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How to Handle a Rude Boyfriend

How to Handle a Rude Boyfriend

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How to Handle a Rude Boyfriend

Rudeness is an act of disrespect portraying bad manners. People who are rude lack courtesy in their actions, sometimes they might not even be aware they are rude. Although rudeness can sprout at some point during a conversation. It’s not uncommon to observe your boyfriend is rude, because men are often controlled by their pride/ego. This attitude can sometimes occur, and become a matter of concern if he is always rude at every slightest opportunity he gets. A relationship that lacks respect is toxic and this should be critically handled before it escalates.

Have you been observing rude behavior from your boyfriend? Does he humiliate, criticize, body shame you, or look down on you? If you have noticed these attitudes in your boyfriend off late, then you have a rude boyfriend. If are you thinking of how to handle this challenge, then keep reading to discover what to do.

How to Handle a Rude Boyfriend Perfectly

1. Notify him

The first thing to do here is to identify if he has a trace of rudeness. Some ladies might not see anything wrong with it, they see it as a normal attitude for a guy but later regret ever being with such a person. If he speaks to people in an uncalled-for manner for no reason then he is rude.

You should notify your boyfriend of his rude behavior and let him know you won’t accommodate much from him. Tell him how you feel about his rude character, he should know you deserve respect including others too.  Remind him of the occasions when he was rude and how you felt bad about it. Make him see the reasons he should control his anger and not be overwhelmed by it.

He might take it as a joke. Don’t correct him in public but immediately you guys are alone let him know how rude he was and that you were hurt.

2. Do Not Accept His Rude Behaviour

The wrong thing to do is to accept his rude attitude towards you. It places you at the receiving end, when you ignore him and don’t correct him, he will think he’s not wrong and you are okay with his attitude. For instance, if he disrespects you in public you can tell him politely you don’t like the way he spoke to you and that you aren’t tolerating such from him.

3. Fix Some Warning Signs

Let him acknowledge his errors and attitude towards you by giving some warning signs to quickly caution him. Some people see their rude behavior as a way of being practical and clever but the truth is they aren’t doing it the right way. One can be practical and clever without being rude.

To make it easier for your boyfriend to know he is being rude to someone, especially in public, set some signs like winking your eyes towards him or gently tapping him. That way he would sense that he is being rude and he has to behave himself.

4. Communicate With Your Boyfriend

Another way to handle a rude boyfriend is by communicating his attitude to him. Don’t be scared to discuss this with him, let him know you aren’t accepting his rude behavior and it’s not a joke. You can choose a time to talk about this issue. Choose a very good time like when you guys are alone or when he is in a good mood. Politely initiate the conversation and tell him how his attitude is wrong and make him see reasons he should change.

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5. Do not Overreact, know How to Respond

Overreacting in such situations means you are fueling the fire that’s already burning. You can’t achieve anything. If you want a man to listen to you and accept his fault never yell at him rather be polite. You might get pissed at some point and feel like yelling at him for disrespecting you, be calm, and don’t let loose your anger. Reciprocating rude behavior won’t help solve your problem rather it will worsen it. Revenge never pays but a polite and peaceful approach will give the desired result.

6. Take Help from a counselor

If the case is beyond your strength then seek the help of a counselor. Through some counseling sessions and therapies, he can get over it. A professional counselor knows how to handle such problems.

Encourage him to change and teach him to improve his attitude. Tell him how he can behave better as a man. He might want to be honest but at the same time be rude, so when this happens and you aren’t okay with his suggestions or choice let him know your take on it. You don’t have to tolerate his excesses.

7. Observe for changes

Observe if there is a remarkable change after your corrections. If there is no significant change then your relationship needs to be in check. Your boyfriend might need an external body to help him. There is a possibility he has some psychological issues to deal with, only a professional can help him out.

8. Don’t put up with rude behavior

Never accommodate his rudeness because you will later regret it. Don’t tolerate his bad attitude but you can buy him and help him overcome it. Once he knows you will tolerate his rude attitude, he will continue and won’t see the need to change.

9. Let it go

If you notice he is changing, support and encourage him to improve and do better. As he is making efforts to change you have to stand by him because your support will facilitate the process. Don’t make him feel like a bad person, acknowledge his efforts and appreciate him for being willing to change and be a better man.

However, if he refused to change and insists you should accept him the way he is then it’s time you to think twice about the relationship. It takes two to make a relationship work, tolerance doesn’t mean you should accept his bad behavior. Your boyfriend should be willing to accept his fault and Know when his attitude hurts you. He should be willing to change for the growth of your relationship.

You shouldn’t subject yourself to a sarcastic behavior, public humiliation, threats and insult all in the name of love and relationship. It’s not healthy for your mental and emotional health, you need to let it go and be free.

10.Ask his friends for help

See how you can reach out to his friends they know him well too, they can also help you in such case. They have been with him for awhile and they know how to help you manage his character and also help him improve. They can help you advice him and let him know how his attitude will affect your relationship if he refuses to change.


A rude boyfriend can make your relationship toxic and a living hell for you, if you don’t do anything about it, it will eventually escalate and you might not like the outcome. Get help if it’s beyond your strength to handle, it’s better you deal with it at the earliest stage. There should be room for adjustment in a relationship. As a woman you deserve to be respected and it’s expedient you let him know.

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