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Signs She Wants You Even If She Has a Boyfriend

Signs she wants you even if she has a boyfriend

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Signs She Wants You Even If She Has a Boyfriend

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a girl shows signs she likes or wants you but she has a boyfriend? This is called a love triangle where three people are involved in a love story She, yourself, and her boyfriend. You may be wondering why she wants you despite being in a relationship. The question now is what do you do? Should you go ahead to chase her or back out? But before you decide on what to do next, you need to look out for the signs to be sure she wants you.

You might have different thoughts running through your mind. When a girl is in a relationship it’s expected she will remain committed to that relationship, but her actions her stating otherwise. Perhaps she is leading you on or you are just the one insinuating she is attracted to you.

Sometimes one can mistake a girl’s kindness for love or affection. However, despite these assumptions, it doesn’t clearly state she wants you until you are completely sure she does. You can only clarify this by the signs you observe from her and then proceed to ask her in person.

Signs She Wants You Even If She Has a Boyfriend

1. She flirts with you

Does she often flirt with you whenever you are alone or in public? Some ladies do this a lot when they like a guy, they would hug, touch you and sometimes give you a peck. She might even offer to help you fix your tie, she could go as far as wanting to kiss you. If this is the case she is into you.

2. You catch her staring at you

There might be times you are doing something and you catch her staring at you with a smile and her teeth widely opened. It’s not abnormal for someone to smile at you but when you notice such admiration as she smiles, then it’s beyond an ordinary smile.

3. She’s got a split personality

If she flirts and touches you in a romantic way when you guys are alone but becomes calm when her boyfriend is around. That clearly shows she wants you. A girl doesn’t just flirt with any man she would only do that with someone she likes.

4. She’s excited to see you

Does she always smile at you with all enthusiasm even if you are not her friend? It’s weird for a lady you aren’t friends with to smile at you each time she sees you. It can only mean one thing she likes you and that’s the charming signal she sends you.

5. Late-night chatter

Another sign she likes you is the duration of her calls and chats. If she likes you she would call you and chat with you for a long time even at night. She will only do this because she wants to spend more time with you. That’s a clear sign for you.

6. Her body language

Body language gives a direct message of how someone feels about you. Her body language can give you a heads-up if she wants you despite her being in a relationship. If she touches you, put her arms around you, and rests her head on your shoulder it’s a good sign she wants you.

7. She sends you a sweet text

People send text messages to those they have at heart. So if she sends you messages most importantly sweet messages, she likes you and she wants your attention.

You know the first thing you do when you just get to know a girl, one of which is sending her messages applies to her too. You do this when you want the conversation to keep going.

8. She keeps the communication

It’s okay to have a conversation with someone, but when you keep a regular conversation with someone there’s more to it than just communicating. You can only do this if you like the person and want to be close to them. For women, communication means a lot more to them. They relate their emotions better and it’s a way they know how to build a bond with that special someone.

9. She Giggles uncontrollably when talking about something funny

This is another big sign for you. If a lady doesn’t like you no matter how funny what you say is she would keep a straight face. However, if she wants you she will find anything you say funny and laugh out loudly. She just loves your sense of humor.

10. She never denies your invitations

It doesn’t take anything for a girl to refuse your invitation, but if she accepts your invitation each time you call her then you can count yourself lucky. You are definitely in her good book, she will only accept someone’s invitation she wants to hang out with and it simply means she likes you.

Despite having a boyfriend she prefers to hang out with you then go out with her friends or boyfriend. She prioritizes you above every other person.

11. She is nice to you

She will be nice to you in different ways. If you happen to know her boyfriend, you will observe she treats you better than she does her boyfriend.

It could be in cash, her words, actions, etc. She might go out of her way to do chores for you. Her niceness might even be at the extreme. This implies there’s more to her kindness than friendship.

12. She is curious about your dating life

A woman who wants you even if she has a boyfriend will want to know more about your dating life. She would ask questions like if you are in a relationship or not and if you are, how committed are you in the relationship? She is asking because she wants to know if she has a chance. Humorously she would ask if you are seeing someone else already.

13. She keeps flirting with you

Her flirting acts with you will continue to a point where it becomes loudly obvious. She will always laugh, touch, or peck you. These are romantic signs for you to know her intentions or interest in you.

14. She’s always complimenting you

We compliment those we admire. If she always compliments your looks, work, the way you carry yourself, your speech, dress sense, etc. it only means one thing she is attracted to you and she wants you. She can also complement your level of intelligence and Sense of humor.


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you won’t be attracted to someone else or you won’t desire another person. Your level of commitment in that relationship will determine if you will act on that feeling. For a girl who has a boyfriend but still wants you, means she is either no more in her boyfriend or she is not committed to him. So it’s left for you to go on with the chase if you like her or you let her know her place. But don’t lead her on or play along if you have no genuine interest in her.

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