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Signs Your Husband is Deeply in Love With You

Signs Your Husband is Deeply in Love With You

Marriage & Divorce

Signs Your Husband is Deeply in Love With You

Does my husband still love me? This is a question most married women find themselves asking at some point in their marriages, and you might be wondering why it’s so. Although men aren’t very emotional beings who openly express their affections, there is also stress attached to catering to the needs of their families, especially on this side of the world where some women are mere housewives.  Another reason might be because there was a previously unresolved issue between the two of you.

However, whenever this question pops up due to your husband’s inability to openly show his affection for you, here are some signs your husband is deeply in love with you that you should watch out for.

1. He brags to his friends about you.

One major sign that your husband is deeply in love with you is that he brags about you to his friends. Whenever he hangs out with his friends, he always sees it as an opportunity to tell his friends how much of a good wife and mother you are, how much he loves and adores your sacrifices for the family, and how much he loves you and would be lost without you. That’s a sure sign that he is still deeply in love with you. Just talking a little with his best friend or friends will give you some hints on how much your man adores you.

2. He acknowledges his wrongs

Another very important sign that shows your husband is deeply in love with you is that he easily apologizes to you whenever he is wrong. No one really loves to admit when they are wrong about something. Both genders are guilty of this act.  But the man who admits he is wrong and apologizes (even when he is not) is really, deeply in love with you, and he would do anything to keep the relationship. Not just any man will do this, so if this describes your husband, you married yourself a winner.

3. He is protective of you

Your husband is still deeply in love with you if he is protective of you. If he always wants to make sure you are safe and comfortable, then he is definitely into you, as a man who still adores his wife will never stop protecting her. He is not jealous of you

4. He doesn’t hesitate to compliment you

If your husband always compliments you at every turn, then it’s a clear sign that he’s still in love with you and understands how lucky he is to have you as his wife. Especially if he does this when you are dressed up and set to go out, or whenever you do something nice for the family, or even for just being yourself.

5. He treats you as his equal

If your husband is still deeply in love with you, he will always treat you with respect and value your thoughts and opinions. When your husband still constantly asks to hear what is going on inside your mind, it’s because he sees you as an equal partner in your marriage; he doesn’t neglect the power of your mind and trusts your sense of judgment. If he always wants to hear your opinion about his financial decisions before he implements them, his plans for the future, and so on, it’s because he knows you too have an equal say in your marriage just like he does, and he loves you enough not to belittle your opinions.

6. He is patient and listens to you

This is something every dedicated husband does. He is always patient and listens to whatever you have to say, regardless if you are talking about random things or something very important. If your husband is such a type, then you need not worry, as this is a sign he is putting you first, and only men who are in love do that.

 7. He sacrifices for you

The greatest display of love is sacrifice. No matter how much a man claims to love you, if he isn’t willing to sacrifice for you, then it’s all talk. If you have a husband who is still sacrificing for you, then there’s no reason to wonder if he is still in love with you. For example, imagine your husband hates going shopping, but he accompanies you to the mall because you asked, which is an indication he loves you. No one ever discomforts themselves for another if it’s not live.

8. He Respects you

Respect is very important in any marriage, and typically it’s expected for a woman to respect her husband, regardless of the circumstances. However, it only takes a man who loves his wife to reciprocate this respect. This respect could take different forms, including keeping to his words, being honest with you, listening to you, etc. If your husband respects you, then it’s a clear sign he is still in love with you.

9. He is not Selfish

If your husband is still in love with you, he isn’t selfish with you. A man who’s in love with his wife doesn’t personify properties and talks of the future. Instead of using “I or My” in conversations with you, he uses “We, Us,” especially when talking about your future together.

10. He Holds you in Public

Remember how it was at the start of your marriage when it was all roses and sunshine and you both couldn’t get your hands off each other? But as time goes by, this public display might begin to decrease. However, if your husband still holds your hands in public and makes sure to touch you at every turn, even after years of marriage, that is another sign he’s still in love with you.


Finally, it’s very important to note that if your husband doesn’t display any of the signs listed above, that doesn’t mean he is not in love with you. There are still other signs, apart from the ones listed here, that show he is still in love with you, but it still won’t hurt if you talk to him or try to rekindle the spark in your marriage.

On the other hand, if your husband shows any of the signs we talked about, then your marriage is still very much intact, but you should learn to reciprocate his efforts and energy to keep the romance in your marriage.

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