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Signs He Thinks You are Out of His League

Signs He Thinks You are Out of His League

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Signs He Thinks You are Out of His League

If you are with a guy who is showing interest in you but hasn’t formally asked you out, certainly he has a reason. When it comes to the opposite sex there are lots of reasons you think you aren’t good enough for them. If you are attracted to a guy and you think he feels you are out of his league, in this article I will tell you the signs that confirm your claims. Then you can decide what to do with him.

12 Obvious Signs He Thinks you Are out of His league

1. Too Many guys Chasing

When a guy notices guys are always around you, it will push him away. Perhaps you are always on call with guys, or in a bar amid guys. They might be your friends but he could be convinced they also want you. He sees them as his competitors, this will make him think he can’t win you over.

2. He seems shy

Guys find it difficult to woo girls they like. They lack the self-confidence to do so. If he is the shy or calm type he might think you are out of his league.

3. You’re too independent

If you are an independent lady who has a life of her own it’s also a reason. He would think he is not your type and he can’t fit into your life. Your independence makes him feel you don’t need him and men love to be needed. Being a complete independent woman makes him think you are out of his league.

4. Your looks

Another sign he thinks you are out of his league is in your looks. If you look far better than he does he would feel inferior. His confidence will be lost because of your physical appearance which looks intimidating.

Most ladies think guys usually go after hot girls but most times it doesn’t work out that way. So they just prefer not to try than to be rejected.

5. You are younger than him

On the other hand, if you see him as the right one and you are way younger than him, he would feel like an old man wooing a young girl. Internally he thinks he can’t get a hot and sexy lady like you. Irrespective of your thoughts, he would think your youthfulness is better than his matured stage.

6. You have a better car or house

If you have a better House than him it will embarrass him. Maybe both of you have visited each other’s house and it happens your cars and house are better of than his. He would feel out of place.

Your possessions become a problem here. There will be a personality clash. So instead of feeling less of himself, he would back out.

7. You make more money than he does

A perfect reason for him to be discouraged is if you are making more money than he does. Perhaps what he is into is nothing compared to the category of work you do and the people you deal with.

He would think you want a guy that is as successful as you are in your career and a financially stable man.

8. Doubts his love

He might be doubtful of what he feels for you. Maybe he isn’t sure yet about his love. He might be scared to invest so much and get rejected in the long run.

9. Maybe, she is not the one

Some men practically deny their feelings. They just believe she is not the type of woman they want, so they place her out of their league. He claims she’s not the one for him.

10. You’re More Successful Than Him Professionally

This comes as a challenge for him thinking he can’t provide for you. You are more successful in your business or career while he’s still struggling. It will make him feel inferior and intimidated.

Your guy will think you are in a separate league compared to where he’s because you have everything he can’t boast of.

11. You’re Ambitious and He Isn’t

Being an ambitious woman isn’t a problem but this affects a man who is not ambitious. You guys are not operating at the same level. He is likely to feel backward or lost while in the relationship. Honestly, no man wants to be dominated by his woman.

12. Low Self-Esteem

The root cause for most guys thinking you’re out of their league is a lack of self-esteem. If he doesn’t think he’s good enough, attractive enough, or interesting enough, then he would think you wouldn’t want to be with him. This is a real problem and it needs to be addressed.

13. He Doesn’t Have Anything In Common With Your Friends

Having things in common with your friends is important for your relationship too. If he doesn’t have any common characteristics with them, it will make it difficult for him to associate with social functions. So if he has nothing in common with your friends he would feel out of place.

14. You Don’t Have Anything In Common With His Friends

This is also similar to the previous point, if you don’t relate well with his friends it’s going to affect the progress of the relationship. Although it’s difficult to find people with exact similar relating compatibility. So this might just be the way they think about you.

15. People Have Asked What You See in Him

Love can make us get carried away, most times we tend not to see what others are seeing. When they start to ask a such question our eyebrows are raised.

Once people begin to say you are out of his league he might think about it. But listening to what people say about our relationship shouldn’t count always.

16. Your Parents Don’t Approve Of Him

Naturally, our parents interfere in our relationship, and at some point it’s inevitable. If your parents refuse to accept him or they don’t give their approval, he would feel he shouldn’t be around you.

17. Expensive Lifestyle

Men are usually scared of women who spend without caution. If he notices each time you go shopping you buy expensive things and he is not financially loaded it will scare him off. He will think he doesn’t fall into your level of lifestyle.


It’s necessary to note that little things scare guys away. If you are interested in this guy, you should try to work on these attitudes and make some adjustments.

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