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How to Make a Narcissist Want You

How to Make a Narcissist Want You

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How to Make a Narcissist Want You

Based on Psychology a narcissist is someone with a hyper sense of self-importance, a need for self-admiration, no empathy, and a craving to be loved and given preferential treatment.

Narcissists are usually domineering they would always want to feel more important making you believe you are worthless. They make you think they are doing you a favor by dating you. They are very egoistic, without pity or concern for the other.

They are abusive, this is something they do just to make themselves feel good about themselves. A narcissist renders you handicapped, they abandon you making you miss them and feel the need to be with them.

It is not healthy or advisable to try to make a narcissist love you. Narcissistic individuals are focused on themselves and their own needs, and they do not have the capacity for genuine love or empathy. In a relationship with a narcissist, you are likely to feel unvalued and unimportant, and the narcissist may use manipulation, coercion, and even abuse to control and exploit you.

It is important to prioritize your well-being and to seek out healthy, respectful relationships. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it may be best to seek support and guidance from a therapist or other mental health professional to help you navigate the situation.

But can the treatment change, can it be reversed of course yes. You can make them desire you and crave you. It could be very difficult to deal with a narcissist, but you can turn the table against them. Narcissist Love Not Healthy

In this article, you will get to know how you can make a narcissist want you and miss you as well. Below are the details for you to work with.

How to Make a Narcissist Want You

1. Do not contact them

Do not contact them if you want this to work. This is a missing skill, if you avoid reaching out to them they would miss you and want to get you back.

Block every means of communication, block them on social media platforms, your phone, etc. Do not text them. Avoid communicating with your mutual friends, and change your habits and the activities you engage in so you won’t run into them. Don’t worry, this no-contact phase won’t last forever because they will reach out to you soon

2. Learn about their vulnerabilities

Despite their toxic nature, they’re still human beings. They still have some similar traits to human beings, they also have traces of weaknesses like every other human. The only difference is that a narcissist usually hides their weakness. The last thing they will do is give people access to ruin them.

3. Reward Good Behavior

Learn to compliment them when they are cool, do this for their calmness, not their achievement or progress.

When they behave nice and act kindly compliment and appreciate them. If they relate maturely, show the capacity for cooperation, have an interest in doing things right, show concern for others, and make people happy, applaud them.

4. Contrast Good and Bad Behavior

Once you notice a remarkable change as you compliment them then you have to make it unique. Carefully contrast good and bad behavior to identify the changes. If the good sides are more it will compliment the bad character.

5.Be a good listener

There’s more to listening because in doing this you understand them better. Research shows that a good listener is better of to share your problems with. They are more interactive, cooperative, supportive, and encouraging. They usually listen with care and offer useful ideas to the person involved.

This is where you use this to your advantage. Through listening you can discover more things about someone in depth.

6.Look your best

Do you want to attract a narcissist? Then look your best as often as possible. Go for a body massage and look very sexy. Change your wardrobe, make your hair, do your pedicure and manicure. Get those outfits that brings out your figure. Go for a total charge over, wear a good perfume and nice make up.

7.Be independent

Be an independent woman, go on with your activities, show that you don’t need them. A times when you give them space it makes them desire you. The more you guys are away from each other, the more it increases the cravings. Your alone time should be important to you, make them know you can do things perfectly on your own.

8.Show off your intelligence

Most people desire their spouse to be intelligent. Never portray a no smart attitude else you are going to lose your value. Everyone is smart in some way, display what you are good at let them know you can achieve something on your own.

9.Share their interests

As you discover more things about them such as values, hobbies, interest etc. What exactly do you have in common with this person? Is there any of their interest you like and would love to share with them? This will help you get their attention.

10.Play hard to get

Don’t make it easier for them to get you. Focus on your own affairs. Do what you like, going after a man won’t make you any better. Don’t get worked up because you were not noticed.

Playing hard to get will make you see how much he likes and wants you. He won’t give up too soon if he is into you. Most women find this hard to believe but it works if you apply it well.

11.Make him see your worth

Having your partner see your worth influences their attitude towards you. It gives them a better picture of who you are. If you present yourself cheap and worthless it will make them treat you that way. But if they see your self esteem and worth through your speech, actions, what you do and how you carry yourself, you will be valued. This will make them want you, because everyone wants a partner that will be valuable to them.


It isn’t easy dating a narcissist but if you find yourself in love with one already you can make them want you too. You just have to be diplomatic and apply the right approach, if you want things to work out between you too.

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