result of what you did and then apologize. Most men do this a lot, they won’t say you offended them, and ignoring you is a sign to tell you he’s hurt.

3. He Changed His Texting Habits

Another clear sign he is hurting is his texting habits. He would delay sending you messages and takes time to reply to yours.

Sometimes he might be busy and with time, the thing will go back to normal. But if this continues for a long then he is hurting.

4. He Acts Inauthentic Around You

False happiness, smile, or kindness are also signs he is hurt. He doesn’t really act genuine around you, he isn’t genuine in his gestures. A man who’s hurt can pretend to be cool, but deep down he is sad.

Naturally, he would be uncomfortable whenever he’s around you. This physical sign indicates he is hurting he just gives the signal for you to understand.

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5. His Family Members Tell You He’s Hurting

It’s easier to tell a guy is hurting from his family members. They can easily predict any form of change in him. If he is angry he would display it in front of his family, they might even know the reason for his emotional imbalance.

6. He Isn’t Interested in Self-Improvement

A major sign he is emotionally hurt is in the way he carries himself. If he doesn’t care about his personality, no interest in becoming a better person then he is hurt instead of trying to get over it, he gets involved in silly habits, like drinking, smoking, and looking tattered. Self-improvement is not what he is after.

7. He Picks Up Former Bad Habit

Some guys express their anger by going back to the previous lifestyle they once abandoned. This is something they use to do when they get hurt, they vent their anger and frustration on this silly habit.

8. He Completely Stopped Dating

If a man is still hurting he would stop dating. Having a relationship is one thing he doesn’t want to engage in. He is being hurt and he’s trying to get through the process, so it will take a long time to recover. It happens often especially if he loved too much in his past relationship.

9. He Frequently Complains About His Love Life

Complaining about one’s past love life is a clear sign of regret or pain from a hurting guy. Does he compare his relationship with someone else’s and Complain about his past relationship? This Complain is due to the pain he feels inside.

10. He’s Become Passively W Aggressive

Does he act aggressively and even act like everything is normal? He is sometimes cool but also aggressive in his speech.

A passive-aggressive conversation is a major feature of someone hurting. He feels putting up this attitude will make you sense his anger and feel guilty.

11. He Will Not Talk to You.

When he is hurt he would find ways to ignore you or beef with you. You can try all you can to initiate a conversation but he won’t respond. He won’t talk until he is ready, so it’s better not to talk to him and just let him be.

12. He Does Not Seem to See You.

Sure, this is one thing to expect if he is hurt he could treat you like no one. Don’t be surprised he would pass you on the road when he sees you.  Even if you are in front of him, he would ignore you as if he didn’t notice you. When this happens don’t create a scene, just forget him else you end up embarrassing yourself and he will still ignore you.

13. He takes too Much Alcohol

Some guys, go into taking alcohol as a way to ease their pain. Alcohol helps them feel relaxed and free when in pain. They tend to forget their emotional stress and pain while drinking.

14. He gets uncomfortable about opening up

A very top sign a man is emotionally hurt is the way he acts towards opening up or revealing things about himself. He is never comfortable discussing some personal stuff, he prefers to keep them to himself.

15. He doesn’t seem to appreciate you but he’s terrified of you leaving

A broken man also has a calm look. If he doesn’t tell you he loves you or appreciates you, but deep down he is scared of losing you if things don’t turn out well.

16. He’s a relationship arsonist

Emotionally broken men usually turn down relationships, and even if they don’t they tend to sabotage them They do have their reason based on past awful experiences.

Number one reason is he thinks he isn’t good enough for a committed relationship and if things are going well he feels it’s fake. What he does is pick a fight with you just to ruin the relationship and when things go bad he would affirm that his instincts were right after all.

Another core reason is that he is scared of getting hurt. When he discovers you are in love with him he thinks he is about to be hooked. He gets scared of falling so deeply in love with you and ends up being heartbroken. These beliefs are just in his head not deep down but they will make him act weird.


When you are dating a man who has been hurt it’s quite difficult. It’s draining and a challenge understanding them. You get hurt in the process too because you won’t be given the full attention and love you desire. An emotionally broken man never makes his relationship work. He always has mood swings and this continues until he ruins the relationship.

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