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Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

Marriage & Divorce

Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

Infidelity in a relationship accounts for betrayal and distrust in marriage. When you discover your wife was intimate with someone else, it’s devastating and disheartening. Poor communication can ruin a lot of things in marriage because you can’t tell when something is wrong.

It’s quite painful and unfortunate to know the wife you married is cheating on you. But before you draw your conclusion on this, reflect on the events playing out and take cognizance of the signs. This way, you can have an open conversation with her and draw your conclusion. To clear up this doubt, I have a list of signs you should look out for to be sure your wife has slept with someone else.

Surefire signs your wife has slept with someone else

1. She fidgets or averts her gaze.

Have you noticed a change in her body language? Such as no eye contact, shaking hands, trembling, fidgeting, constant body movement, etc. This is usually a big sign she is lying about something. Observe her when you ask a question; she might be able to tell a good lie but her body language will say otherwise. To make it easier for you, below is some body language to help you spot the truth.

i.She does have romantic memories.

ii. She is distracted.

iii. She makes hand gestures after she speaks.

iv. rocking back and forth.

v.Shuffling feet.

vi. She plays with her hair.

vii. She looks at everything, excluding you.

viii. She Rubs her lips together.

ix. Your presence irritates her.

2. She suddenly becomes busy

If you notice she is always busy with something, she works late at night and returns at an ungodly hour, she doesn’t spend time with you, or she has one event or official work to attend, then there’s a possibility she is seeing someone else. She might just be using this as an excuse to avoid you and have her way.

3. She’s protective of her phone.

A red flag your wife is cheating is if she is constantly with her phone. In this case, she marries her phone, not you. Does she always step out to pick up calls when you are around her? Does she sneak out to make calls, does she restrict you from using her phone, or has she stopped showing you things on her phone? Sure, this is a clear sign your wife is already in the act of infidelity.

4. She’s less attentive.

A cheating wife becomes less attentive because she is probably thinking about someone else and ignoring you without knowing she is. Perhaps she stops listening to your conversation; she doesn’t care about you the way she used to, and she is always absent-minded. These are possible signs she is with someone else.

5. She acts differently around you.

An immediate sign of a cheating wife is displayed in her attitude towards you. If she acts differently towards you, awkwardly and suspiciously, it indicates there is something wrong. Does she frown at you or make jest of what you are wearing or what you do? Or perhaps she jilts you; it’s a foolproof sign for you.

6. Her phone is never picked up and is always on silent

A telltale sign she is cheating is that she never picks up her call whenever you call her; her phone is either on silent or she hangs up the call. This shows that she doesn’t want to speak with you; she is either tired of the marriage or taking a walk gradually.

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7. She gives up on your marriage

This is the pick of it. When a woman begins to get attention from another man, once there is an issue, she yells and says she is tired of the marriage. It doesn’t take long for her to manifest her mischievous acts.

You can’t even hug or kiss your wife anymore. Intimacy is far from it because she doesn’t find you attractive like before.

There might be traces of sweat and marks from the sex she had with another man. It’s quite painful, but it’s a sign she is done with you.

8. She keeps on comparing you to that other guy

When she finds a potential partner, she suddenly begins to compare you with this guy, whom she thinks is a better option for her. At this point, what you do doesn’t count anymore; she would compare you with him, something she never did.

9. She treats you like a roommate, not a husband

One surefire sign she has slept with someone else is if she treats you like a roommate instead of a husband. You are in the same house but you both act like strangers—no communication, no chip chatting, no intimacy, etc. Everything you once did and the memories you both shared have gone down the drain. She doesn’t value them anymore.

10. She tells you that it’s your fault she’s cheating

The most painful part of being cheated on is when you are gaslighted for it. Rather than taking the blame, she puts it on you.

She would blame you for pushing her into cheating. She might even accuse you of not giving her the attention she needs and not providing for her needs. So cheating became the only option to meet her emotional and financial needs.

11. She yells out another guy’s name in bed

Another obvious sign your wife is cheating on you is if she yells out another man’s name on the bed. She doesn’t love to have sex with you. This can be very frustrating when your wife doesn’t desire you sexually, and the worst is when she yells out another man’s name while you try to make out with her.

12. She avoids you

She will avoid you in every way she can, including your touch, kisses, hugs, etc. Observe her attitude anytime you want to get close to her.

13. She may even avoid sex

Most frustratingly, she is withholding sex from you because she has found another partner. She expresses her disinterest with statements like, ‘I’m not in the mood.’ This situation will persist as long as she continues to be involved with that other person.”

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When your wife is sleeping with someone else, you will discover it from her actions and body language. These telltale signs spell it all. With these signs manifesting, you can proceed to ask her or confront her about them.

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