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14 Obvious Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

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14 Obvious Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

Having a relationship that is moving very fast could be mind blowing. You wouldn’t want to be pressured or feel hasty while in a relationship. But most people tend to rush the process once they feel connected to that person.

When a relationship is moving too fast the signs are usually there, but we usually ignore these signs because we’re carried away by our emotions.

It’s really difficult to get a hold of yourself when you are in love with someone, but your relationship might become a shamble if you don’t let it grow and be stable.

if you want a relationship that will last then don’t rush it, be patient and let things flow naturally. When you’re patient you will get what you’re looking for.

Rushing will make you miss those natural events that occurs in a relationship. You aren’t even sure yet if you are meant to be together, you will only know this if you wait patiently and allow nature take place.

Enjoy the honeymoon phase because when the moment fades away which will eventually happen, you would be craving for those passionate kisses.

If you want to rush ask yourself while you want to rush, are you trying to prove something or you are in a competition with someone? Remember in a relationship there’s no competition or prize to be given. Haven said this, now let’s look at some of the signs that your relationship is moving too fast

Signs your relationship is moving too fast

1.Making your own partner feel like the center of your world

When you are barely two weeks in a relationship and you are all over this person and place so much importance on them, your partner might feel so superior. It will make them think your life revolves around them and you can’t exist without them.

2.Your parents are already having a BBQ

An obvious sign is if your parents are already planning dates for you guys when you just started dating for weeks.

He might want you to meet his parents, give him reasons you don’t want to be pressured in the relationship and why you both should take things slowly.

3. You’re not over your ex

If you are not over your ex yet, there’s a tendency you will want your relationship to move fast because you want to forget them and move on. This way  you might get carried away

Most times people go into a new relationship just to have a feeling of how it will be like dating someone else.

4.You are an open book

You just had a few dates but your spouse already knows 70% of your life. You give them details of everything that has happened to you since you were born till date. Trust me they might not be really interested in all the events that took place in your life and family.

Don’t dish out information you were not asked. Let there be a little mystery about you, there should be something your partner should crave to know about you.

Take things slowly, there’s no need to rush. Let your instincts guide you before you decide on what to do. Telling the full story of yourself won’t make your relationship stable.

5.You don’t really know them that well

Do you want to tie the knot already when you know nothing or little about them? This is very risky, you need to know more about your partner. Rushing would make you miss some things you should have known about them and you might end up regretting you were too forward.

6. Meeting their parents happens after just a few weeks

It is rather too fast to meet their parents a few weeks after you guys started dating. Things are just happening too fast, you don’t even have enough time to build a friendships before taking it to the next level.

7. You’ve absorbed a huge amount of knowledge about them in a very short time

Knowing someone depth is okay,  but when it’s too soon it becomes a sign for the speedometer in your relationship. If you have a hand full of information even knowing what they did at age 7, then you guys need to take a break.

8. Your personal belongings are already at each other’s place.

An undebatable sign your relationship is moving too fast, it’s when your stuff are found in each other’s wardrobe or within the house a few weeks into the relationship. When this happens you need to have a conversation about it.

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9. It seems to be mainly about sex

Sex is not something you rush into once you start dating, your relationship should not be centered on sex alone. Sex should be given freely and willingly with respect. This day it’s something else immediately you go for one or two dates, they start having sex and they do this almost every time they meet.

Do not base your relationship on sex alone focus on building a strong bond through friendship. Having sex does not guarantee a strong bond.

10.There’s way too much information on social media

You guys just met a few days back and you’re already snapping and posting pictures on social media about your relationship. Writing captions of how sweet you guys have been. In most cases this type of relationship doesn’t last, because they started way too early by posting about their affair.

The truth is your friends aren’t going to applaud you for this, rather they will mock you for being insensitive and open to the public.

11. You go out on dates every single day

Perhaps you started dating about two weeks and you have gone out on dates countless times together, it’s not a good one. You can’t be going out on dates so often with someone you just met. It’s absurd to forgo all your activities for the week just to hang out often with this new guy. Don’t get it twisted, am not saying it isn’t good to spend time with your date but for newbies, it should be minimized.

Don’t push things too forward, with time everything will fall into place, you need to be patient and watch nature make it happen.

12. You don’t feel like you can be yourself yet

Do you feel choked or stuck in your relationship? You find it difficult to be yourself around your spouse or you are being over cautious not to make a mistake. This is a red flag for you not to ignore.

13. The ‘L’ word comes up and you’re just not sure

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you say I love you, but you aren’t sure about that ‘L’ word? You aren’t sure of your feelings for this person, you are only trying to play along and make yourself and your partner believe you love him/her.

However if you feel you love them just a couple of weeks after you met, you have to analyze to be sure it’s true love and not lust or infatuation.

14.You already know you want kids

When a relationship it’s moving too fast we might feel we want a family with this person, but in honesty we are just afraid we might end up alone. So in other to avoid this we end up trying to rush and start discussing marriage and building family.


Building a true and solid relationship takes time and requires patience and commitment from both parties. If you decide to fast forward the process you might end up regretting your actions. No matter how emotionally attached you feel with this person get a hold of yourself else you crash land.

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Originally posted 2023-04-10 22:45:48.

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