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10 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You And Might Want You Back

Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You And Might Want You Back

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10 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You And Might Want You Back

Sincerely, love is never enough. Knowing that someone is in love with you is nice but not enough to keep a relationship going. It is hard enough to deal with a breakup but having to go through the mixed signals from an ex is on a whole new level, especially if he is waiting to come back.

It takes a long time to truly let go and move on after a breakup – things don’t have to end there. You might continue Seeing each other and texting until things slowly end or you both reconcile. These are some signs to help you know if your ex is waiting for you:

Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You And Might Want You Back

1. He Never Stops Calling And Texting You

Your ex is waiting for you and hopes to get back together with you if he regularly texts and phone calls you; or even makes arrangements to go on dates with you.

If your ex continues to reach out this way, then he misses you a lot and there are chances that he is testing you to see if you will make him come back.

2. Your Ex Keeps Talking About Unresolved Matters

If after a breakup and you both forget everything that has happened in your relationship, then you have both moved on.

However, if you both always recount the memories you shared and whatever issues that transpired between you guys, then he/she hasn’t gotten over you. The experiences you both shared are not just part of your past but your lives.

3. Their Things Are Still At Your Place

If your ex still has some of his/her stuff lying around at your place, he is waiting for you and secretly wants you back. It could be important items or less important stuff like clothes, toothbrushes, e. t. c.

Leaving those things at your place gives them a sense of emotional security – to have something that is connecting you two in some way. This shows that they are not over you yet and are waiting to see what you will do.

4. Tries To Make You Feel Jealous

Exes sometimes try to be competitive during breakups just to make you feel a little jealous. They might start posting pictures always of his/her opposite gender friends, showing off their new lifestyle or achievements – all these and more are just to get your attention, because he/she may still love you and want you back.

Trying to act competitively to get back at your ex won’t be a good idea for you. It would only lead to arguments if you get back together because of the negative atmosphere already established.

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5. They Talks About You To Others

Breaking up seems to be the only option when couples get to a stage where they always seem to fight while communicating too. This doesn’t help with resolving anything though, and it makes Partners want to seek solutions – through communicating with friends.

Although this isn’t one of those great ideas, it is still better than doing nothing. Chances are your ex is waiting for you to do something if your mutual friends tell you that your ex has been talking about you. This might be annoying but it could be that he doesn’t know how to confront you directly but hopes on friends relay the messages.

6. Your Ex Visits All Of Your Social Media Pages

Social Media has made it easier for one to get stalked and obsessed over without even knowing. One of the first things your ex would do if he still loves you is to visit all of your pages. Doing this makes it easier for them to know about your recent activities without having to involve family or friends.

Still following you, however, doesn’t necessarily imply that he/she still loves you; it might just be that they still wish to stay on good terms with you. If they never miss any of your updates and always react to them, it is a sign that they still have hope of getting back together with you and are waiting for you to notice.

7. He Wastes No Time In Replying to Your Texts

Look out for the speed at which someone replies to your text. This will help you to know where they currently are and if they have an interest in talking to you.

One way to know that someone is not serious with you is if he/she takes hours to reply – this is a red flag. But if your ex quickly gets back to you when you text, this shows that they have been thinking of you and have been waiting to hear from you.

8. He/She Keeps Updating You About The New Things In Their Lives

Sharing all the important moments in one’s life – victories and defeats, is one of the perks of being together with someone. Most persons do not actually get the effects their breaking up has on their partner and themselves.

Even if your partner was the one that dumped you but still keeps giving you updates about everything in their life – it is a sign that you are still needed and are waiting for you to have him back.

9. New Partner Looks Like You

Everyone has what they look out for in a partner – their specs! For your ex to get into another relationship, while still in love with you means that the new partner has something in common with you.

It means that he is looking for you in every woman he sees; if he gets a new girlfriend that acts and looks like you – and vice-versa. Because they cannot accept the fact that he/she has lost you, they will subconsciously pretend that you are the one and keep waiting to get you back – hopefully.

10. Body Language

Pay close attention to how he/she reacts when you run into each other at some places. Normally, they will try to hide it but eye movements and body Language can never lie.

He/she is probably over you if their eyes avoid yours but if they come over to say hi and are nervous; it is a sign that they are waiting for you and still want you back.


Being in love can be a lovely feeling and going through a breakup really sucks but how you make yourself feel is very important. If these signs are true and your ex is waiting for you to come back, then, there is a very good chance that you can make your relationship work again.

However, have it in mind that you have both tried and failed before – before making any kind of decision again, think critically and know if this is what you really want. Don’t go rushing back to the waiting arms of your ex immediately after you notice those signs.

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