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How To Be Submissive in a Relationship

How To Be Submissive in a Relationship

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How To Be Submissive in a Relationship

The word submissive is defined differently by people. Every individual has their definition based on their understanding. A lot of people react to the word submission. They feel is slavery.

Some women see submission as being committed, while others believe it’s total surrender to their spouse. It’s not that difficult to be a submissive wife, is just that people see it from a negative perspective.

If only we could see the positive aspect of being submissive, we will know it’s as important as love itself.

Before we go into detail to discuss submission, let me clear the air about the mistaken belief about submission. Also note that this article is not just dedicated to women also but also men.

What exactly is submission in a relationship?

Submission according to the dictionary definition is yielding. In the context of a relationship; submission is to surrender or give in to your partner’s request even if it’s contrary to yours.

From the word surrender, people usually assume it to be slavery. This idea has caused misconceptions about submission, which has made some women struggle with submission in their relationships. They have this archaic belief that being submissive is enslaving yourself in the relationship.

The fact is that a submissive wife wins the heart of her husband. Submission doesn’t mean slavery neither doesn’t mean you are being controlled. Rather it’s a way of showing your spouse respect as the man in the relationship. By being submissive you’re showing a good level of commitment and telling your spouse you love, respect, and value him.

If you really want to know how to be a submissive wife, then keep reading and discover the secrets.

Tips on How to Be Submissive in Your Relationship

1. Communicate with each other

communication with each other

Being open to communication is a sign you are submissive. Most couples have issues with communication. They cannot communicate properly, and the root cause of couples’ crises in marriage is poor communication. If you communicate properly with your partner you can easily be submissive. Not just communicating but voicing out to give your own opinion. Being a submissive wife doesn’t mean you can’t air your view. So when you communicate properly, you can discuss what is expected from each other even in terms of submission.

2. Assist your partner

As a good wife who wants to be submissive, let your partner know you can assist them whenever they need your help. That’s a good sign of love anyways.

With this act, they can easily rely on you since they know you are reliable and won’t fail anytime. Your partner will trust you and can entrust something under your care.

3. Be grateful

Try to be appreciative of whatever your partner does for you or for the family. When you appreciate people for what they do, they will do more.

Focus on their positive attributes, and be grateful for who they are and their existence in your life.

4. Focus on your partner’s positive traits

Time will come when you have a crisis in your relationship, you might feel angry, hateful, resentful, fooled, cheated, etc. This feeling comes up at any time in a relationship, but you shouldn’t allow this feeling overwhelms you. Instead of pointing at your partner’s flaws focus more on their virtues.

We are humans so no one is perfect. When these feelings arise think about the good traits they possess, and let them be in your mind. Think about them with love that way you are been submissive.

5. Allow your partner to have a say in your finances

Most women do have a problem with this. They believe they should be in charge alone as long as they worked for it. Making your partner know your expenses it’s a sign of respect and acknowledgment.

There is nothing wrong with telling your partner about the things you want to buy, even if it’s your money.

6. Maintain your Home

A woman is a home builder. You can also be submissive by maintaining a good home. When you keep your home together even when there are challenges, you will have a happy home. This doesn’t mean your partner will not play their own part, but as a woman, you have a major role in maintaining your home. Doing this doesn’t make you foolish, rather it shows how much you value your relationship.

7. Be the peacemaker of your household

A submissive wife is one who always makes peace in her home and not trouble. Every man desires a peacemaker.

Issues might arise but one person must ensure that there is peace in the home. It isn’t bad for you the woman to be a peacemaker since a woman’s nature is to make peace.

8. Be sensitive to your partner’s needs

A very good way of being submissive is by being sensitive to your partner’s needs, not just yours. Most times we place our needs first over our partner. If you two act this way you are definitely not being submissive.

9. Be your partner’s best friend

A good wife is meant to be her husband’s best friend. You should be close to your husband well enough, that closeness will propel him to draw you closer to himself. If you can’t be your husband’s best friend then you are not submissive.

10. Have A Conversation About the Submission

To avoid having issues in relationships concerning submissiveness, have a conversation on submission to hear their own views. Share your ideas on submission and know where each other is crossing the limit.

Have this discussion without making a big deal out of it. Let your partner know what you want and how you should be treated.

11. Respect your partner

Every partner desires to be respected by their partner. Respect is a sign of love, so giving your partner the respect they deserve shows a sign of submission. It doesn’t really matter who works more or earns more money the main goal is to respect your partner.

12. Show your partner that you trust them

Relationship without trust is toxic. Trusting your partner is a sign of love, show them you trust them.

Submitting to trust them is a way of being a true couple. No healthy relationship exists without trust. Trust is also a submission.

13. Listen to your partner

It mustn’t be you all the time, learn to listen to your partner. Hear what they have to say, a man loves to come back home and find a shoulder to lean on, they need someone to listen to them.

Times we are so much in a hurry that we forget to listen to our partner. We are too quick to judge. Even if we have a lot to say, listen first before you speak it’s also a sign of respect.


Submission is not just surrendering but it’s what you do to make your relationship work. Submission in essence is giving yourself totally in the relationship and submitting to the virtues of a healthy relationship.

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Originally posted 2022-12-29 02:01:27.

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