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11 Undeniable Signs You are an Option to Him and Not a Priority

12 Undeniable Signs You are an Option and Not a Priority

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11 Undeniable Signs You are an Option to Him and Not a Priority

Somehow at a certain point, you must have been jilted by someone, and you feel you are an option to him. This is someone you are trying to build something with, but he isn’t taking you seriously. You wish for moments when he would cuddle you and make you feel special but that moment never comes. You are being led on but he never takes you seriously, he doesn’t want to make you his priority. This is frustrating, especially if you have invested all your feelings in him.

No one wants to be an option, everyone wants to be a priority and feel special. You need care, attention, and commitment from him.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in situations where we are the second option even in families. This is inevitable because it tends to occur at some point in life it’s beyond our control. We just find ourselves amid such people. It’s painful when the ones we love aren’t giving us the care and attention. How do you know you aren’t the special one or are an option to him?

Undeniable Signs You are an Option to Him and Not a Priority

1. He puts you in the friend zone

This is so common and a lot of women fall into this trap without knowing how they got there. They are stuck in a friend zone hoping to leave there soon. You will be How do you know you aren’t the special one or kept there giving you signs they want you or they like you, but in reality, they aren’t ready for a romantic commitment with you. So when you confront them about what you both have, you won’t get a positive response. They just prefer to be friends leading you on emotionally.

2. He avoids talking about the future with you

When a guy really wants you, he will include you in his plans but when he isn’t serious he would never bring it up. He is yet to make up his mind about your relationship, so anything about the future is zero. Even if you bring it up he either avoids the conversation or gets upset.

3. He doesn’t think about you when you’re not with him

Our emotions do control our thoughts, it initiates what we think. If you are really into someone you will think of them even in their absence.

If he isn’t thinking of you in your absence that means you mean nothing to him. How would you know he has you in mind even when you aren’t there? If he asks after you through your friends or family members, or his friends tell you how he is always mentioning your name during their conversation.

4. He does not want to spend regular time with you

Love is commitment and is needed in every relationship. The enthusiasm and passion you have for your spouse make you desire to be with them regularly. You can’t love someone and not desire to be with them. Your cravings will be high to see and spend quality time with them. If he doesn’t want to spend time with you, he gives excuses for not being able to be with you, he is not into you.

5. He doesn’t want to get serious

He doesn’t want to get serious

You don’t force a man to be serious or committed to you. If he loves and cares for you he will take you seriously. He will be more intentional about taking the relationship to the next level without you initiating it.

6. Your partner rarely texts you or starts conversion first

In a relationship communication is the tool which builds the bond and intimacy that sustains the relationship. The more you chat the closer you become. If you are the one always initiating a conversation and he rarely sends text or calls you, then you aren’t important to him.

You might initiate a chat and end up not receiving a response or he would send a short response and give the excuse of not having time to chat. It is easier to know if someone likes you or not through the way they want to communicate with you.

7. Your partner never introduces you to his friends and family

Does he shy away from introducing you to his friends and family members or other important people in his life? Men love to show off their woman to their friends. When he isn’t making the move to introduce you to his pals it’s a sign he isn’t serious.

If he doesn’t do this he is not sure about you or proud of you. He doesn’t know how they will feel about you around him. The bottom line is he isn’t sure of a lifetime commitment.

8. Your partner does not make any effort to improve the relationship

A potential partner is willing to improve and make adjustments in a relationship to make their partner happy. They do this because they want the best in the relationship and they intend to take it to the next level. His efforts should be seen and felt as he tries to improve his actions and commitment to making the relationship worthwhile.

It could be by the way he cares for you, his actions, love languages, etc. There are ways to ascertain he takes you seriously and not for a ride. However, if he doesn’t do this thing, apparently he is not ready for a committed relationship.

9. You are putting in all the effort

Are you always the one initiating conversation, sending texts, calling, fixing dates, etc and he doesn’t do any? If you are putting so much effort without any coming from him, obviously you are dating yourself. This is a foolproof sign he doesn’t see the future with you.

10. You feel like the relationship is all physical

Some guys are just after the physical aspect of the relationship without the thought of giving you what you desire for that relationship. They are more concerned about the outings and showing off as his girlfriend but the other aspects of commitment, attention, and care are not there. It’s a surefire sign he is not prioritizing you.

11. You feel generally unhappy and misused

There is this feeling of dissatisfaction and depression whenever you are around your partner. You feel used and mistreated. You are unhappy about the way you have been treated and your instincts tell you to quit because you have given way too much without receiving anything. At this point, you need to listen to your instincts and call it to quit.

A little more piece

A relationship should be two-sided not monopolized. It takes two to make it work. If one person puts in all the effort it means it’s valued by one, while the other cares less. If this is the case it’s better to a rethink and set your boat on else you sink.

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