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Reasons Guys Don’t Approach You

Reasons Guys Don't Approach You

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Reasons Guys Don’t Approach You

 If you want to get into a real relationship, you must know why guys don’t chase you so you can work on it.

This is important for you so you begin to make amends, the sooner the better for you to meet the guy you like. Because honestly if guys don’t approach you, then you might find it difficult to get a man.

If this has been bothering you, worry less because I will provide a better solution for your problem. Just roll with me while I give you details.

Reasons Guys Don’t Approach You

1. You’re always with other guys

Being with other guys would give the wrong impression. Seeing you hanging around different guys could make him believe you are dating them.

He might feel inferior and believe you are dating one of the guys. Am not saying you shouldn’t go out with your male friends but try to limit the time you spend with them

2. You don’t socialize with others

Men love women that are sociable, you can meet people when you go out for public functions. Try to miss up with people, and stop hiding in the crowd. Guys are attracted to ladies who can come out in the open and relate with others. It makes it easier for them to approach you.

If you keep isolating yourself it will make them think you don’t want to mingle with them, you indirectly scare men away. It’s assumed you already have someone and so you don’t need a man.

3. You look busy

For the career ladies, this is for you, a lot of ladies out there are so preoccupied with their careers or business. They are always busy with work and forget about socializing. You can’t possibly get a man to approach you like this being so cautious of your work. Your life shouldn’t revolve around your work alone. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t bad to take your career seriously, but also have time to hang out if you really want a man soon

4. Your behavior suggests you want to leave

Suppose you went out at night and you seem to be in a hurry to leave it would make guys not approach you, because even if they do you won’t have time for them.

Taking a close look at you, he would think you might not give him an audience and he won’t have the opportunity to have a conversation with you.

5 . They’re Intimidated by your looks

Sometimes the reason guys don’t approach you is because of the way you look. You might be so beautiful and classy, but this can make guys feel intimidated when they see you. Your site is attractive but at the same time, it scares them away. They might not be able to stand your personality and so they lose the confidence to approach you. Even if they try to approach you they might find it difficult to have a conversation with you.

Your looks might be intimidating, this can scare men away too. They won’t approach you because they feel intimidated by your looks.

He will think you won’t accept him or they can’t meet up to your standards. When your looks make them feel less of a man it will knock them off.

6. Your eye contact is weak

Your eye contact can relate a message to someone which is part of body language. If you are having a conversation with a guy and he notices your eye contact isn’t fixed on him is going to think you don’t have interest in him.

There is power in eye contact because it sends a message across. One can read your mind or spot your intentions through eye contact.

7. Having sex too soon

A lot of ladies make the mistake of giving sex too soon in a relationship. I always tell my clients this, sex will never keep a man or make him commit to you. If you give him sex too soon there will be nothing to crave for.

Once you let a man in on your first date you have lost the chase. You have given him access so he won’t have a reason to chase you.

Truth is most women believe sex initiates the connection and it will make them fall for you. So even if the guy says he doesn’t want sex yet, some ladies will voluntarily give him sex just to draw him closer and get his attention.

If you want the chase to continue keep your life a mystery, let there be something new to discover about you.

8. Being too nice

Being nice isn’t a problem but when it comes to a guy you want or guys to approach you, you shouldn’t be too nice to get them attracted to you. Being hard at times it’s what creates the fun and vibe about you. You mustn’t agree with everything he says because you want him to think you are a very nice person.

To you it’s cool and you portray the good girl quality but this is far from what he wants. Every man needs a woman who can be independent at times. He wants to see you stand and defend what you believe. This doesn’t mean you can’t compromise at times but it has to be worth it.

In getting to know each other you shouldn’t wrap yourself around him, by trying to soothe him and fit completely into his life-giving up everything for him. He is never going to take you seriously.

9. Trying too hard

This can bore a guy so much. When you are trying too hard to impress him, that means you’re doing the chase, so there isn’t any need to keep chasing you. Let him do his work, don’t be too desperate to get a guy’s attention.


Make yourself the type of woman every man dreams to have and be approachable and accessible. If you really want a guy to ask you out you need to place yourself in a way that will make it easier for him. Don’t live a sophisticated lifestyle that drives guys away. Be cautious of what you do because you really can’t predict where you will meet “Mr right”.

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