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Signs He is Faking the Relationship

Signs He is Faking the Relationship

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Signs He is Faking the Relationship

The relationship has taken a new turn in recent times, many people are into a fake relationship in the disguise of a real romantic relationship. Before we go into the signs your guy is faking the relationship let’s define a fake relationship.

A fake relationship takes the form of a romantic, loving, & happy one. The couples involved seem to be committed but in reality, their feelings don’t portray true love or reflect in their actions.

We all wish for a loving long-lasting relationship but the actual thing we practice is just an affair to benefit our selfish desires.

Honestly, a real relationship requires much effort and commitment to make it work, but it’s better to work for something real than have a fake relationship.

A real relationship has its criteria and demands. When establishing a relationship you have to be careful because some people come into your life just to play with your emotions or let time pass. You should be able to spot true love from fake love. Be smart to know who truly loves you from those who want to take advantage of you.

Keep reading while I give you the signs your man is faking the relationship.

Obvious Signs he is Faking the Relationship

1. There are no serious discussions.

Effective communication is key in a relationship. Not just any mere discussion but rather a conversation that will take the relationship to the next level and make it stronger. Both of you should discuss how to grow in your relationship, your future together, and your achievement as a couple.

This is what real couples do, they get to know themselves, plan together and share ideas on how to build a long-lasting relationship. However, if you aren’t communicating your relationship isn’t real.

2. You don’t know much about each other.

True love prompts curiosity to know more about your partner. If you want to build a future with your partner you will want to inquire about their family members, career, ambition, beliefs, etc. If he doesn’t see the need to know more about you, it’s a sign he is pretending to be in love.

3. Sex is the only thing that keeps you together.

Any relationship built under the foundation of sex is bound to crash eventually. However, if sex is the only thing that keeps you together, obviously it isn’t a genuine relationship. He can’t stay without having sex with you and if there’s no sex he feels cheated and wants to quit. A real relationship should be more on building intimacy, this is what sex can’t offer you. Sex doesn’t fuel intimacy nor will it guarantee true love.

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4. There are no special moments.

Every good relationship has memorable moments to always remember. When you love someone genuinely there must be a special moment you guys have. It could be your actions or events that took place. This special moment reminds you of your partner, these feelings keep them in your mind initiating a stronger bond

5. He is very selectively romantic

When your man is leading to the route of deception you should be wise enough to see through his act. If he pretends to love you he won’t care about your emotional desires or make efforts for the relationship to be stronger. Romance it’s never in his dictionary for you. All he is concerned about is his feelings, so he only shows romance whenever he’s around his friends. Their selective romance is to show off, making them feel good about themselves.

6. He is more kind to you only around his friends

One of the obvious signs the relationship is fake is in the way he treats you in public. Does he kiss you on the forehead or become too romantic and attentive around his friends but doesn’t when both of you are alone? This is a surefire sign he is faking his emotions just for public display. When there is excessive PDA you need to reconsider the relationship.

7.No talk of prospects

A fake relationship has no prospects. The truth is the person who has a negative motive doesn’t have you in their plans, because it’s all a parade. In no time the show will end so they have no time to discuss including you in the future. They don’t see themselves building a future with you.

8. There is a lot of mention of their ex

This one is the most obvious sign. A man who consistently mentions the name of his ex each time you are having a conversation shows they aren’t over them yet. It’s worse if they keep comparing you with them. Nothing tangible will come out of a such relationship, you are just a tool he is using to rebound.

9. He doesn’t listen to anything you say

A relationship knowing each other well enough, to be sure you’re compatible. Talking and listening are part of it. If you are in a real relationship it won’t be difficult for your partner to listen to you when you speak. They would find interest in whatever you share with them.

You share experiences or stories that happened in the past and how you felt. This will help them know more about you. In a fake relationship, the conversation is never worthwhile.

10. You haven’t met his parents

If you guys have been dating for a couple of months there should be plans to take it to the next level. Meeting his parents should be discussed, it mustn’t take forever for you to meet them.

However, if he is not making any move to introduce you to his parents, he isn’t investing in the relationship and doesn’t want it to last.

11. He doesn’t open up to you

On the other side, flashback on the conversation you guys have had, how do they communicate, do you sense any form of secret? For example, if he is talking about his past relationship or family history, he is about to say something important but then he changes the topic. When you try to ask he ignores me or pretends it doesn’t count.

Perhaps you tried confronting them about something but they feel reluctant to talk about it. Honestly, this is a big sign they don’t want you to be part of them yet.

True love has no secrets, if you love someone you will be willing to share anything with them because you trust them. Except your feelings aren’t real.

12. He Is Not Consistent.

Consistency is essential in a relationship. When someone loves you they won’t be tired of hanging out with you or making you feel valued. They will prioritize and be consistent in the way they treat you. They would ask you out and make you feel like a queen.

13. He Often Waits for You to Make the First Move.

Have you ever felt you are alone in the relationship, more like you are dating yourself? Maybe you do all the work alone, you put so much effort to make it work and you aren’t valued. They seem not to care if the relationship is moving forward or backward. You are always initiating things to spice up the relationship. You plan the dates, vacation, shopping, etc.

14. He Can Easily Take You for Granted.

Do they take you for granted or ignore your feelings even if they hurt you? This is a red flag signifying they don’t care about you or your feelings. For instance, you both fixed a date but he intentionally didn’t show up, or they came very late without any apology.

15. He Is Sweeter than Other Girls.

Are they always acting cold and strange towards you but with other girls they act nicely and sweeter? It’s a clear sign you aren’t valued you mean nothing to him.

16. He Lies Often.

Are they always lying? Do you find it difficult to hear the truth from them? This is a bad sign, truth builds trust in a relationship. If they keep lying to you the relationship isn’t real it’s all a charade.

17. They Badmouth You to Others.

Does your partner always complain or criticize you before people? If they reveal your secrets to people they want to call it to quit, they are just passing time with you.


A real relationship has basic features that make it unique and attractive. A Fake relationship has the opposite and leads to hurt, hatred, frustration, and pain. Faking what you don’t have or what you can’t do it’s pointless. Be true to yourself and build something real. Peradventure you find yourself in a fake relationship, do not waste your time end it immediately and move on with your life.

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Originally posted 2023-04-07 07:59:27.

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