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The Top 10 Best Places For Honeymoon in Nigeria

The Top 10 Best Places For Honeymoon in Nigeria

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The Top 10 Best Places For Honeymoon in Nigeria

Nigeria is not ranked as a country with the best honeymoon places. There are still nice places for couples who want to go on a honeymoon. Nigeria, which is an African country, has many beautiful destinations and resorts for honeymoon vacations. Some of these resorts are found on the hillsides, lakeside, mountaintop, and beachside, with a breathtaking view of Nigeria’s wonderful landscape and nice bonding and other adventure activities.

If you’re a new couple or about to get married and you are looking for a honeymoon destination to visit with your partner, below are some honeymoon destinations in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best places for honeymoon in Nigeria

1. Obudu Mountain Resort


This is located in Cross River State, Nigeria, popularly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch. It is one of Nigeria’s finest honeymoon holiday and tourist centers, where you can have much fun, and create wonderful memories with amazing activities to get involved in. In Obudu, activities that can help you have fun at the resort are canopy walks, horseback riding, bird watching, swimming, and car rides. Different sports facilities within the resort are a fully-equipped gym, a squash court, a golf course, a game arcade,  2 floodlit lawn tennis courts, a waterpark, etc. Obudu Mountain is a nice place to make a remarkable memory with your partner.

2. Ikogosi Worm Spring Resort

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is a recently opened tourist resort that offers unique facilities and great accommodation services, making it great for honeymooners who are in search of an appropriate place to spend their honeymoon. The resort is located in the neighborhood of the famous Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti State, where a natural warm spring meets and flows side by side with a cold spring, It is encircled by natural beauty like hills and lush grounds.

The resort facilities are erected in uniform with international quality, and they render first-class customer satisfaction with an exotic restaurant serving intercontinental meals, including local meals. Ikogosi is one of Nigeria’s most notable wonders of nature. This well-landscaped 116-hectare Ikogosi Warm Spring and Resort is a first-class destination for couples going on a honeymoon in the country.

3. Yankari Game Resort


The Yankari Game Reserve and Resort is situated at the Wikki Camp, Yankari Reserve, Bauchi. The Yankari Games Reserve and Resort proudly have facilities such as a bar/lounge, an outdoor pool, a restaurant with a menu of local and international cuisines, a bush bar, reliable security supported by well-trained security officers, a large car parking space, non-stop power supply, etc. This resort is situated in the same place as the Yankari Game Reserve, which is one of Nigeria’s highest-ranked tourist centers. This resort is good for leisure, tourists, honeymoon vacations, and leisure travelers to experience nature at its highest. Yankari is a perfect destination for couples.

4. Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

Located amid rich palm forest vegetation, this magnificent hotel on 174 hectares of land means peace and calmness, complementing its original atmosphere. The lush greens of the world-class 18-hole golf course, create the right atmosphere, for the most difficult and unforgettable golfing, vacation, and honeymoon experiences. Any time you visit this amazing hotel in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, there are many things that you will discover. It is a wonderful area, a nice place for couples and honeymooners, and the pride of Uyo. It always gives you a warm welcome.

5. Green Legacy Resort

This is situated in the serene Presidential Hilltop Estate, Abeokuta. Enclosed by lush gardens, a peaceful atmosphere and astonishing view of Abeokuta City make Green Legacy Hilltop the right place for families on vacation, romantics, honeymooners, retreats, business travelers, etc. Green Legacy Hilltop has tour packages that allow guests to visit the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Olumo Rock, Itoku Marke, the OOPL Wildlife Park, the first church in West Africa, and the Ogun State Prison Gallows.

6. Nike Lake Resort

At this resort, you can have a great honeymoon with amazing views in a very safe and peaceful environment. Nike Lake Resort is located on the banks of Nike Lake in Enugu, Nigeria. The resort is just a short drive from the airport and just ten minutes from the city center. At Nike Lake, you discover a serene resort with everything you need to make a memorable one. The resort has 210 well-appointed rooms and suites, perfect for all tastes and budgets. All rooms go beyond the well-manicured gardens or the lake, and each room provides luxury and comfort.

7. Jubilee Resort Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria

The Jubilee Resort is situated close to the well-known Epe Fish Market, beyond the lagoon. It has the quiet little town of Epe in Lagos State. The resort is about an hour and 30 minutes drive from Lagos Island, 2 hours from Ibadan, and 1 hour from Ijebu-Ode. It is from the hustle and bustle of the city, with a peaceful environment and arena, making it a comfortable zone for honeymoons, resting, relaxing, meetings, and celebrations. If you want a serene place for your honeymoon, the Jubilee Resort is a perfect place to visit.

8. Inagbe Resort

Inagbe Resort is a good place for guests of any age range and is good for honeymoons. Situated in Lagos State, Nigeria, Inagbo Resort is an island resort that offers more than just sun, sand, and sea! A resort with amazing things for fun activities, exciting entertainment, and other great things to give your holiday and honeymoon a perfect ending. There are different types of entertainment, facilities, activities, and social events. The resorts are willing to serve couples, families, friends, and small groups with a smile and a touch of Inagbe charisma.

9. Almat Farms

Almat Farms Located in Kuje, Abuja. Almat Farms, is a special destination with a unique combination of satisfaction and flamboyance, rendering a long-term opportunity to bond with nature and earn a good idea of life. Almat gives very good accommodation offers to relieve your stay on the farm as you continue your journey to connect with nature. Almat Huts are uniquely designed with their visitors at heart. The farm has well-made huts, studio huts, and double huts.

Although they differ in price and size, you will still receive comfort within the range. The farm also offers very tasteful continental dishes such as buffets or well-prepared À la carte. You will see a lot of imported and local drinks in their bar, as well as the best grills and barbecues to blend with. This will make your visit enjoyable, Activities like volleyball, picnics, snooker, football, polo, tennis, hiking, camping, horseback riding, and board games. Bike riding is one of the numerous activities you can engage in and be refreshed while on the farm. At Almat Farms, you will find a petting zoo showing a mixture of domestic animals and some wild species that are calm enough to touch and play with. Antelopes, tortoises, ostriches, rabbits, peacocks, geese, monkeys, and ponies are some of the animals you get to see in the Almat petting zoo. Almat is a unique place to create good memories with your partner.

10. Whispering Palm Badagry

Whispering Palm Badagry

This is situated in Badagry, Lagos State, Whispering Palm is a serene and lovely beach resort in Lagos State, a wonderful destination for honeymooners. At Whispering Palm Resort, there are many Indoor Games and outdoor connecting activities to get couples involved with, such as the heritage museum, boat ride, Fun Rides, a visit to the zoo, etc.

Wrapping up

These honeymoon destinations are unique for vacations, especially for newlyweds. If you want a place to bond with your partner, you can check out one of these destinations where you can spend alone time with your partner.

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