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How To Get Over Someone You Love (17 Perfect Ways)

how to get over someone you love

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How To Get Over Someone You Love (17 Perfect Ways)

Love is beautiful but can be challenging and draining, mostly if your heart is shattered by the one you loved. You are bound to feel this way because you love this person and you gave in your all. As frustrating and overwhelming as you may feel, you need to get over this phase for good.

Have you been heartbroken, do you feel emotionally downcast, and do you want to get over the love you have for that person? Then you are on the right blog, flow with me as I give you expert tips on how to get back on your feet and move on.

17 Ways To Get Over Someone You Love

1. Accept the Reality of the Situation

The first step here is acknowledging and accepting you guys have broken up. When you love someone and they don’t love you back, you have to accept this fact and move on. It’s unreasonable to hold on to something that doesn’t exist. So if you want your happiness to accept the truth and forget that person. Just let them be.

2. Leave Your Comfort Zone

You can’t be indoors and expect your mood to change, instead of getting better it will worsen.  Leave your comfort zone and fix yourself. Get engaged with different activities that would keep you busy. Be open to receiving and accepting new things. If you had any skill you wanted to acquire this is the best time to do so. Don’t let emotions get in your way of becoming an achiever.

3. Look towards the Future

If you really want to forget what has happened, you should look at the future. Stay focused on what is before you. Look forward not backward. If you keep thinking about the past events that have taken place, you probably would get stuck. You can never move on if you are still in the past.

4. Clear Out the Physical Reminders

A very good way to move past this emotional phase is to erase every physical thing that reminds you of them. Clean all of their belongings like pictures, clothes, and other personal item that keep bringing memories. When you clear out this thing you are better off than holding on to them.

5. Don’t bottle up your emotions.

At the first stage of getting over someone you love, you might feel devastated no alarms it’s normal. If you want to cry, scream, or yell whichever way you want to release the pain do so, please. But never bottle up your emotions or wallow in tears and pain internally. You feel better when you let it out.

6. Resist the temptation to turn to anger.

You might feel angry though, well who wouldn’t, it’s okay since you are human. But do not take your pain or anger to the extreme. Anger pushes one to an external energy of revenge. Don’t let your anger get the better part of you. If you keep twisting and feeling pissed, you might end up becoming invulnerable. This is obviously not what you want for yourself.

7. Limit the amount of time you wallow in grief.

Even if you get sad be free to let out your anger, but know that there’s a limit to it. At some point, you need to forcefully let go. It is wrong to wallow in grief and prevent yourself from excelling in another aspect of your life. Give yourself enough time to heal, but don’t stretch the time so you could move into a new life.

8. Avoid unnecessary contact.

Cut off every means of communicating with this person. This includes no texting, calling, video chatting, or running into them coincidentally. If it requires you relocating then you should do that. If you want to get over someone and heal fast, there should be a great distance between you two. Maintain boundaries.

9. Never be intimate with the person in question.

Intimacy ignites the spark in a relationship. Being intimate includes both emotional and physical intimacy. It’s unhealthy to get intimate with your ex. You know how you feel whenever you are around this person. You don’t want your emotions to reignite and get jilted again.

So don’t think of getting intimate with your ex because you will eventually get hurt again, and wallow in pain after it’s over. Such intimacy doesn’t last, am sure you wouldn’t want to go through the process of grieving, something you have been trying to come out from. Never have sex with your ex for old-time sake or build a friendship based on benefits.

10. Reconcile when you’re ready.

This might sound weird but you can be friends with your ex. If you guys can’t be friends, you can develop mutual respect. This way, you can be together in one room without initiating emotions with your body language.

11. Hang out with other friends.

Friends are good backups for us especially if you have good friends on your list. Once you need attention, you want to be distracted, or need someone to talk to and lean on, a great friend fits into that angle. Hang out with other friends you have, that way you are erasing the memory of your ex, and replacing them with that of your friends.

12. Meet new people.

Meeting new people will help you recover first. It might seem difficult but it’s true. Through this way, you will realize some people could love and appreciate you genuinely. You can also fall in love realizing there are better people out there craving for you.

13. Love yourself first.

In all know that you are unique and you deserve better. Learn to love yourself by realizing your self-worth. Take time to list out what you admire about yourself smile and nod in affirmation. No one can be like you, there can’t be an exact prototype of you anywhere. Be sure you have these things you love about yourself handy before you start another relationship.

14. Remember There’s No Time Limit

There isn’t any time frame to get over the pain. For some, they heal fast while others take a longer time to heal. It all depends on how you handle grief. Give yourself time to heal, and don’t put yourself under pressure to get past this phase.

With time every pain will go away. The duration takes to get over this person all depends on how much you love this person. Time will help you know how to forget the past and move on.

15. Remove Your Ex From Social Media and Your Phone

Social media keeps you connected and informed of the events going on in your life. To let go of these feelings block them on your social media platforms and phone. If you keep seeing their updates, chances are you might be pissed up by their posts.

It is pointless stalking your ex when you guys have broken up. You only worsen your pain. Ease yourself from the stress of viewing their post, which indicates they have moved on.

16. Turn Your Energy Into Something Positive

Pain, anger, and grief bring a lot of energy but in a tormenting way. You can turn this negative energy into a positive one that will transform you greatly.

17. Don’t Torture Yourself

Sometimes you might be contemplating how things would have turned out well if you were given a chance to make amends. You would even fantasize about some beautiful memories, that would have taken place if you were still together. This is normal, but don’t let it get to you. Don’t torture yourself about what happened. Let go if it was going to work out, things would have turned out better without the breakup.


Learning how to get over someone you love takes a lot of courage. You must be willing to help yourself get over the mood. Beating yourself about it, won’t bring them back. Blaming yourself won’t change the fact they never loved you. As long as they are not yours, they would still work out of your life someday. The earlier you realize that the better. Let bygones be bygones. You will meet someone who will love and accept your flaws. You are unique, stop weeping over them, you are better off without such people in your life.

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Originally posted 2022-12-29 02:06:25.

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